Trekking to Kotebetta with Friends: Vijay In The Lap Of Nature

Carlos Santana’s words couldn’t be more true, and they have motivated the Hyderabad-based traveller Vijay Chunduri to visit places to witness a new mood of the Sun every time. A financial expert by professional, Vijay loves to travel and meet new people on his expeditions.
Being a nature enthusiast hailing from the city of nizams-Hyderabad, Vijay loves going on nature trails to explore hills, beaches, greenery and landscapes. It was his love for nature that made him trek to Kotebetta, which is the third highest peak in the Coorg district of Karnataka.
“I, along with my four friends, had initially decided to go for Tadiandamol trek. However, I must say that Kotebetta has breathtaking serenity, says Vijay, describing the beauty of Kotebetta.

“There is never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same” – Carlos Santana”

The best time to visit the place is between the months of November and February. However, Vijay enjoyed the lush green views along with his friends on his trip during the last week of May.

Kotebetta – The Delight in South India

Located at an altitude of 1620 metres above the sea level, Kotebetta promises to charm the visitors with its scenic beauty. Kotebetta, which means the Fort Hill, derived its name due to its resemblance to the structure of a fort. The hill also houses a Shiva temple at its peak, making it a religious attraction for worshippers of Lord Shiva.

Kotebetta trek is far from a cakewalk for amateur trekkers, so they might have to prepare themselves well for the climb before setting off. The top of the peak, from its base, is at a distance of approximately 10 km. The trek is easy at first, but it gets extremely steep at places. Vijay recommends that trekkers must bring along a pair of shoes with an excellent grip to ease the uphill journey.

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And The Views That We Live For

Justifying the popular saying “The best view comes after the hardest climb”, Kotebetta will leave you spellbound with magnificent views once you conquer it to reach the top. The sight of the vast landscape and its greenery is an eye-pleasing moment!

Vijay, having trekked to the top of the mountain with his four friends, felt a sense of entitlement and glory as the cool breeze blew across his face.

The Journey Uphill

It was a difficult trek as few of Vijay’s friends were first-time trekkers. Despite them being amateur trekkers, he describes his friends as energetic guys who love adventures and are fun to hang around with.
It was an exciting journey as we kept motivating each other on our way up. We would wait for those who lagged behind to catch up and walk together. The best part was clicking pictures frequently during the hike; it kept our spirits alive and kicking!Vijay describes their climb a memorable part of the journey.

Every once in a while, Vijay and his friends would be engulfed by clouds and foggy weather. “The weather on our way to the top of the mountain was so pleasant that I could not stop myself from falling in love with the beauty of nature,” says Vijay, who ensured that they enjoy every moment of the trek.

Conquering the Massive Mountain

Kotebetta is the third highest peak in Coorg, and it requires determination and commitment to reach to the top of it. Vijay and his friends kept up each other’s spirits while hiking uphill, making sure that they do not feel tired. Their uphill journey was full of fun—a large group of hikers sharing their life experiences, motivating each other, and clicking pictures. After timely breaks to catch breath, they would resume the hike looking at the mighty mountain.

After the steep hike, they entered a large plain and everyone caught up with the others for a magnificent view that awaited them. Vijay describes his feeling on reaching the top as unparalleled!
“We were all elated on reaching the top. Clouds surrounded us and we were awestruck by the greenery there. It was an unforgettable experience as we clicked pictures and jumped around shouting with a sense of achievement.”
Vijay and his friends explored the place and enjoyed the splendid views of the huge, lush green mountains around Kotebetta.
“Our group pictures at the top are my favourite memories from the trip; we would pose, shout, jump in joy, burst into laughter and what not! And amidst all this, we also experienced tranquillity while staring into the horizon,” says Vijay, describing the roller-coaster of emotions that they experienced on reaching the top of the mountain!

After experiencing extreme emotions, it was now time for a lip-smacking meal, and after an excruciating hike up the hill, it was totally much deserved! Lunching at the top of the mountain gave them the tonic to explore the place as they decided to trek to the nearby mountains for different views of the landscape. The adjacent hills did not disappoint the men as they enjoyed the views of the deep and vast valley and clicked pictures.
Before leaving the place, Vijay and his friends had collected memories of a lifetime. He recommends adventure enthusiasts a trek to this heaven along with their friends and colleagues. Moreover, he suggests that travellers should carry sufficient water, fruits and chocolates to consume during their climb as the hike can drain the energy of amateur trekkers. Due to the cloudy surroundings, he also recommends carrying handkerchiefs while visiting Kotebetta.

Unending Love for Nature

For Vijay, it was a close encounter with nature as he had always dreamt of experiencing the different nuances of God’s greatest gift to mankind. The purity of air and the greenery in Kotebetta is something he misses the most ever since he returned from the quaint trail.


Of Course A Bucket-List

Vijay’s bucket list comprises visits to Kudremukh and Kumara Parvatha. He expressed his desire to witness the sight of the sunrise from Kumara Parvatha. Being a nature enthusiast, he believes that any number of encounters with nature is never “enough”, as nature holds the ability to surprise you at every moment with its diversity and changing moods.

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