Live Your Dream in Dubai on a Traditional Dhow

Imagine spending a romantic night amid a beautiful lake in Dubai. You will be on an illuminated traditional wooden Dhow which glides over the waves. As it moves along the magnificent skyline of Dubai, perceive the charm of the city at its best. If you stroll on the Marina Walk at night, you can see some of the Dhows passing in front of you.
Dhow has a deep connection with the culture and traditions of Dubai. It was flesh and blood of the Emirates as it facilitated trade between the places around the Gulf and other countries. It also signifies the economy, marine roots, and transportation of the UAE.
Now, a Dhow is transformed into a popular tourist attraction of Dubai which seduces everyone with unsurpassable sailing experience. It is an exquisite blend of the old and new elements of Emirati culture. It offers sightseeing, entertainment, and a scrumptious dinner buffet onboard. Gift a memorable night to your loved ones by booking Dhow cruise with Al Wasl Dhow.

1. Relish Your Taste Buds

Dining from your favorite restaurant is a good idea. But, it may gradually become a routine where you get the same taste, views, and ambiance. Why don’t you try something new this time? The toothsome dinner served at Dhow has made it a popular floating restaurant in Dubai.
Nowhere else you can get fine dining coupled with splendid sights and soulful ambiance. A buffet-style dinner will include dishes from Arabic, Asian and Continental cuisine. A variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes ensure that you will never run out of choices.

2. Unlimited Entertainment Onboard

Once you get into a Dhow, there won’t be a minute without entertainment. Enjoy Egyptian folk dance called Tanoura. The twirling dance performed by a professional artist will leave you awestruck. The performer will wear a skirt in different hues, which makes this a splendid visual treat. Soothing music and magic show will also spice up the night.

3. Pick Your Favorite Spot

Once you have made up your mind to cruise on the sparkling waters of Dubai, choose the place of the cruise. There are two popular cruising spots in the city, one being Marina and the other one being Creek. Making a wrong selection is out of the question as both are fascinating. Just decide if you want to peep into the past or future of the city.

1. Dhow Cruise Marina

Marina is a stunning canal city built in the Venetian style. Sail through the canal to admire the skyline under the moonlight. Dinner cruise Marina is one-of-a-kind experience in Dubai. Cyan Tower, a twisted skyscraper will steal your glance first. Marina is the perfect destination to perceive the opulence of the city. Jumeirah Beach Residence, one of the most popular residential areas in Dubai, stands on Marina. It consists of some marvelous waterfront apartments along the shore of the canal.

Another structure which you should never miss is Ain Dubai, translated as Dubai’s eye. It will become the tallest observation wheel in the world once it is unveiled in 2020. Ain Dubai lies on Bluewaters Island and will offer a 360-degree view of the city. Marina Mall, the favorite spot for shopaholics, can also be seen nearby.

Marina Walk is a charming esplanade through which you can ramble admiring the beauty of the emerald-hued waterway. The 7-km long boardwalk embellished with date palms, has some exceptional al fresco dining spots, shopping centers, and leisure options. A fleet of luxury yachts will be waiting along the shore to offer a swift ride across Marina.

2. Dhow Cruise Creek

Those who love to delve into the eventful history of Dubai must visit Creek. On the contrary to the lustrous city of Marina, Creek is known for its antique spell. It is known as Old Dubai as most of the buildings in Creek date back to the early decades. Those who love simplicity will like Creek, which has the roots of the incredible past of Dubai. It was the center of trade and commerce in the bygone days.

Instead of skyscrapers, there are museums, art galleries, mosques, souks, restaurants, and heritage villages which throw light to the culture of the city. Old Dubai mainly consists of two sections, Bur Dubai and Deira. While you cruise along Creek, you will spot Abras, the traditional means of transportation in the Emirates. It is the cheapest option as you can cross the lake with just 1 AED.

You can see Al Bastakiya, the oldest residential area in Dubai. The houses in this town have wind towers, the predecessors of the air conditioner. However, the name ‘Old Dubai’ may change soon as Creek is all set for a sea change. With the completion of the Creek Tower, its image will be redefined. Creek Tower will be the tallest building in the world by taking the prestigious crown away from Burj Khalifa.

Dhow cruise is a great idea if you wish to see Dubai from a different perspective. With the two excellent options of Marina and Creek, there is no chance that you make the wrong choice. Both of them are unique and wonderful in their own way. Choose the best Dhow cruise in Dubai to have the perfect journey.

If you wish to throw a grand party on a significant occasion of your life, go the extra mile. Hire the entire Dhow so that the crew will work exclusively for you. Cruise through the tranquil lakes in Dubai to pen the most remarkable tale in your life.

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