Tadiandamol Peak Expedition in Coorg: Disha’s Account of An All Girl’s Trek

These words by John Muir only tell that an increasing number of people are breaking the shackles as they have realized that the only way to find solace is by travelling to places. Mountains have been an inseparable part of these journeys, and Bengaluru-based Disha Maheshwari is one such voyager who believes that travelling is the essence of life.
On one fine morning, Disha, along with four of her friends, felt that it was high time to do something thrilling to take a break from the monotonous life. They zeroed in on the decision to trek on the Tadiandamol Peak, which is the highest peak in Coorg district of Karnataka. It is also the third highest peak in Karnataka.
“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilised people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity!”
John Muir
Perched atop an elevation of a whopping 1750 metres, Tandiandamol seemed promising to Disha and her friends as they set off for their much-needed getaway to the lush green paradise.

Why Tadiandamol?

Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Coorg, which is a popular hill station in South India. Located in the state of Karnataka, the hill station is a well-known attraction given its greenery and pleasant weather of the Shola Forest. The Tadiandamol peak gives splendid views of the valleys. With green vegetation all around, it is truly a nature’s paradise as different moods of the skies and forests can be experienced during the trek.
Although the hike is challenging for amateur trekkers, the view from the top is worth a shot. Disha, who had always fancied being close to nature, chose Tadiandamol for its impressive elevation, accompanied by the thrill of climbing the highest peak in Coorg.

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Much Needed Companionship Of Nature

Leaving the Bengaluru noise behind, they reached their homestay in Coorg early in the morning. The girls were welcomed by fresh fragrance of green vegetation and soothing sounds of birds chirping, making them feel closer to nature. Just when they thought that the morning could not be better, they relished the traditional Coorg breakfast. After packing their lunches, they set off for the base of the trek along with other trekkers.
Disha loves to travel and meet new people from different places. For her, sharing life experiences are an integral part of any journey.
“We were a group of five. However, by the time we reached the base of the trek, we met fellow trekkers and our group expanded to an amazing 18 members. We were all excited to be in each other’s company while trekking to the highest peak in Coorg,” says Disha, as she recalls her hiking tale.

They also got to know each other by introducing themselves with a game.  Everyone gelled so well with each other that she felt like they had all planned this trek together.

Moments of Joy

After driving for an hour through beautiful mountains and thick forests, they reached the base of the trek at 11 am, excited to make lifelong memories with what was awaiting them! Fitting the best pair of trekking shoes, they began the climb, munching food and keeping themselves hydrated at regular intervals.
“To stay refreshed, we were carrying bluetooth speakers so that the music would lighten up our mood on the way up,” says Disha.
Due to the difficulty of the trek, Disha and her friends would stop at regular intervals to click pictures and catch a breath. To ensure that they have crazy fun and make the most of the moments, they also carried fancy caps to look exotic in pictures.

“We took along energy bars to keep our spirits high during the climb,” she says as she suggests the hikers to prepare themselves well before the trek.
The first three kilometres of the trek, as Disha believes, were a cakewalk as the roads were smooth and the view was mesmerizing. But they knew that the best was yet to come.
The girls trekked through thick forests, waterfalls, streams and muddy trails, making it an adventurous expedition, all this as the weather remained cloudy. After trekking for nearly four hours, they reached the peak of Tadiandamol and felt jubilant! The view  from the top of Tadiandamol was magnificent! Surrounded by clouds and greenery all around, the girls enjoyed their time at the top by clicking pictures and breathing in the lap of nature.

After experiencing tranquillity at the top, the girls had significant moments of joy and achievement. Accomplished, they headed towards the base camp but Tadiandamol had more adventure to offer them.
On their way down, it started raining and they all enjoyed the changing hues of the weather. After reaching the base at 6 pm, they set off for their homestay in Coorg with a heavy heart which was full of moments they spent at the top.

The After-Adventure Fun

Disha and her friends reached the homestay at 7.30 pm, and after a much-needed refreshing hot shower, they had the most delicious dinner after a long, tiring and adventurous day. The night seemed to be promising as they enjoyed a campfire and played “dumb charades” with the fellow trekkers. In these moments, they also got to know each other better by sharing life experiences and chatting about the craziest things before calling it a day.
The next morning, they had their breakfast and set off for shopping in the Coorg market. The place kept them hooked as they shopped homemade chocolates, coffee and spices from Coorg. The journey back was exciting as they visited Namdroling Monastery, which happens to be the largest center for Buddhist teachings in India.

After exploring the monastery, they set off for Bengaluru and had lunch on the way. Since it was raining, they also decided to have tea and hot pakoras, which were an excellent add-on in the beautiful weather.  
Disha and her friends look back at the trek as one of the most adventurous journeys of their life so far. Something that started as a getaway plan eventually turned out to be something so special that the girls now cannot wait for their next adventure with Thrillophilia. They wish to relive every moment spent close to the nature at Tadiandamol.

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