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    Pushkar Camel Safari

    Pushkar Camel Safari - You can explore the rugged terrain of the Great Indian Desert of Sahara.

    Pushkar Camel Safari will take you destinations where you will witnesses small villages along the way and during crop harvesting, the views are exceptionally enticing. Camel Safari in Pushkar is a great experience!

    The Aravalli Range here are one of the worlds oldest, and have sandy fields, small dunes, beautiful hills and mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets.

    The Pushkar fair takes place every year usually in November, depending on the cycle of the moon. In 2009, the official dates for the Pushkar Camel Fair are October 30 to November 2. Camel trading and other activities takes place over the 5 days leading up to the official start of the festival, after which time the focus shifts to heightened religious celebrations.

    How to get there

    By train: From Delhi to Ajmer by train and to Pushkar by road transport

    By road: RSRTC buses run regularly from Delhi to Rajasthan.

    Nearest Town: Ajmer

    Distance: Delhi “ Ajmer “ 389 km. Ajmer “ Pushkar: 11 km

    Exact Location: 11 km North West of Ajmer

    Best Time to visit: October and May


    • Collect or exchange as much small change as practical, very few people seem to have change, especially in rural areas.
    • In the city you can travel by un-metered auto-rickshaws, buses, cycle-rickshaws or you can also use car cabs and car-taxi. The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation operates regular bus service for local city tour.

    Other Information

    A visit to Bhandarej, Bhangarh and Fort Madhopur from Jaipur via Dausa Town by an Indica or Ambassador taxi would cost about Rs 2,000. Expect rates to go up considerably in the high season.

    Ajmer is the nearest tourist attraction that lays outside the city boundaries of Pushkar.

    Located 27 kilometers away from Ajmer, there is Kishangarh, famous for its miniature paintings, more popularly known as Bani Thani.



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