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Rajinder Kaur


Indrahar Pass Trek, Kareri Lake was an inexplicable experience. It was a great and a nice experience to take. This was one of the best treks to take in...


Himadri Dubashi


The trekking in the Indrahar Pass was quite a nice experience. The trek was really tough, though. Yet, it felt nice that I have no words to explain how...


About the Destination:

Located at around 4,420m above the sea level, the Indrahar Pass Trek is amongst the most stunning trek passes in the world. Bordering the Kangra and Chamba districts of Himachal Pradesh, the breathtaking beauty and appeal of this mountain pass entices a large number of trekkers from across the world. Also, as it can be easily reached from the tourist town Dharamshala, it has become a hotspot among the tourists.

While on Indrahar pass route, the trekkers can also visit the magical Kareri Lake and village. One of the high altitude lakes in the world, this small yet fascinating water reservoir is also a striking feature of this trek.

Not only the Idrahar Pass and the Kareri Lake, but the trek also takes the trekkers to some of the other important trekking destinations in the Kangra Valley. During the Indrahar trek, the trekkers can also treat themselves with panoramic views of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Kailash peaks.

Duration of the Tour: 7N/8D

Altitude: 4,420m

Activities: Trekking, Camping, Lake Visit

Distance Trekked/Day: 4-5 Hours

Temperature Range:     

 May-June: 12 to 20 Degrees (Day) and -2 to 5 Degrees (Night),

 September-November: 8 to 16 Degrees (Day) and -5 to 5 Degrees (Night)

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult


  • Day 1 - McLeod Ganj (2,000m)

    Arrival in McLeod Ganj, Leisure Day

    Assembling at the meeting point in McLeod Ganj, check-in into the hotel and spend the day at leisure. Within the day, you can also opt for exploring the surroundings or take a leisurely stroll around the local streets, markets and nearby monasteries; overnight stay in the hotel for tomorrow your Kareri Lake and Indrahar Pass Trekking begins.

  • Day 2 - McLeod Ganj to Stowari (7km Drive), Trek from Stowari to Kareri Village (1,800m)

    5 Hours Trek, Kareri Village, Local Life

    Today will be the first day of trekking! After having breakfast in the hotel, a short drive will take you to Stowari or the origin of this fascinating trek. Descending downhill from here, make it to Bhote Khola and Ghera settlements.

    Here onwards, the trails will go uphill taking you towards the Kareri Village. Trekking through the scenic oak, pine and rhododendron forests, reach the campsite in the village before it gets dark. Upon arrival in the village, you can witness the locals carrying out their daily activities and can also interact with them. With the befalling evening, settle down in your allocated tents and call it a day!

  • Day 3 - Trek from Kareri Village to Kareri Lake (2,900m)

    5-6 Hours Trek, Scenic Forests, Kareri Lake, Shiva Temple

    After breakfast is served at the campsite, begin with today's trek to the magnificent Kareri Lake. Hike through some of the evergreen spruce, oak and rhododendron forests and follow one of the arms or 'nullahs' of the Kareri Lake and make it to scenic meadows of Harote. As the lake is situated at higher altitudes and the trek to it comprises of steep climbs, relax in Harote for a while and get reenergised.

    Hereafter, continue trekking towards the Minkiani Pass or the base of the Kareri Lake. A small, yet scenic lake, the mesmerising beauty of the Kareri Lake is worth of the harsh and challenging terrains. Witness and enjoy the untouched beauty of the lake and the surroundings by camping near to it. To explore the surroundings to a more extent, you can also visit a nearby Shiva Temple before settling down at the campsite; overnight stay in tents.

  • Day 4 - Trek from Kareri Lake to Kareri Village (15km)

    5-6 Hours Trek, Dhauladhar and Pin Panjal Ranges

    Today, after breakfast is served at the campsite, trek to some of the nearby vantage points and enjoy stunning views of the surroundings. If weather permits, you can easily witness the Dhauladhar, Pin Panjal and other popular peaks in Himachal Pradesh. Once done with the exploration, trek back to the campsite and after having lunch, trek down to the campsite in Kareri Village; overnight stay in tents.

  • Day 5 - Trek from Kareri Village to Dharamkot (2,100m)

    6 Hours Trek, Dhauladhar Range, Kangra Valley

    Begin the day with a long descent to Bhote Khola. As you proceed towards Bhote Khola, the trails will offer you stunning views of Kangra Valley, Dhauladhar Range and will finally take you to Roa and Bal settlements. Trekking from Bal will further take you alongside a ridge that leads to Dharamkot. On arrival in Dharamkot, check-in into the allocated tents and retire for the day.

  • Day 6 - Trek from Dharamkot to Laka Got (3,300m)

    4-5 Hours Trek, Gaddi Shepherds

    Once again, today's trek will take you through scenic oak and rhododendron forests that trail towards a camping site called Laka Got. An open alpine meadow, this camping ground indicates the end of forest trails and the beginning of rocky scree fields. We can hike alternatively for some more time and camp at Lahesh caves. While camping in Loka Got, you can also come across the local inhabitants or the 'gaddi shepherds' and get to know more about their lives; overnight stay will be in tents.

  • Day 7 - Trek (to and) from Laka Got to Indrahar Pass (4,420m)

    7-8 Hours Trek, Lahesh Caves, Pir Panjal, Mani Mahesh and Kailash peaks

    Today will be the most exciting day of this entire trekking expedition as today you will trek to the Indrahar Pass!

    After having an early breakfast in the camp, begin with hiking through steep and rocky terrains and reach the Lahesh Caves. Hereafter, the trek will take you uphill for around 3-4 hours till you reach the top.

    Though the trail might get a bit challenging, on reaching the pass, all your efforts will get rewarded with astounding views of the snow-clad Pir Panjal, Mani Mahesh and Kailash peaks; the pass also offers panoramic views of the Kangra Valley. Enjoy the undulated beauty from the top and before it gets dark, return to the campsite in Laka Got for an overnight stay.

  • Day 8 - Trek from Laka Got to McLeod Ganj

    4-5 Hours Trek, Trek Ends Here

    Embark on the back trek to McLeod Ganj via Triund, after breakfast is served at the Laka Got camp,. With your arrival in McLeod Ganj, this fascinating trek will come to an end and you will be free to proceed with your onward journey or stay back in the vicinity, your Kareri lake and Indrahar Pass trekking trip comes to an end.

Things To Carry

  • Warm clothes: fleece jackets, tee-shirts, pullovers and thermals
  • 7
  • Raincoats and windcheaters
  • 7
  • Water bottles and towels
  • 7
  • Backpack with plastic or waterproof linings
  • 7
  • Trekking shoes, slippers, extra pair of socks and gaiters
  • 7
  • Waterproof gloves, scarf/muffler and walking stick
  • 7
  • Sunscreen lotions, ointments, lip balms and UV-protected sunglasses
  • 7
  • Torch/flashlights with extra pair of energy cells
  • 7
  • Toiletries, personal medications (if any) and energy bars


  • Do not consume alcohols or any other intoxicating products during the trek
  • 7
  • Always pay heed to the trek guides or instructors
  • 7
  • Try not to leave the group under any circumstances
  • 7
  • Avoid trekking during the nights as it is extremely dangerous
  • 7
  • Avoid using earphones as that might hinder your hearing
  • 7
  • Do not participate or encourage littering of the places in any form
  • 7
  • While visiting the local villages and tourist sites, obey the local guidelines and instructions
  • 7
  • Do not harm or interrupt the local sentiments of the places
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    People Shared their Stories
    Story by Rajinder Kaur

     Rated : 5.0

    Indrahar Pass Trek, Kareri Lake was an inexplicable experience. It was a great and a nice experience to take. This was one of the best treks to take in the country. This trek encompasses the beautiful valleys of the Himachal Pradesh. It also covers various beautiful landscapes that is otherwise not an easy watch. I really loved this trek, and felt very happy about taking it. I recommend this trek.

    Story by Himadri Dubashi

     Rated : 4.0

    The trekking in the Indrahar Pass was quite a nice experience. The trek was really tough, though. Yet, it felt nice that I have no words to explain how nice the trek was. This is probably the best trek to be taken while one is in Himachal Pradesh. Although, one flaw was, the food despite being vegetarian was not good or fresh. It was super stale. I was worried initially about our safety during the trek, but the safety is the prime concern for the trek organizers here. A lot of people seem to take this trek, and enjoy it a lot. There were a few foreigners too. This is a nice and a perfect trek to take for anyone. I loved it. So, I recommend this trek to you all.

    Story by Bhaswar Dubashi

     Rated : 4.0

    The surroundings, the landscape, the scenaries, the bird’s eye view, and the river valleys were all breathtakingly and astoundingly brilliant. The trek was of moderate level difficulty; thus it was enabling all trekkers to enjoy it. One might feel that this trek was tough or rough, but with ample warm-ups and pre trained strengthening, I shall say that even first timers can enjoy this provided they are fit enough for this. The climate was also good all along the trek making it the best trek ever.

    Story by Somnath Nehru

     Rated : 4.0

    Indrahar Pass Trek is the best trek in Himachal Pradesh, without a doubt. Try the trek to know if you love it. You will defitneity love it is my opinion. The trek is well planned and well organized. It is inexpensive. The food and stay are great. The travel to this place is also easy and comfortable for all travellers.

    Story by Shresthi Sharma

     Rated : 4.0

    WOW! I am out of words to describe the stunning and amazing beauty of this trek. I loved it, and so will you too. Amazingly well planned trek. This trek is not crowded or over populated like other treks. This is sheer fun and brilliance. I loved this, try it and see if you love it too.

    Story by Bankimchandra Mukhopadhyay

     Rated : 4.0


    What a fun trek it was. I had a great time with this trekking. It was brilliant and nice. I loved the trek totally. I wish to take more such treks soon.

    Story by Giriraaj Bandopadhyay

     Rated : 3.0

    The trekking in the Indrahar Pass was quite a nice experience. It was interesting, memorable, and lovely. I had a really great time trekking here. I wish, I can do a lot more of such treks in the future. Most treks are either restricted to snow, lake, or greenaries and valleys. This trek consisted all of it. I was so glad to have taken this trek. It was a splendid and a brilliant experience to say the least. I was worried initially about our safety during the trek, but the treks are more than just safe. The organizers have trained safety people to trek along who would help us out in case of a mess-up. Hoghly recommended trek this is.

    Story by Niranjan Pothuvaal

     Rated : 3.0

    The Indrahar Pass Trek was awesome. It is enthralling. The beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh gets all covered during this trek. This is probably the longest and the best trek to be taken while one is in Himachal Pradesh. I loved the experience, and I feel that this trek was the best one that I have ever taken. The nature is astounding, be it the mountains, small hills, the steep climbs, the dense forest, the snow fall, the river valleys or anything; it was a great experience. I loved it overall. Highly recommended for young crowd of people.

    Story by Rati Gill

     Rated : 3.0

    The trek was fine. The trek seemed promising as it started. However, after a few hours, the rain Gods played havoc by causing a lot of unexpected rains for whuch the team was not prepared to handle. We had to really try and cope up with it and move forward with the trek. It would have been nice, if the rains did not play a spoilsport in our trekking times.

    Story by Arnesh Gandhi

     Rated : 3.0

    The trek was fine and average. The Indrahar Pass Trek is like any other trek. Just that the landscapes are beautiful. But, that does not make it any unique or different


    People Also Ask

    1. What is the best time to go?

      The best time to visit the Indrahar pass trek is between mid May to June and September to mid October. You can visit this trek in other months also, There will be snowfall between January to March and rainfall between July to August. Challenge yourself by visiting this trek any time.

    2. What is the level of fitness expected from the participants?

      This trek requires an average level of fitness, high levels of stamina and notable physical and mental preparation. Take part in a few easier treks before the Indrahar Pass Trek to get the hang of it.

    3. What if I'm unable to complete the trek?

      Most of the trekkers complete Indrahar Pass trek as it’s a fairly easy to moderate trek, including first-time trekkers. But, if you don’t it is nothing to be ashamed of. Safety and health are of utmost priority and no one will be pushed beyond their limits. It may sound surprising, but at times even experienced trekkers fail to complete their expeditions

    4. What clothing and equipment should I carry?

      Make sure to carry warm and comfortable clothing as temperature can drop, pack good quality trekking shoes, slippers and extra pair of socks. It’s advisable to carry sunscreen lotion or any other skin moisturisers as the sun at the top can be harsh. Water bottles and energy bars/snacks are advisable. A Flashlight (with spare batteries) will help once the sun goes down and it’s always smart to carry insect repellent and emergency medical kit.

    5. Which type of shoes should I carry?

      Good quality and sturdy trekking shoes that cover your ankles. Refrain from usong sport shoes for your own safety and the trails are uneven and tricky hence requiring good grip trekking shoes. If you are buying new shoes for your Indrahar Pass Trek, please remember to use them for at least a month before you commence your holiday.

    6. How much weight will I have to carry?

      A 60 Ltr backpack is advisable to carry but amount of weight to be carried depends on your requirements and capacity. All personal luggage is supposed to be carried by on your own. Porters and mules can be arranged for an extra cost of 250 INR.

    7. What about first aid and medicines?

      It’s always advisable to carry a personal first aid kit and medicine kit to be prepared. Although trek leaders will be hands on in providing first aid it terms of an emergency.

    8. Can I have liquor or smoke while we're on the trek?

      No, consumption of these substances are strictly prohibited.

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