(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

After months (or maybe years) of wedding planning and preparation, you and your partner deserve a break – a fun and romantic break. Before you take on the joys and challenges of married life, going on a honeymoon is the best way to celebrate your union and welcome another chapter in your life.

While it sounds heavenly, the actual planning and preparation for honeymoons often leave couples feeling stressed. And if you’re one of those who are having a hard time pulling off a perfect honeymoon, don’t frown. This guide has got you covered.

Check out these steps to create the most beautiful honeymoon you could ever imagine!

Work Together

Work Together

You want your trip to be something that both of you will enjoy. If only one will do the planning, you might end up with a trip that’s more tailored to the other’s interests or desires. Talk about your plans and what each one envisions your honeymoon to be.

It’s likely that you will have differences or contrasting ideas. But that’s okay. It’s important to work together and compromise. If your partner asks that you take care of all the planning, then at least ask for his or her suggestions on major things like where you want your honeymoon to be, how long, and when. Eventually, a honeymoon is for both of you, right? You two are going to enjoy it after the long-planned wedding. It’s only logical to plan your wedding and honeymoon together.

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Make a Budget

Make a Budget

Chances are you’ve already spent a lot on your wedding. You don’t want to start your married life – well – broke. Creating a budget prevents financial worries in the end. With a ballpark figure in mind, you can easily check out destinations that suit your budget. Check your resources. Will you need a cash advance for major expenses like flight tickets or are your savings enough?

Work out how much you and your spouse-to-be should spend on your honeymoon and stick to it. Making budget will help you to have a clear understanding on how much you are going to pay for the honeymoon expenses. Having a clear budget will also help you to tackle your expenses and not be broke after the honeymoon. Especially, if you two are quick-tempered and prone to making a rushed decision, having a clear budget and sticking to it will help you not to lose your mind and spend much more than you have.

Beware of Hidden Costs

Hidden Costs

Wedding and honeymoon cost a lot of money. To beware of hidden costs make sure you understand what is included in your bookings. For example, if you’re going to a remote island, check if the travel package you’ve purchased already includes your transportation cost to and from the island. Other fees you should check out our visa processing, airport transfers, baggage cost, and so on.  It would be better if you check everything beforehand.

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Talk about What You both Really Want

Talk about What You both Really Want

With thousands of beautiful cities and spots in the world, choosing a destination can be overwhelming sometimes. To make the process easier, think of three things you want. What are the things you enjoy the most as a couple? Going to the beach? Shopping? Hiking? Trying exotic food? Checking out historical places? Having a romantic dinner? The activities you choose will determine the ideal destination for your honeymoon.

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Prepare Ahead

Prepare Ahead

You can save a lot of time, money, and headache if you will plan everything months before your intended trip. Search engines can help you here, it is fine to search and find some really cool ideas for your honeymoon. But be sure not to copy others honeymoon ideas completely.  Airline companies recommend booking tickets 21-121 days in advance. However, if your honeymoon coincides with a Holiday (say, Thanksgiving or Christmas), booking much earlier is advised. This will also help you to save money and do more activities instead.

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Hire a Travel Agent

Hire a Travel Agent

You already had enough planning for your wedding. If you feel like your plate is full, the best way forward is to hire a professional travel agent. This person can arrange everything for you, from booking flights to finding a hotel, creating your itinerary, etc. They have local knowledge of the destination which means they can pull off a memorable vacation for you and your partner. Professional travel agents are experts in their field, with their help you can even get some discounts. The knowledge of insider will be very handy in this case. This will also help you to plan a honeymoon without losing your mind after the wedding.

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Insert Relaxation and Downtime in your Itinerary

Couple Relaxing

Honeymoon is not just about exploring a new place together. It’s also a time to calm down and relax. The wedding has been a stressful event and chances are both of you had very little time to rest. While you want your little vacation to be jam-packed with adventures and lots of activities, make sure to schedule a time for relaxation. Take the opportunity to have some private, intimate moments together. But if you are the type of person who can not leave without adventures, you can mix adventures with the relaxation and enjoy both. 

Wrapping it Up

Creating a perfect honeymoon takes planning and preparation. It’s important to start planning in advance, so you have more time to decide on big to minor details – from picking a destination to booking flights and hotels, choosing activities, making a surprise for each other etc. Create a realistic budget and stick to it.

Consider hiring a travel agent if you don’t think you have enough time to plan your honeymoon on your own or have a budget for it. At whatever stage of honeymoon planning or preparation you’re in right now, aim to work together as a couple. Each of you may have contrasting interests. For a smooth and memorable honeymoon, it takes effort from both of you.