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    Mysore tour packages

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    Beautifully nestled in the state of Karnataka, Mysore is a large city with many tourist attractions. This place is a historic one for it was from here that the Mysore maharaja ruled the land of Mysore and the lands beyond it. Geographically, this city is located at the foothills of the Chamundi range. The impressive structures have earned it the sobriquet of being the Palace City of India. There are palaces and forts signifying the city’s eventful tryst with history. There is plenty to see and do in Mysore with one of the Mysore tour packages.

    Mysore Sightseeing Packages

    1. Visit to Maharajah's Palace

    Image Credits- Keith Cuddeback

    The Maharajah’s Palace is also called the Mysore Palace or the Amba Vilas Palace. The Wodeyars used to reside here previously before donating this palace to the state government. There are two massive ceremony halls in this palace. Called the Durbar Halls, these spaces are often considered to be the highlights of this palace. Mysore Palace is considered an important tourist attraction and is spoken of in the same breath as the Taj Mahal. The Mysore Palace experiences an average of about 2.5 million visitors.

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    When on Mysore tour packages, photography is prohibited inside the palace. The architecture of this structure incorporates the Indo-Saracenic style. There are influences of Hindu, Rajput, and Gothic architectural styles in the palace. The tower of this palace has more than a hundred storeys. There are numerous marble domes inside the palace. The exterior of the palace has several high arches that have been intricately designed.

    The Mysore Palace is the venue for the Mysore Dasara festival. This is an annual event and an important one for the people of the state. Artists from far and wide come here and entertain people. Elephant processions are held. The Mysore Palace is decked with lights. The view of the palace at night is magnificent. You have to witness this festival during the months of September and October. The festival is held to celebrate the mighty Goddess Durga.

    Inside the palace there are several rooms of artistic interest. The Amba Vilas was the hall that was used by the king to hear grievances of his subjects. This is a large audience hall. The opulence of this hall is well-complemented by the ivory-laden designs and intricately carved rosewood. Whether it is the ceilings made of stained glass, the grills made of decorated steel, or the chandeliers with impressive floral designs, this hall will leave you spellbound.

    2. Visit to Chamundi Hills

    Visit to Chamundi Hills

    It is common to hear the mention of Chamundi Hills when speaking of Mysore. This hill region is located close to the Maharaja’s Palace. Chamundi Hills is considered to be one among the eight sacred hills in the Southern part of India.

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    There is temple atop the hill. It is called the Chamundeshwari Temple. Once you are on top of the hill, you get a panoramic view of the city. The ascent to the top of the hill is not an easy one, nor is it a difficult one. You have to climb up a thousand and more steps to get to the top. The first 600 steps are higher than the rest. On the way to the top you pass by the Nandi bull statue. Nandi the bull is regarded as the vehicle of the mighty Lord Shiva.

    The steps were created in 1664. The statue was installed around this time. One of the rulers of the Wodeyar dynasty commissioned the installation of these structural elements. It is interesting to note that fitness enthusiasts climb these steps to stay fit. The ascent duration ranges from 12 minutes to an hour. The fitness level of the person determines the time taken to ascend these steps. The slopes of the hill also provide impressive trekking trails.

    There is much to see and explore here. During late evenings there have been sightings of leopards here. So it is important to stay in groups when passing through these forested areas.

    Given that Chamundi Hills is a popular attraction in the Mysore tour packages, there is regular public transport to this place. You can go via bus or engage a taxi or travel by your own car. The antiquity of the surroundings is inspiring to say the least. It definitely leaves you in high spirits.

    3. Visit to Saint Philomena Church

    Image Credits- Wikipedia

    Built in 1956, this magnificent church is one of the largest in India. The architecture of the Saint Philomena Church incorporates elements of Gothic style. You can see this aspect from the stained glass windows and high towers.

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    The church is illuminated with lights in the evenings. It is a sight to behold viewing the church in all illumination. Many have described this church with various sobriquets. The church is located on Cathedral Road in the Northern part of Mysore. It is believed that many aspects of this church have been replicated from the Cologne Church in Germany.

    On first impressions, you can see the twin spires of the church. They are about 175 feet in height. You can see these spires from a distance of miles. The main hall of the church is large. It has a seating capacity for more than 800 people. The hall is well decorated with stained glass and ornamental exterior finish. The stained glass windows have murals depicting the various events in the life of Jesus.

    Image Credits- Vikas Rana- Flickr

    This church has also the distinction of being one of the oldest in the country. Originally there was a smaller church at the place where the Saint Philomena Church is located. Mysore city became the capital city and Srirangapatnam was no longer the capital city. This move made British soldiers and locals come to Mysore to settle down here. The Maharaja at that time saw the need for a church to accommodate the religious interests of the large Christian population. Thus a larger church called Saint Philomena Church was built.

    Everyday Holy Mass is performed in multiple languages that include English. The church has visitors from near and far. It is a popular tourist destination given that it is one of the oldest and largest cathedrals.

    4. Visit to Brindavan Gardens

    Image Credits- Rajesh- Flickr

    This is one of the picturesque gardens located in Mysore. Called the Brindavan Gardens, it is located in the vicinity of the Krishnarajasagara Dam. This region experiences high tourist visits from locals and international visitors alike. On an average more than two million visitors come here.

    Maintained by the Cauvery Niravari Nigama, the gardens are spread across an area of more than  60 acres. Given that it is in the heart of the city, so much verdant space is like an oasis in an urban jungle. There is also a fruit orchard here. There are also a couple of horticultural farms.

    The gardens are landscaped in distinct terraced portions. Plenty of water fountains dot the landscape. There are numerous exotic trees and flowering plants that are part of the gardens. One of the highlights of this place is the sculptures of animals made be pruning shrubs. Also dotting the landscape are impressive gazebos. These are pavillions that are exquisitely decorated.

    During evenings the musical fountain is the centrepiece of action. The exposition is a combination of water acrobatics and music. Jets are programmed to eject water in different angles creating a symmetrical and harmonious exposition of water acrobatics that come in different hues.

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    The lake in the vicinity allows you take a boating expedition around the 60 acre facility when on a Mysore package tour. It is a basic boating experience but you can see the gardens from a different perspective. The best time to visit this place is after sunset.

    You can visit the colourful fountains in action and there is also music in the background. The gardens have been meticulously planned and manicured to perfection. There are numerous fountains of various shapes and sizes in different parts of this area. Everyday this whole region is transformed into a fairyland which is enchanting.

    5. Visit to Mysore Zoo

    Spread over 245 acres, the zoo is located near the Maharaja’s Palace. Being one of the oldest in South India, the Mysore Zoo is home to wild animals, mammals and birds. It was initiated by royal patronage towards the close of the 18th century. For long the only source of sustenance for the zoo administration was the entry fees. Soon an adoption scheme was initiated. This scheme allows people to adopt animals and thereby provide for their livelihood in the zoo.

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    The original year of incorporation of the zoo is 1892. Originally the zoo was only on ten acres of land. It was in the vicinity of the summer palace of the ruler and was called the Palace Zoo. In the subsequent years, the zoo expanded and was made open to visitors in 1902. There is a large artificial lake inside the zoo. The Forest Department manages this region. The Zoo Authority of Karnataka is the state governing body for the zoo.

    Image Credits- Tambako The Jaguar - Flickr

    There are numerous elephants in the zoo that you can see. It is believed that this zoo has more numbers of these animals than any other zoo in the country. The zoo is also famous for green anacondas. If you have never seen this creature in real life, come to the Mysore Zoo to see these gigantic snakes. The Colombo Zoo contributed these creatures. Now they are the cynosure of attention. You can see giraffes at the giraffe enclosure. A wildlife safari lets you view tigers and lions in their natural habitat. Also on location are the white rhinos, zebras and baboons.

    The Mysore Zoo is popular with adults and children alike coming for a Mysore trip. It also experiences an influx of tourists from international countries who want to see elephants. Being one of the oldest zoos in the country, this zoo feels like one and is a place that you would love to revisit.

    6. Visit to the Fort of Srirangapattana

    The Srirangapattana Fort is considered one of the most formidable forts in the country. The structure is located on the Srirangapattana Island. One of the reasons why this fort was formidable was because of the Kaveri River. It was difficult to cross this river. Therefore it was difficult to come to this island. This aspect offered a natural defense mechanism. The fort was built under the aegis of the erstwhile ruler of Mysore Tipu Sultan. In spite of this, Tipu Sultan rebuilt this fort to make it stronger and impenetrable.

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    The history of this fort dates back to the medieval period. Originally a mud fort existed on this location. It was rebuilt into a concrete fort by Tipu Sultan. It is said that French military engineers designed the structure of the fort. Tipu Sultan specially commissioned them from France for this purpose. The fort is built with huge granite concrete structures.

    It is a double enclosure building. Shaped in the form of a triangle, the fort is flanked by the rugged river bed on its Northern and Western sides. A railway line passes through this region. So if you were to travel by train on this railway line you can see this side of the fort.

    There are two massive entrances to this fort. Called the Mysore and Elephant Gates these two massive entrances befit the stature of the fort. Inside the fort you see many structures pertaining to religion, military accomplishments, and civil life.

    There are multiple armouries inside the fort. These spaces were used to store ammunition and gun powder. The long cannons are seen here. This place also includes dark cells which were used as prisons. The overall experience of visiting the Srirangapattana fort is intriguing. It gives you a sense of a history that elapsed in a glorious era fraught with events.

    Mysore Walk Packages

    1. Mysore Royal Walk

    Image Credits- Wikipedia

    The city of Mysore is beset with tourist attractions when on a Mysore trip. Being the second largest city in the state, this city offers an insight into a glorious past. Mysore Royal Walks are organised periodically in the city. This walk is an opportunity for visitors to explore the essence of Mysore. It opens up a window to see and experience the vibrant hues and flavours of Mysore. Walking tours have a theme and are usually short. These are offbeat trails that every visitor of the city has to participate in.

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    Image Credits- Wikipedia

    The walk meanders through the various historical sites of the city. En route you also pass by well-known city centres. The collection of these institutions and establishments lend a different dimension and character to Mysore which is different from others. You can go on a Mysore royal walk either on foot or by walk. Walking is the best way to experience the heritage legacy of this region. You can pause periodically for a photograph. You can snack on spicy regional food as a break-time activity.

    Some of the historic monuments you visit are Mysore Palace, Town Hall, Mysore Fort, and the Zoo.

    You have to walk by the palace during the evenings. It is dressed in a sea of lights. The illuminated palace is a sight to behold. The Town Hall is another important building that hosts numerous shows and cultural programmes. There could be a cultural programme being conducted when you visit this building. So it is not a bad idea to visit the Town Hall and witness the cultural programme.

    Mysore never ceases to charm. There is an amazement of avenues to explore here. The city’s laidback disposition is endearing to one and all. You get to experience all of these characteristics on a Mysore Royal Walk.

    2. Mysore Night Walk

    On a Mysore night walk, experience the nightlife here. This city is a relaxed and laid-back one. Although a historic region, the rapid improvements in infrastructure suggest the movement of Mysore in the direction of a metropolis. You can visit the Brindavan Gardens and the KRS dam on an evening walk in Mysore. The climatic conditions in the city are moderate. Even during summers, you can go for a walk during late evenings.

    [Feel the excellence of the architecture in the Mysore palace with night walk in Mysore]

    On these walking tours, you discover many facets of the city. It includes its colonial connections and a strong history of dynastic rule. The stories of erstwhile royalty do the rounds in the streets here. You can visit the local market to see what people are buying. The market region in Mysore is more than one hundred years old. It has been in the same place ever since. The freshness of the vegetables and fruits sold here will captivate you.

    There are a number of saree emporiums here selling Mysore silk sarees when on Mysore tour packages. Mysore is also a place of handicraft items. You can purchase sculptures, artifacts and handcrafted items from numerous vintage stores. If you are into art, then this city will not leave you disappointed. There are many art galleries here. Enjoy visiting these art galleries to see monumental pieces of work from the finest artists from the country and around the world. Be inspired to purchase an art exposition so that you can place this exhibit in your drawing room.

    Visit the library to read more about the history of this place. Read books pertaining to the royal kingdom of Mysore that ruled this land for many centuries. On a night walk in Mysore, you can have the most enjoyable time of your trip. The many cultural facets of this place are best experienced on a night walk.

    3. Mysore Food Tour

    For food lovers this city is a paradise of sorts when on a Mysore trip. The spicy chutneys that are made here are the best in the country. This city is famous for the Mysore Pak – which is a mouth watering sweet delicacy. The cuisine of this region has spice, variety, volume, flavour and taste. Some important elements of traditional breakfast are idlis and dosas. No breakfast in Mysore is complete without these food items. There are also flat idlis which are a variant of idlis. Rava dosas are a variant of dosas. Adding to the taste and flavour is the presentation of the food which is pleasing to the eye.

    [From its spicy chutneys to the delightfully sweet melt-in-your-mouth Mysore Pak, Join us in Food tour in Mysore]

    Image Credits- Arvind Grover

    Although largely rice based, the snacks and food items are tasty. Sometimes breakfast items can be used as snack items and vice versa. The lunches available in Mysore typically have tangy vegetables, curries, papads and rice. Kosambri and dals are served as well. After lunch desert is served which includes payasam and Mysore Pak. The cuisine of Mysore is finely balanced. There is equal measure of spice and flavours in the food. Each dish has a unique taste. The meals here are simple but fulfilling. The simplicity of the dishes here makes them even more delicious. Mysore provides equal opportunities for vegetarians and non-vegetarians to indulge in culinary delights.

    You can visit the numerous restaurants and dhabas here when on Mysore tour packages. You can visit any traditional South Indian Mysore eat-out to try dosas, idlis and chutney. There are numerous non-vegetarian hotels serving all types of meat items. You can check in at any world class resort in Mysore to enjoy an extended stay sampling the variety of foods in Mysore. This city has all the gourmet and culinary varieties to leave you with a good aftertaste.

    4. Tippu’s Trail Jeep Tour, Mysore

    Image Credits- Nicolas Mirquet

    Tipu is referred to as the Tiger of Mysore. He was the ruler of the glorious kingdom for many years. His bravery and unmatched valour inspired many others to resist the British. Sometimes Mysore is synonymous for being the land of Tipu. He was considered to be a ruthless leader of men. When you visit the Srirangapatnam Island, you can see and experience Tipu’s lair. This was the region in which Tipu once plied. He ruled lands far and wide from here. His decrees were like divine laws. Like law abiding citizens, his subjects bowed before his orders and made his tenure a successful one.

    [A trip to Srirangapatnam provides a unique glimpse of this Tiger’s lair with Jeep Tour in Tippu's Trail]

    You can visit the Srirangapatnam Island in an open jeep. This is one of the favoured ways to see the many facets of Tipu’s life in this region. A trip through the fort city essays facts about this constant struggle with the British. You can see many sites here where strife happened during the Anglo-Mysorean conflicts. There are numerous regions of artistic and colonialist interest. The city has connections with the French and American revolutions.

    Accompanying you is a tour guide. It is an enriching experience hearing anecdotes of the lives of great men who once walked the Earth. The tour guide chronologically explains the different events that happened in Tipu’s life. You can also see the site where he was killed. This site is consecrated and there are inscriptions detailing his demise.

    If you have an affinity for history and the arts, Tippu’s Trail Jeep Tour will entice you. It is a great opportunity to see and feel what it was like in these places during the medieval period. You are automatically relegated to a bygone era. Tipu’s legacy is indeed a glorious and inspiring one. Even though he is dead, his historical feats reverberate forever.

    5. Malgudi Days Jeep Tour, Mysore

    Malgudi is a town created in the mind of RK Narayan in his book Malgudi Days. In other words, this is a fictional town. Yet, this town has left a lasting impression in the minds of people. RK Narayan inspired himself to recreate a fictional village from the city of Mysore. Malgudi Days was a best-selling novel which was later made into a television series. In the history of television in India, this TV series has left a lasting impact. Even now people have unforgettable memories of the streets and by-lanes of this fictional town.

    [Experience the beautiful feeling of Malgudi days with our Malgudi Days Jeep Tour in Mysore]

    It is common knowledge that the city of Mysore inspired the write to create Malgudi. On a Malgudi Days Jeep Tour you are taken into the lanes and gullies of the city to recreate that Malgudi tour. The theme of the tour is exploration, sightseeing and relaxation. You can relive your childhood fantasy on this tour. If the protagonist inspired you, search for this person in these narrow ways although you know you will never find him.

    An open jeep tour takes you through the town and to Malgudi. Experience the local culture on the way. Feel like you are in the fantasy world created by the writer. Accompanying you is an expert guide who regales you with interesting anecdotes. He shows different landmarks along the way. You can stop over to enjoy a sip of coffee or take photographs. The tour will last for about three hours.

    The attempt of this tour is to draw parallels between this city and the fictional village called Malgudi. This jeep tour is for lovers of the book, series and the writer. You can also take this jeep tour to generally visit the city and see its many dimensions.

    Mysore Cycling Tour Packages

    1. Vintage Mysore Cycling Tour

    Image Credits- Wikipedia

    Given the rich cultural and historical legacy of the city, its popularity has increased over the decades. This is an enchanting city. This region is steeped in history and tradition. There is a large influx of tourists from different parts of the country and world every year. During Dasara time, Mysore is filled to capacity. Mysore is also an ideal destination to go on cycling tours. You can either take it on your own or go with a guide.

    [Learn more about the rich historical culture and heritage of Mysore with our Vintage Cycling Tour in  Mysore]

    Cycling tours and royal Mysore walks are excellent ways to explore the length and breadth of the city. You explore the city’s rich cultural heritage and its glorious past through these expeditions. Going along with a tour guide has its benefits. You are accompanied by someone who knows every nook and corner of the city. On the way you visit many historical monuments. Stop by at art galleries to see exquisite expositions of Indian and Western art. Feel the rustic charm of the markets of Mysore. Visit the Mysore Palace to see and experience the royal splendour.

    These are the places where legends were born and lived. A Vintage Mysore Cycling Tour covers these areas that are of historical interest when on Mysore tour packages. Such tours are organised by various clubs. You can check on the Internet for such tour companies.

    The best time to start the tour is during early morning. You can start off the tour as early as 6:30 am. Refresh yourself with a cup of coffee and start riding your bicycles. Stop on the way for breakfast before bicycling to various other parts of the city. Stop at a traditional restaurant and sample the numerous regional food varieties. After some rest it is time to start riding again. The Vintage Mysore Cycling Tour will surely have you longing for an encore.

    2. Gravity Friday Cycling Tour

    The Gravity Friday Cycling Tour is a popular way to go around the city and experience its multiple facets. This is an opportunity for you to become liberated in a place where you have the freedom to be relaxed and outdoorsy. Even though the bicycle is a humble vehicle to go around on, it is the most convenient of all vehicles. You can wiggle your way through the traffic. You can bicycle on terrain where other vehicles would not ply.

    [Kick-start your perfect weekend if you are on a holiday in Mysore with Gravity Friday Cycling Tour]

    This tour attempts to excite you with a complete Mysore sightseeing experience. In fact you get a personalised experience. You can explore the city at your own pace. You can stop over at places and linger around as much as you like. You can take rests in between. This is unlike a bus, van or taxi tour. You cannot set the pace of your sightseeing expedition within the city. A Gravity Friday Cycling Tour allows you a unique way to pedal through the city and experience its various heritage sites.

    Such a tour typically begins in the morning. You hire bicycles and pedal your way through the streets. At this time, streets are generally empty. You bicycle up to Chamundi Hills. After parking your cycles at the base of the hills, you can climb the thousand steps upwards leading to the temple atop the hill. You could take it as a pilgrimage tour or an attempt to exercise your legs. Climbing so many stairs in one shot is not easy. The average ascent time ranges from twelve minutes to an hour.

    After an excursion on the Chamundi Hills, it is time to visit the Lalitha Mahal Palace. You can then ride up to the zoo and also the bird sanctuary. There’s much to explore when on such a tour.

    3. Island Cycling Tour

    You go on island cycling tours on the Srirangapatnam Island. This is a small town located within driving distance from Mysore. Situated on an island, Srirangapatnam is a historic town. It is also the place through which the Cauvery River flows. The river can be found on the peripheries of the town.

    [Enjoy with more personalised experience of the town, Srirangapatnam in our Cycling Tour]

    This town has numerous temples. The architecture of these temples is astounding. Historically, this town is associated with wars with the British. It is also known as the town of Tipu Sultan who was colloquially known as the Tiger of Mysore. This town is beset with sites that are of religious and cultural interest.

    You can take an Island Cycling Tour in the town of Srirangapatnam for a day or half a day when on Mysore tour packages. Cycling through this historic town is an out of the world experience. Guests are guided by tour operators in small groups. Along the way you are served refreshments and snacks. If it is a full day trip lunch is provided as well. Qualified tour guides who are also expert cyclists navigate you around.

    On such expeditions you gain more insight into the historical events that took place here. You are more aware of the legend of the brave Tipu Sultan and how he fiercely resisted the British. It provides an insight on how this valourous ruler set the context for complete freedom from foreign invasion.

    You can customise the Island Cycling Tour as per your requirements at additional costs. If you are a photography enthusiast you are taken to vantage points that provide you excellent sources for taking breathtaking snaps. This town is also a bird watcher’s favourite haunt. Even children can come on this tour as it is child-friendly. The highlight of this tour is the personalised experience you get out of the Island Cycling Tour.

    Yoga and Spirituality Tour, Mysore


    This land pontificates the virtues of Ashtanga Yoga. Mysore is famous for this type of yoga. To experience the healing benefits of this type of yoga, hundreds of people from across the world visit the numerous yoga centres here. Considering this statistic, you can safely say that Mysore is a place of yoga and spirituality. Yoga Guru K Pattabhi Jois created this type of yoga. It is a popular yoga form adopted by millions of people worldwide. It is considered to be a modernistic manifestation of classical yoga.

    [Discover one of the most important Yoga centres in the country with Yoga and Spirituality Tour in Mysore]

    You must visit the Ashtanga Institute in Mysore to learn more about this yoga form on a Mysore package tour. This centre specialises in Ashtanga Yoga. The technicalities of this type of yoga are taught here from the best practitioners of this art form. You can indulge in this type of yoga for some time. Feel the elevation of energy inside you. After a session of Ashtanga Yoga you find a sense of peace prevail within you. Its impact on you is for real.

    A yoga and spirituality tour in Mysore exposes you to the multiple aspects of yogic discipline and how it imbibes spirituality in you. You become one with yourself. You start understanding yourself and others around you. You begin to live more inside of you than outside of you. These are some of the benefits of taking up this yoga form.

    As extended stay at one of the yoga centres here gives you a mind and body experience that could completely transform you. If you have been battling high stress levels, practising yoga is your only answer to redemption. When you learn to control your mind and body, you find yourself in a better and more powerful position. All of these attributes cannot be attained without the proper conditioning of your body’s internal energies through Ashtanga Yoga.

    Mysore Ooty Package Tour

    Image Credits- Sandeep Somashekeran- Flickr

    On a Mysore and Ooty Package Tour you see the best sightseeing places in both cities. Ooty is a hill station in Tamil Nadu known for its salubrious weather and excellent scenic delights. Ooty is also the favourite haunt of the rich and famous to beat the summer blues by coming to a cooler location. The resorts and hotels at Ooty are at par with any other staying place in the country. Like Mysore, Ooty also has hundreds of visitor coming here to see the picturesque delights on offer.

    Image Credits- Sandeep Somashekrran- Flickr

    [Indulge yourself back to second century BC and use a distinguished style with our offbeat Style Painting Tour in Mysore]

    You can go on a Mysore Ooty Package Tour for various reasons. It could be a honeymoon or a personal recreation tour. Mysore is a historical town and Ooty is an effervescent hill station with salubrious and verdant greenery. When you combine a tour incorporating visits to both these places, you get the best of both worlds. After a round of heritage walks and tours, you enjoy the scenic beauty of a verdant hill station.

    Bangalore Mysore Package

    Image Credits- Hafis Issadeen - Flickr

    Bangalore and Mysore are not twin cities although Mysore is often touted as the next Bangalore. Bangalore is an urban jungle. It is the information technology capital of the country. It is alternatively known as the Silicon Valley of India.

    When you visit Bangalore, you can visit the numerous malls, and pubs here. There are popular places in the city such as Brigade Road and MG Road when on a Mysore package tour with a Bangalore visit. When it comes to malls, visit the Forum Mall. Watch a movie at any of the numerous multiplexes. Go bowling at Amoeba. Shop for all types of fashionable wear at the busy and truly cosmopolitan Commercial Street. Eat tasty chats and varieties of snack items on the way. 

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