Corporate Gal Supriya Tanwani conquers Coorg’s Highest Peak

“I am a management professional with a 9 to 5 job that stretches beyond those hours leaving very little time for myself.
So, when there are days with some time and space for me to breathe, I wonder about life as I thought it would be. The things that I always wondered I would do but couldn’t and then, there was one day when I thought that who had actually stopped me from completing my ‘must to do things in your 20s’ list now that a little of 20s is what I am left with.
I took a trip alone as I had always wanted to and I came back with friends and a new perspective.”
Supriya Tanwani, a corporate professional working in Bengaluru is your next door girl, full of life, ambitious and a delight to everyone that she meets. She loves reading and traveling which she believes broadens her horizons. A new location to explore with a new book in her kitty to read would make her day complete. Taking a solo trip and trekking were among the top things to do in her list and after scrutinizing internet; she came across the perfect trip: Thadiyandamol Peak Trek in Coorg by Thrillophilia for the weekend and without much ado, the team called for confirmation and she found herself on the way.

Strangers Turned Friends

“I had a hundred questions whether to go or not. Was it okay to go with a group of random strangers? Would there be other girls on the trek or I will be left alone with a bunch of boys? After much dilly-dallying, I booked the trip and our travel guide Habib assured me for a safe travel. When I boarded the bus, I met a fellow traveler who was also traveling solo. At the next stop, a female traveler walked in the bus who was traveling solo followed by 5 girls’ group, 2 ladies who were in their 40s and a dad who joined his son for this trek.”

“Towards the last stop, a traveler asked me if we all were friends and if we knew each other from before. To his surprise, I mentioned that we have just met! These amazing people that I met on the trip made this solo trip of mine brilliant.”

Exploring Thadiyandamol Peak

Located at an altitude of 5,472 ft, Thadiyandamol is the highest peak in Coorg and second highest in Karnataka. The entire trek of 15 Km takes around 7 hours to complete over 2 days and is ideal for both amateurs and experts. After an overnight journey from Bengaluru, the troupe including Supriya arrived in Coorg and set foot at the base camp near Nalakandu Palace.

“We reached the homestay in the morning which was beautifully located in the midst of the forest. We finished our sumptuous breakfast and got ready for the trek. Our guides introduced us to various possible problems and gave their solutions which proved effective later and you will know how.”

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Helló Leeches 

“So, the trek finally stated and thought it was a tad difficult terrain to scale, each other’s companies made a lot of difference.”
“The high point of the entire trip was just round the corner when we realized that there are number of blood-sucking leeches that got attached to our feet while we trekked in the forest! We had a lot of fun pouring Dettol all over the feet to allow them to fall off.”

“One of the fellow traveler, one-timer like me, got excited to see the leeches stuck on his feet. Fortunately, he was the first one to get attacked by the black slimy creatures and rather than taking them off, he stood there taking photographs of the feet from different angles because, you know, how important it is to capture precious moments.”

Trek All The Way 

Past the leeches experience, dehydration faced by some and interesting conversation about travel and culture mix, the group crossed deep dense forest, to reach the highest point of the peak. With a spellbinding view from the top, Supriya could not be less ecstatic.

You know, there’s always a point where you kind of want to give up and enjoy the view from there itself not knowing that with little more effort, you can actually get to the high point? Something like this happened to me when I faced difficulty in getting through the edge of the big rock at the summit. Looking at me, half tired, almost on the verge of giving up, Habib, our tour guide helped me get through and I couldn’t thank him enough for making me believe that I can. It was what he called the Peace Rock and I would always remember the view from up there and how I reached it.”
On descending the peak, Supriya was blessed with showers from the sky and although it was tad slippery and it took her nearly 1.5 hours to trek down, it was a great end to the beautiful trip. The group came back to the guesthouse and enjoyed a night of bonfire, dumb charades, heavy meal and little drizzle. The next morning, en route to Bengaluru, they visited Namdroling Buddhist Monastery and Chelavara Falls nearby.

Words For The Readers

  • It is perfectly safe and not awkward to travel with an unknown group if it is organized well.
  • Don’t shy away from carrying a lot of water just because your backpack will get heavy. If you are dehydrated, you will have cramps which are not suitable for a climb.
  • Listen to your instructors because let’s admit it, they are instructors for a good reason. You may have to carry a raincoat which I did not and because of that, I faced difficulty in descending the trek.
  • Don’t forget to pack an extra pair of slippers as after a long day of the trek in the sports shoes that will be your best friend.
  • Let go of your inhibitions and talk to strangers. That is what travel is meant for.

Solo Trip, Again?


I usually travel solo only and it has changed me as a person that I am. Every girl at least once should try getting out of the comfort zone and travel solo. You will realize that the world is still made of good people who will come out to help you. Of course, precaution is always better than cure so you take good suggestions from people who have traveled before so that you don’t commit the same mistakes again.

“This trip made me realize that I am not alone and I am quite strong. Travel helps you get out of your comfort zone and that brings you closer to realizing your true self and that I believe is the best discovery.”

Rekha Jain

I have been travelling across India for a long time and I am using this blog to share my experiences with you so that you can see the tremendous beauty which India has to offer.
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