Tanzania Travel Guide – Best Time to Visit, Attractions & Visa Information

One of the most fascinating and intriguing countries of the Sub-Saharan Africa, with its magnificent landscape, Tanzania attracts visitors from all over the world.

Some visit to explore the country’s beauty, others choose Tanzania as the best destination for one-of-a-kind safari trips, and yet others just want to relax swimming in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

The red African land creates incomparable contrast with greenish trees and yellow grasses. Tanzania is not only acacia trees, huge baobabs, coconut palm trees, legendary Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the world-famous safari parks, but it’s also a land of incredibly helpful, hospitable, and friendly inhabitants.

Colorfully dressed women and cheerful children are an indispensable part of the Tanzanian landscape. Despite the relevant poverty they live in, it’s possible to see their ability to enjoy every single moment.

With a ground surface of nearly a million square kilometers, most of the country’s attractions are spread far apart. As such, you will need a small guide on how to organize your trip appropriately.

That is why we’d like to present you a Tanzania Travel Guide containing the best time for your trip, top attractions, and visa information. Keep on reading!

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Tanzania Visa Information

Still quite a new concept in the country introduced in 2018, Tanzania e-Visa is an innovative service implemented by the government to help foreign travelers access the country effortlessly. 

An electronic visa application process takes place entirely online starting from the application itself and ending on getting an approved e-Visa in a PDF file to the applicant’s email box. 

All of this in less than 7 business days! e-Visa to Tanzania allows one entry and a 30-day stay for 99 Euro. 

To submit your application online, visit tanzanianvisa.com and complete a quick and intuitive 3-step process. Make sure that you have your valid passport on hand and a stable internet connection. Once you receive the approved document, print it out and you’ll be ready for your trip to Tanzania!

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Best Time to Visit Tanzania

The best time to experience what Tanzania has to offer is from the end of June to October. At this time, viewing wildlife in the wild is the best possible adventure.

You will be given an opportunity to observe the Great Migration with huge herds of gnus and zebras crossing the river Mara. If you happen to visit Tanzania from November to March, there are big chances of heavy rains, though you can see thousands of different species of migratory birds.

Months that you shouldn’t take into consideration when planning a trip to Tanzania are April and May. Torrential rain characteristics for this season of the year may make it impossible to observe the wildlife of migrating animals.

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Top 5 Tanzanian Attractions to Try

1. Serengeti

Serengeti is an iconic park in Tanzania, a must-visit site for any tourist traveling to Africa. The park is inhabited by the Big Five (lion, leopard, African elephant, rhino, and the Cape buffalo).

Its’ great ecosystem with over 25, 000 kilometers of land and millions of wildlife amazes with breathtaking views!

The park is savanna grassland with a few scattered acacia and shrubs all over. Grab a camera and catch the moment of confronting yourself face to face with wild nature. It may be the only chance to see wild animals like giraffes, zebras, elephants, and others in their natural habitat.

You can book a game drive either during the day or the nighttime. There are also lodges and camps offering accommodation within the conservancy zones.

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2. Mt. Kilimanjaro

Hiking on Mount Kilimanjaro may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for climbers and mountain hikers alike. Some tourists come to Tanzania simply to reach this summit. 

Contrary to popular belief, organizing a trekking trip to the highest African peak is said to be quite simple. You can go to Moshi or Arusha where several local travel agencies can prepare your mountain expedition even within a few hours. 

On average, daredevils who decide to reach Kilimanjaro will need 5-8 days, depending on the particular terms they manage to negotiate with the expedition’s organizer. Coming down the mountain usually takes only 2-3 days. 

This giant stands tall dwarfing everything around it. The snow-capped peak is an amazing view since the mountain happens to be located near the equator. 

If you are unable to climb and generally speaking reaching the world’s highest mountains isn’t your bread and butter, there is still spectacular wildlife to watch around the base of the mountain. You can enjoy a game drive and a scenic view of Mt. Kilimanjaro without setting out for the summit. 

3. Zanzibar

‘A beautiful island’ – it’s the literal meaning of the name ‘Zanzibar’. Once exploring Zanzibar you will see for yourself that this name fully reflects its real character. 

Paradise-like white beaches and coastlines, azure ocean, blissful rest in the shades of towering palms, luxury African-style hotels, unique flora and fauna, and lovely local towns – these are only a tiny fracture of what Zanzibar can offer.

This island is also well-known for a wide range of water sports, like scuba diving or snorkeling. Therefore, if you are a fan of white sandy beaches, how about trying an amazing water adventure too?

And if you want a thrilling night experience, you must book a night at Manta Resort’s underwater rooms. 

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4. Ngorongoro Crater

One of the dramatic landscapes that Tanzania and Africa have to offer is Ngorongoro Crater. It’s a conservation area with wildlife for a game drive and also a great spot for hiking. The crater is fenced by volcanic walls towering hundreds of meters high. 

While most visitors are more eager to explore the majestic crater and continue their trip, make sure you can stay a bit longer. Now, probably you’re wondering why. 

There are three private lodges with luxury apartments, the interior of which amazes with baroque vibes, stylish sofas, and golden-framed mirrors.

However, just after leaving the apartment, guests can expect a total immersion into a unique African landscape and climate with  Masai people and wild nature!

Each of these three lodges has a relaxing and gastronomy area. For an additional fee, it’s possible to take part in a banquet held in the bottom of the caldera, which is the remains of a former volcano.

5. Selous Game Drive

While the excitement of wild fauna migration still floods your thoughts, don’t lose the opportunity to visit the largest game reserve in Africa. We’re talking about the Selous Game Reserve, an enormous park located in southern Tanzania. 

Like Serengeti, the nature and wildlife in this reserve remain untouched by humans. Here you can experience a true wilderness. Therefore, if given such an opportunity don’t miss watching a game hunt!

Among frequently-met species in the park are lions and buffalos. The latter ones are the most numerous animal species of the entire reserve. You may observe wild dog colonies scattered all over the park too.

Selous is also widely known for its rich birdlife. Hearing their melody will be a special treat for ornithologists or simply nature lovers.

What’s more, the park has a great number of Africa giant land mammals, namely elephants. With over 15, 000 elephants just to be precise, odds of seeing a dozen are pretty high. 

Final Words

When organizing a trip to Tanzania, don’t over-think too much. If you have the budget and our Tanzania guide on hand, it’s about time to book a flight to this marvelous travel destination. 

Speaking of flight, after booking a ticket, the next step you should do is to obtain your Tanzania visa online. You can avoid the complicated and time-consuming process of applying for a traditional visa and save both time and money when using e-Visas. 

One is for certain, one visit is definitely enough to fall in love with this land and the local people, but surely you will want to come back again and again. Don’t wait too long and find out when to go, how to prepare, and how to spend the best time in Tanzania! 

Submit an online visa form at least 3 business days before your departure and start packing your clothes. A Safari trip, magnificent sandy beaches, and hospitable locals are just around the corner!

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