Pushkar Camel Safari
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Camping Experience With Camel Safari
COVID-19 : PUSHKAR is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 04 Sep 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to PUSHKAR?

Entry is open from all domestic states.

  • Wearing of masks in mandatory when out in public.
  • Thermal screening is mandatory for all passengers upon arrival
  • No e-pass required for inter-district or intra-district travel.
  • COVID-19 tests to be conducted for symptomatic travellers
  • Travellers are required to download the Aarogya Setu App on their phones.
  • A self-healthcare declaration is required to enter Pushkar.
  • COVID-19 related night curfew has been lifted in Pushkar
  • No minimum number of passengers required in any vehicle.
  • Malls, markets, shops, parks and attractions are open to public
  • 14 days of voluntary home quarantine for all travellers visiting Pushkar.
  • In case a passenger is showcasing COVID-19 symptoms, they shall be isolated and admitted to the nearest health facility.
  • Travellers who are going to Pushkar for less than 7 days are exempted from home or institutional quarantine if they have a negative RT-PCR test certificate.

Sanganer Airport is the nearest airport to Pushkar. Flights to this airport is functional from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and most domestic cities.


The Ajmer Junction is the nearest Railway Station to Pushkar. Special train is running from Delhi to Ajmer Junction.


Buses are available from Delhi, Jaipur and other neighboring cities to Pushkar.

Local Transport

Buses, Taxis, cab aggregators and autos are allowed in Pushkar.

The state government of Rajasthan has taken several steps to curb the spread of Covid-19 for tourists to visit Pushkar. Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and safety measures issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe.

Night Curfews, Weekend Lockdowns Lifted in Pushkar Updated: 04 Sep 2020

According the MHA guidelines for Unlock 3.0, the state government of Rajasthan has lifted all night curfews and weekend lockdowns in Pushkar and neighbouring districts.Read more.

Hotels and Resorts in Pushkar are Functioning Now Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Several resorts and hotels in Pushkar have begun operations with strict safety measures as per the Unlock 3.0 guidelines from the MHA.Read more.

No e-pass required to visit Pushkar for intra-state and inter-state travellers Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Visitors from districts in Rajasthan as well as other states do not need an e-pass to travel to Pushkar anymore.Read more.

If an upcoming trip to Rajasthan is knocking at your door, then do not miss out on the remarkable experience of camel ride in Pushkar. The scenic town with the sprawling expanses of golden deserts will be a welcome change for every urban dweller and perhaps the vacation would remain incomplete without the alluring camel safari.

Camel Safari in Pushkar
is one such exciting endeavour that many visitors embark upon. You can choose a sunrise or a sunset package and set on a memorable journey across the deserts. Behold the spectacular sight of the dusky sky or get mesmerized at the beautiful hues of the emerging sun along the eastern horizon.

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The camel ride in Pushkar can turn out to be an ideal getaway from the city’s humdrum, where you can spend some quality moments in the serenity of the deserts. Explore the rustic aura and the richness of Rajasthan as you rhythmically sway along on the camel’s back. You might also get an opportunity to interact with the locals and enrich yourselves with their intriguing tales.

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The fascinating vistas of the Aravalli range, the enchanting deserts and the vibrant cultures together will make your camel safari worthwhile. So, if you are planning for a trip to Rajasthan do not miss out on Pushkar and its adventurous camel ride. Keep your cameras handy for some amazing clicks.

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Important Facts about Pushkar Camel Safari


What is the cost and duration of camel ride in Pushkar?

What is the cost and duration of camel ride in Pushkar?

The camel ride in Pushkar is indeed affordable and generally costs Rs 500 per adult. Tempting discounts are often rendered to tourists during peak seasons.  The safari package comes along with delicious meals and you just cannot afford to miss out on this golden opportunity to embark upon a mesmerizing camel safari. If you do not have prior bookings and want to avail an on-spot camel ride, then bargain well before you begin with your journey.

camel safari in Pushkar starts at the Pushkar Fair Ground and takes around 2 hours, depending upon the package. Your guide will take you through the sun-bleached desert and on your return journey, you might catch a spectacular glimpse of the setting sun beyond the majestic Aravalli range.

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How to Get There

How to Get There
Image Credit : woodnotephotography.net

By train: From Delhi to Ajmer by train and to Pushkar by road transport

By road:
 RSRTC buses run regularly from Delhi to Rajasthan.

Nearest Town:

: Delhi “ Ajmer “ 389 km. Ajmer “ Pushkar: 11 km

Exact Location: 
11 km North West of Ajmer

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Where to go for camel safari in Pushkar?

Where to go for camel safari in Pushkar?

If you are planning to indulge in a camel safari in Pushkar, then head towards the Pushkar Festival Ground where you will get different safari packages. Located at the city’s center, you can also avail of overnight camel safari rides and jeep safaris at Pushkar’s Adventure Desert Camp.

If you do not have prior bookings, you can ask the hotel staff for assistance who will guide you to the nearest hubs from where you can embark upon a cherishable camel safari experience.


Things to carry for camel safari in Pushkar?

Things to carry for camel safari in Pushkar?

For every tourist enthusiastic about a camel safari in Pushkar, remember to carry some important things along with you so as to avoid any kind of unfavorable occurrences.

1. The city is certainly known for its extreme temperatures, thus it is always advisable for tourists to carry a hat or a cap while embarking upon a camel safari. 
2. Carry your shades and sunscreen to beat the oppressive rays of the sun. Pack in a small medical kit in case of any emergency. 
3. Keep some dry food in your bags and sufficient water in your bottles so as to recharge your exhausted bodies at regular intervals. 
4. Lastly, do not forget your cameras, as the mesmerizing sights will surely lure you to seize and cherish them for a lifetime.

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- Collect or exchange as much small change as practical, very few people seem to have change, especially in rural areas.
- In the city you can travel by un-metered auto-rickshaws, buses, cycle-rickshaws or you can also use car cabs and car-taxi.
- The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation operates regular bus service for local city tour.

Traveller Tips

Traveller Tips

A camel safari in Pushkar will indeed be a lifetime’s experience and along with your family and friends, you are surely in for some thrilling moments. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Do remember that as the heat tends to be unbearable, it is always better to wear long-sleeve, cotton clothes and some comfortable sneakers so as to ensure a day long’s comfortable journey across the desert. 
2. Keep yourself hydrated and carry some light food. Also, if it is your first experience on a camel’s back, then hold tightly when the desert animal is kneeling or standing as the sudden motion can jolt you out of the saddle. 
3. Do carry some insect repellents, sanitizers, and toilet papers. Do not litter around in the desert and try keeping the serene beauty of the desert intact.
4. If it is an overnight safari, then pack in some warm clothes as the dip in temperature will surely trigger the frequent episodes of chills.
5. Check properly before booking yourselves for the camel ride in Pushkar and do not fall in the trap of any fraud agencies. It is always a better option to walk into a tour agency, do some thorough checking and then go forward with the bookings. 
6. You might find cheaper safari trips around the place, thus bargain well before you begin.


Things to experience while doing Camel Safari in Pushkar

Things to experience while doing Camel Safari in Pushkar

A camel safari in Pushkar can turn out to be an eventful experience and here is a brief guide to help you out with some of the must-try activities that you just cannot miss out on while enjoying the ride on the camel’s back.

1. While travelling across the desert, do enjoy the rustic aura of the place and try interacting with the locals. Starting your journey from the Pushkar Festival Ground, your camel will take through different villages and the eager faces of the villagers will tempt you to find out more about their rich culture.

Location- Pushkar Adventure Camp and desert safari.

Price- Comes inclusive with the camel ride package.

2. You can easily opt for an overnight camel safari as this unique experience will ensure you an unforgettable journey. The silhouette of the Aravalli range acting as a perfect backdrop enhances the nocturnal beauty of the desert. Watch out for a spectacular sunrise at the wee hours and get mesmerized by the enticing glimpses. Keep your cameras ready for some amazing clicks!

Location- Pushkar Adventure Camp and desert safari.

Price- Comes inclusive with the camel ride package.

3. Another tempting offer that comes along with your desert safari package is the delicious Rajasthani meals. While you gorge upon the traditional cuisines, your guide can make some special arrangements for some refreshing musical and dance performances. Soothe your mind with the mellifluous beats of the local instrument known as the “Rawan Hatha” and watch a graceful dance performance.

Location- Pushkar Adventure Camp and desert safari.

Price- Meal comes inclusive with the safari package. However, extra charges might be applicable for witnessing a musical performance.

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Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit

The best time to opt for a camel ride in Pushkar is between October to March as the temperature during these months remains considerably cooler. Many tourists from far and wide come to visit Pushkar during the winter months and the entire city pulsates with life. You can also schedule your visit during the monsoon season ( July to September) as Pushkar receives nill rainfall and weather remains sultry. 

The blazing summer heat lasting between April to June is not an ideal time to undertake a camel safari as the high desert temperature might take a toll on the health. Also, a dust storm can add up to further difficulties and spoil your entire trip.

Thus, whenever you are planning your itinerary for Pushkar, choose the winter season for an incredible desert experience. Also, try to opt for an early morning or evening camel ride, so that you will not miss out on the enchanting hues of the desert sky during sunrise or sunset.

Tourist Attractions in Pushkar


Brahma Temple

Brahma Temple
Pushkar houses one of the few temples of Lord Brahma in the country and this temple in the town is notable for its architectural beauty. The exquisite marble and stone structure of the temple dating back from the 14th century is a sheer pleasure to the eyes. Attracting hordes of pilgrims from all over the country, the temple is also the abode of Gayatri Devi.

Location- Brahma Temple Road, Ganahera, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022.

Price- Entry is free of cost.

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Rangji Temple

Rangji Temple
The Rangji Temple in Pushkar happens to be one of the ancient temples devoted to Lord Rangji who happens to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Devotees visit this temple throughout the year to offer prayers to the Lord and to seek spiritual bliss.

The structural elegance of the temple is another attraction as the confluence of three different styles- Dravidian, Mughal, and Rajputana offers a majestic blend of architecture.

500 m away from Pushkar Bus Stand, Rajasthan 305022.

No entry fee required.

Man Mahal

Man Mahal

Get impressed by the majestic grandeur and regal beauty of Pushkar’s largest palace, the Man Mahal. The palace has been beautifully converted into a luxurious heritage hotel, thus ensuring a lavish sojourn to its guests.

You can also take a leisurely stroll on the sprawling lawns of the palace and capture some amazing clicks of the majestic views around.

Location- Situated on the eastern side of the Pushkar Lake, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022.

Price- Per night stay here costs range between Rs 2000- Rs 4000 per adult and also 
No entry fee required for taking a stroll in the gardens.

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Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake

Clad in intriguing tales and impressing tourists with its pristine beauty, Pushkar Lake is known for its religious significance. Often pilgrims take a dip in the holy waters of the lake before heading to offer their prayers at the Brahma Temple.

You can also sit at the ghats and enjoy the cool evening breeze as Pushkar Lake as its tranquil setting is bound to be a scenic retreat.

Pushkar Lake, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022.

Entry is free of cost.

Places to Stay in Pushkar


Dera Masuda

Dera Masuda

Dera Masuda happens to be another exquisite resort, offering you a perfect royal stay. The majestic Aravalli ranges and the beautiful Savatri temple lie as a scenic backdrop against the resort.

You can relax by the pool, watch the changing hues of the sky from the sunset viewpoint and treat your taste buds with the royal cuisine.

Location- Motisar Road, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022.

Price- Starts from Rs 4500 per adult for a single night.

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Pushkar Bagh

Pushkar Bagh

If you are seeking for an aesthetic stay amidst a rich ethnic atmosphere, then Pushkar Bagh will be the ideal resort to check-in. Packed with modern amenities, this heritage resort offers you multi-cuisine dishes, recreational activities, desert safaris, meditation classes, traditional musical performances and many more. An exciting holiday awaits you at the Pushkar Bagh.

Behind Railway Terminal, Pushkar, Rajasthan 302055.

Starts from Rs 5000 per adult for a single night.


Sajjan Bagh

Sajjan Bagh

This resort attracts many tourists all year round with its appealing heritage structure. With an impressive rose garden and the scenic backdrop of the Aravalli Range, Sajjan Bagh Resort will offer you a reposeful vacation.

The deluxe rooms and the Swiss tents are all packed with modern amenities, thus rendering a quality stay.

Location- Vamdev Road, Opposite Local Bus Stand, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022.

Price- Starts from Rs 2000 per person for a single night.

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    Pushkar Adventure Desert Camp

    Pushkar Adventure Desert Camp

    Spend a memorable night at the desert camp and unwind your worries as you get greeted by the spectacular glimpses of the sand dunes and the fascinating ranges of the Aravalli.

    Your stay will indeed be a cherishable memory as you spend some quality moments amidst the grace of nature and feel the intrinsic aura of desert life.

    Location- Sawaipira Village, Motisar Road, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022.

    Price- Rs 4000 per person.

    Places to Eat in Pushkar


    The Laughing Buddha Vegan Cafe

    The Laughing Buddha Vegan Cafe
    At the Laughing Buddha Cafe, you will get a wide range of delectable vegetarian dishes at reasonable prices. The taste of the healthy food will linger on your tongues and fill your tummies and the cozy ambience of the place will lure you to visit again. 

    Location- Main Market Road, Badi Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022.

    Price- Rs 200 onwards per person.

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      La Pizzeria

      La Pizzeria
      Want to gorge upon some appetizing Italian food? Visit the La Pizzeria cafe and taste the exquisite wood-fired pizzas, the yummy pasta and the luscious smoothies here.

      The soothing atmosphere with soft music and low lighting is another attraction.

      Location- Varah Street, Choti Basti, Pushkar 305022.

      Price- Rs 200 onwards per person.

      Sunset Cafe

      Sunset Cafe
      Sunset Cafe happens to be one of the most popular cafes where you will come across an interesting range of multi-cuisine dishes.

      From beverages to snacks and appetizing meals, you can gorge upon the local Rajasthani taste and enjoy the lovely view of the Pushkar Lake from the terrace seating arrangement.

      Location- Near Pushkar Lake, Choti Basti, Pushkar 305022.

      Price- Rs 150 onwards per person.

      Out of the Blue

      Out of the Blue
      This multi-cuisine cafe is a must-visit, where you can ravish upon some sumptuous Tibetian dishes, sip some delicious espresso coffees and grab a slice of the fresh bakery items. The buzzing atmosphere of the restaurant, the cozy setting, and the friendly staff will make your meals more enjoyable.

      Location- Main Market Road, Badi Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022.

      Price- Rs 300 onwards for two people.
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      "very nice experience Full marks to royal pushkar canps "
      19 November 2019
      One of the best stays I have experienced. The resort was very modern, well maintained with a nice pool, clean restaurant and situated in pleasant surroundings. I loved their candle light dinner arrangements. Me and my wife had a great tie at the resort.
      01 January 2020
      Booked Jagat Palace stays from Thrillophilia. I checked on the different sites and Thrillophilia was the only company that was providing the resort at the lowest price. The stay was comfortable, the food was delicious. Various activities we enjoyed like nature walk and visiting Pushkar Lake. The property amenities were also very good. We even opted for Spa and it was an one of the best spa experiences.
      20 November 2019
      My partner and I stayed here for 2 days and we love it here, the gardens are amazing and lovely swimming pool and all the popular attractions were close to resort. Great staff made it feel home from home. Spotlessly clean, food was excellent and fresh.
      19 February 2020
      Nice resort at a short distance from the town of Pushkar. Rooms are cottages which are spacious, clean and well equipped. The staff was helpful and friendly. They have helped us in handling our kids, and also provided us the food needed for them on request. Various activities we enjoyed like Camel kafila rides & jeep safaris. Ths spa was also very relaxing. All thanks to Thrillophilia providing the best prices online with a timely confirmation.
      15 January 2020
      Our experience was marvelous at this resort. The villas are comfortable and the view from the resort was refreshing with a soothing spa therapy. Thank you Thrillophilia looking forward to traveling with you again as the booking was very easy and time-saving.
      14 December 2019
      We have visited Pushkar to celebrate my friend's birthday. We booked this property through Thrillophilia and yes it was our best decision with the best offer online. We had a lot of fun at this property with such cooperative staff and the manager. Highly recommended
      17 December 2019
      Located outside of Pushkar city, surrounded by hills and lush green surroundings. A very friendly warm welcome with smiles on every staff's face which has taken away our traveling tiredness. Though there was a corporate party going on I was still given attention. Best rooms with relaxing spa treatments which was arranged on special appointment for the later same evening as requested. I had a special Rajasthani cuisine/dish ordered for dinner without prior notice and it was happily provided as requested and was delicious. Staff is very caring pleasant and friendly. Grounds are huge so can easily walk around a lot. I would like to thank Thrillophilia for instant booking confirmations of best stay deals.
      11 February 2020
      The stay at Bhanwar Singh Palace was a royal experience, the palace was so beautiful from inside out. The rooms were well maintained, clean, and comfortable. The food was also amazing. Everything was perfect and well managed on time.
      02 January 2020
      We had a great experience staying at the Green Genius Resort Pushkar. The interiors of the stay are so beautiful. The staff was very helpful and the food provided was delicious. We enjoyed the bonfire and spent our last day in their infinity pool with serene views. Thanks to Thrillophilia for the beautiful experience at pocket friendly price with instant booking.

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        Pushkar is not an unknown name, from the religious sights to the quirky cafes; there is an abundance of tourist places in Pushkar with hopeful surprises in every corner.

        1. Pushkar Lake - It s a sacred lake of the Hindus. The Hindu scriptures describe it as "Tirtha-Raj" – the king of pilgrimage sites related to a water-body
        2. Savitri Temple - It is a popular pilgrimage site for the Hindus. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Savitri.
        3. Gau Ghat - It is one where devotees visit to cleanse themselves of the sin of killing a cow, hence the name.
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