A Romantic Getaway from Delhi: Rahul Extends his Love Tale to Manali

“The best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures,”

Lewis Carroll’s words reflect romanticism in every moment spent by Rahul and his wife in the hills to mark their wedding anniversary.
Delhi-based Rahul Sharma and his wife experienced the kind of romantic getaway only few in India can imagine being a part of. Having acted as a solid support system to each other as life partners, they knew they had to make their anniversary special. It was this moment that instigated Rahul to book a romantic getaway with his wife, in the most popular tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh – Manali, to ensure that the experience is etched forever in their memories.

Choosing Manali for the Special Day

Manali is a popular tourist attraction in the wonderland Himachal Pradesh. The town, which is popular amongst travellers in North India offers a scenic weekend getaway. Besides the pleasant climate, the place offers exciting adventure options, making it a choice of nature lovers seeking refuge in the lap of nature as well as adventure junkies. Various adventure sports like river rafting, mountain climbing, horse riding, etc. in high mountains and a pleasant climate make Manali one of the most popular destination for tourists.

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Hailing from Delhi, Rahul had been seeing and sensing it all — the hectic routine, a cosmopolitan environment in the heart of the country and a never-ending commotion of people. Peace of mind was a far-fetched concept in a city like New Delhi. So, when an opportunity to break free came his way, he pounced on it to make it a memorable experience for his wife. The anniversary was just the right occasion to hit the mountains for a quaint getaway with his wife, claims Rahul, who booked a trip to Manali with Thrillophilia to make memories of a lifetime!
Rahul and his wife wanted a laidback holiday in a place where nature blooms. It was the mountains, pleasant climate and the serenity—things which are impossible to find in New Delhi—that made him choose Manali. In the month of July, the place experiences moderate rainfall, making its aura more romantic. With all these offerings, there was no looking beyond Manali for the two souls made for each other.

Exploring the Nature and Adventure in Manali

The picture-perfect couple were in their own lost world in Manali. Feeling complete with each other, they needed nobody else here on their sojourn to the nature’s lap. Since the popular regions in Manali experience heavy flow of tourists owing to the scenic beauty, Rahul chose to camp at a higher altitude in Manali so that they can get their share of peace. The weather up there was also a lot different than the places at lower altitudes in Manali. “We chose to stay away from the popular and touristy spots so that we could get our own little time here,” says Rahul, who booked a comfortable camp stay with Thrillophilia to experience the cold temperatures.
So much did they fall in love with that place that Rahul and his wife explored Manali on foot. Holding hands in the narrow streets of the quaintly jostling Manali while it drizzled, they explored the places which were the textbook definition of “Charming”. As they walked across several streams, the sound of the gushing waters reminded them that they were truly in the nature’s lap.
During their three-day stay in Manali, Rahul and his wife also visited a waterfall, the gushing waters of which revived their mind and body. They also enjoyed walking hand-in-hand as clouds surrounded them and drenched them every now and then. “Watching clouds move around us was an unforgettable experience,” exclaims Rahul, who doesn’t regret his decision to choose an accommodation away from the town’s hotchpotch.

While the couple was enchanted by the impressive canvas of nature up in the hills, they were also enthralled by the various adventure activities they tried in Manali. Paragliding over high, green mountains was the most exciting of all the adventures they tried on their exciting trip. The rope way ride in Manali was just another experience for them to get on top of the mountains and relish a picturesque view of serenity. While these eternal mountains impressed the couple with their might, frequent drizzles ensured that the mountains appear at their mesmerizing best.
Rahul and his wife visited a quaint, little-explored temple near their campsite, which helped them feel spirituality blended with tranquility. Travelling to the bustling markets and tasting the delicious food was another highlight of the trip. These markets also exhibited the authentic essence of Himachal Pradesh with items like local attire and handicrafts. They also enjoyed talking to the locals, which helped them explore the rich culture of Himachal.

The Special Anniversary Moments

As described by Rahul, the camp they were nestled in was away from the popular places of Manali. Due to fewer people around, the staff would pay all their attention to them and served them with what was the epitome of hospitality. “They stayed with us like a family and were always ready to serve us. Despite being just the two of us, there was never a dull moment as the staff entertained as all the while,” says Rahul, praising the warm reception of the people of Himachal Pradesh.

While they helped them explore the nearby places, they even surprised the couple by arranging an anniversary cake on the big day. “We were the most excited for this day and it would not have been so special without the people who brought us cake on the occasion of our anniversary while we did not have any family members around.”   
Rahul is also an adventure junkie. Having tried his hands at paragliding on his sojourn to Manali, he now aims to explore Ladakh with his wife to taste an essence of adventure, coupled with romance.

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