Dubai With Karthik Bhat– A Solo Traveller’s Story


Hello, Dubai!

There is a famous quotation by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, which goes like,

Dubai will never settle for anything less than the first place.”

True to its words,
Dubai never fails to mesmerize travellers with the comforts of stay, and arrays of activities that it provides for one to engage in.
Welcome to Karthik Bhat’s story of his Dubai days

The Solo Traveller – Karthik Ganesh Bhat

Karthik poses at the beach in Dubai

Meet Karthik, an engineer by profession, and a trekker at heart, who has scaled mountains in the Philippines, trekked 5 high-altitude peaks of the Himalayas and almost all the peaks of the Western Ghats in Karnataka.
Known for the numerous hiking and biking trips he has undertaken, up next on Karthik’s bucket list is the Pin Bhaba Pass Trek, Iceland Ring Road Trip, Aurora Watching in Iceland and last but not the least, the daunting Everest Base Camp Trek.
Indeed, that is some major travel goals which the passionate trekker has planned for the next couple of years.

How did the chapter of Dubai happen?



The famous Jumeirah beach hotel of Dubai

Any destination that you think of takes quite some amount of planning and preparation. Dubai had been lingering on the minds of the Riyadh based Indian for a long time. Friends had recommended Thrillophilia to him for making sightseeing bookings, and he had no second thoughts since he trusted the brand name, already.
Things moved forward through quick email exchanges, and within no time, Karthik was already in Dubai for his solo backpacking trip across the urbanized desert land.
Some of the best places to visit in Dubai 

  1. Visit the Tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa
  2. Ferrari World is Abu Dhabi’s largest theme park
  3. One of the world’s largest suspended aquariums in Dubai
  4. A must for everyone who is visiting UAE Desert Safari Dubai
  5.  Dubai Marina is a must visit for you.


Chapter 1 – The Streets of Dubai

Urbanization took place in the past three decades, and they turned the deserts of Dubai into a highly-inviting tourist travel destination in the Middle East. Right from the Burj Al Arab hotel to the local markets to museums, Karthik loved it all.
He essentially fell in love with Dubai’s architecture, planning and the modern amenities. Looking down from the highest building in the world, or skiing in snowy mountains right in between the desert, skydiving above a man-made island – all was done in that one chapter of Dubai. No wonder they say, Dubai is a mirage come true in the middle of a desert!

The local markets of Dubai take you back in time


Another glimpse of the local market in Dubai


Chapter 2 – Skydiving


Karthik seen skydiving above a man-made island in Dubai

Travellers should never miss the opportunity of skydiving from the top of the man-made island in Dubai. It’s an absolute must for all travellers.

Is Dubai on the cards for you? – Here are a few pointers which you must think through!

Karthik had an amazing time in Dubai, undoubtedly. We asked him about the best part of the trip, and he had to say that, Pick Up was punctual, Driver was soft spoken. The van and bus provided for the trip were top class. The guide was well informed and well spoken and gave ample time to stop and take photographs”
He has a few suggestions and advices for all travellers who have been planning to visit the capital of United Arab Emirates. Check them out!

  • Make sure you’re punctual with timings, if it’s a group tour
  • Avoid travelling with families in case you’re a solo traveller
  • Engage in all activities possible, since it might be just a one-time trip for you


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