Join the Happiest Celebration on Earth: Experience Disneyland® Paris’ 30th Anniversary in All Its Glory!


Step into a world of magic and wonder as Disneyland® Paris kicks off the grand finale of its 30th Anniversary Celebration! Until 30th September 2023, this extraordinary event promises to amaze and delight visitors with an incredible lineup of new attractions, and immersive experiences that will make this once-in-a-lifetime celebration even more remarkable. With thrilling new rides, the highly anticipated opening of MARVEL’s Avengers Campus this summer, captivating shows, exclusive delicacies and limited edition merchandise that will leave you in awe, Disneyland® Paris is pulling out all the stops to ensure an unforgettable experience. Get ready for an enchanting journey through Disney magic as we take a closer look at what awaits you during this spectacular season of festivities.

1. Witness Exclusive Shows “Dream…and Shine Brighter” and “Disney D-Light”

Prepare to be dazzled by the exclusive new award-winning shows “Dream…and Shine Brighter” and “Disney D-Light” during Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary Celebration!


Immerse yourself in the joyous daytime spectacle of “Dream… and Shine Brighter”, specially created for this milestone event. As Central Plaza transforms into a wonderful extravaganza, you’ll be captivated by the toe-tapping 30th Anniversary song that will have you dancing along. Keep an eye out for beloved Disney Characters as they joyfully make their way to the celebration in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. With Mickey, Minnie, and their friends dressed in their dazzling customized 30th Anniversary costumes, this captivating show centers around three key themes: “Smile and Laugh Louder,” “Open Your Heart,” and “Believe in Your Dreams.” This extraordinary production also features over 30 talented dancers in an incredible mash-up of 20 beloved Disney songs, bringing nostalgic and heartwarming moments for guests of all ages. It’s the perfect opportunity to be swept away in the magic and celebrate Disneyland Paris’ 30th anniversary in style!


As night falls, get ready to be transported into a world of enchantment with a brand-new magical show that will leave you in awe. Witness the sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle come alive with a breathtaking display of spectacular drone light choreography, as if by pure magic in a new Disney Illuminations pre-show called “Disney D-Light”, followed by the spectacular Disney Dreams!​ The illuminated drones gracefully dance through the air, creating stunning patterns like forming a sparkling figure “30” above the castle, commemorating this momentous 30th Anniversary celebration. Prepare to have your breath taken with the mesmerizig video projections, illuminated water jets, lighting effects, mist, lasers, as you nod to fan-favorite Disney songs. The soundtrack, recorded with a symphony orchestra at the renowned Abbey Road Studios in London, adds an extra layer of emotion and grandeur to the performance.

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2. Venture into the MARVEL Universe

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Get ready for an extraordinary adventure filled with superhero action and unforgettable experiences as Disneyland Paris’ Walt Disney Studios Park unveils the highly anticipated MARVEL’s Avengers Campus this summer. Step into the action-packed universe of MARVEL with brand new rides- WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, where you’ll find yourself in a virtual reality experience where mischievous Spider-bots have wreaked havoc. Armed with web-shooters, you’ll need to put your skills to the test and eliminate as many of these creepy crawlers as you can. Prepare to embark on a heroic quest alongside Iron Man and other iconic characters in the Avengers Assemble Flight, where you’ll assist them in saving the world from an intergalactic threat. Buckle up and join the Avengers in an epic mission as you board Stark Industries’ cutting-edge hypersonic vehicles in an exhilarating ride full of twists, turns, and heart-pounding moments. In addition to the thrilling rides and heroic encounters, MARVEL’s Avengers Campus will offer a plethora of attractions and experiences that will make you feel like a true superhero. From immersive shows to captivating encounters with beloved characters, every moment will be filled with excitement and wonder.

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3. Grab Exclusive 30th Anniversary Merchandise


In honor of the resort’s momentous 30th Anniversary, an extraordinary collection of over 350 new and exclusive merchandise items has been meticulously crafted by dedicated teams. Indulge in a shopping extravaganza like no other at Disneyland Paris, where 63 theme-based boutiques and shops await you. Prepare to be dazzled by limited-edition collectibles, charming keychains, adorable Anniversary-themed plush toys, iconic ear headbands, and stylish sweatshirts. The most impressive product development program ever undertaken at Disneyland Paris, The 30th Anniversary merchandise will also include new collections and products created in collaboration with renowned brands introduced exclusively to be available only in the parks’ shops. Each and every souvenir is a delightful piece of magic, waiting to be cherished long after your visit. From cuddly Mickey plushies, bags, to exquisite embroidered towels in special editions, the range of 30th Anniversary paraphernalia is simply enchanting. Make sure to visit New Century Notions Flora’s Unique Boutique, Emporium, and World of Disney to explore the full spectrum of this captivating merchandise collection.

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4. Experience the Enchantment of the Gardens of Wonder


Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience at Central Plaza’s Gardens of Wonder! Marvel at the creative craftsmanship of the captivating installations boasting 30 mesmerizing Disney and Pixar-motif kinetic sculptures spread across ten themed gardens.

Immerse yourself in the captivating “Garden of Asia,” where beloved characters like Baymax from “Big Hero 6,” Sisu from “Raya and the Last Dragon,” and Mushu from “Mulan” come to life. Delve into the magical depths of the “Underwater Theme” and encounter iconic figures from “The Little Mermaid” and “Finding Nemo.” Each sculpture is a fusion of diverse inspirations, ranging from whimsical windmills to the surreal artistry of Salvador Dali.

Enhance your experience by visiting the Gardens of Wonder during both daytime and nighttime. Witness the transformative power of lighting as it creates two distinct atmospheres, offering you unique encounters with the sculptures.

Located in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, these enchanting gardens celebrate the beauty of nature and embody the diverse range of beloved Disney and Pixar characters. Take a delightful stroll with your family and friends, immersing yourselves in the magic that surrounds you.

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5. Treat Yourself to Special 30th-Anniversary Disney Delicacies


Indulge in a delectable feast of special 30th-anniversary Disney delicacies at Disneyland Paris! Celebrating in style, the resort has pulled out all the stops to ensure a mouthwatering experience for its 30th birthday bash. Satisfy your sweet tooth with an array of adorable and delicious desserts and a sprinkle of joy with purple cheesecake pops, Mickey Mouse-painted macarons, and the magnificent “Le Bouquet final” cake—a tantalizing combination of white chocolate and strawberry served under a captivating dome.

For those with a savory craving, feast on Mickey-shaped veggie or ham sandwiches, and savor the unique flavors of salted mashed potato waffles and other delectable specialties available at the snack booths and resort restaurants. At Disneyland Paris, food and beverage offerings are seamlessly integrated into the overall experience, allowing guests to truly immerse themselves in the celebration. Indulge in character-inspired ice cream and discover beloved treats from international Disney resorts, such as the frozen Pineapple Whip, classic Mickey ice cream, and mouthwatering turkey legs—all joining the lineup of culinary delights.

6. Return of Disney Dreams and the Enchanting Comeback of “It’s a Small World”


Ignite your imagination and embark on a breathtaking journey at Central Plaza as the beloved nighttime extravaganza, Disney Dreams!, returns by popular demand. Get ready to dream bigger as Peter Pan’s shadow guides you through cherished Disney stories, brought to life in an awe-inspiring spectacle of fireworks and mesmerizing effects on Sleeping Beauty Castle. Illuminating the night sky, one after the other, and creating a magical finale to your day at Disneyland Paris, it’s the perfect way to conclude your visit and create lifelong memories.

But the magic doesn’t end there! Starting from May 5, 2023, Disneyland Paris has brought back the joyful voyage of exploring the enchanting corners of the globe in the timeless classic, “It’s a small world (After All).” Delight in the company of adorable singing dolls as they serenade you with their famous tune, spreading joy and unity in their charming and melodic way.

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