8 Destinations For History Buffs

History allows everyone to grasp the events from the past and how people lived their life before. It helps people today to comprehend how human society came to be as well. Moreover, it gives everyone an informed perspective to better look at the future.

Thus, understanding why things turned out the way they did is one of the benefits of traveling to historical places. If you’re a history buff, you know there’s so much color that paints every historical destination. Thus, this list seeks to provide an overview of several fascinating places around the world, packed with intriguing stories from the past. 

Countries With Great Historical Destinations

Given the medley of all the events and milestones that fill many countries, it’s easy to say that each continent has a rich and bountiful culture. There’s plenty to discover in each region, and specific countries could showcase their fair share of historical offerings, for sure.

Whether you’re going on a family trip or exploring the place alone, you can draw up specific itineraries based on your historical interests. To help you with this draft, here’s a sampler of some quaint destinations in selected countries worldwide.

1. Scotland

As Scotland’s rich history spans centuries, it’s no surprise to learn that many tourist places present snippets of the country’s old history. However, you can also discover something you never knew before. If you want to make it more meaningful, you can have private tours, try climbing the towers of some of the biggest castles, walk through peaceful abbeys, or chant old Scottish songs within hidden streets.

Here are some worthwhile areas to note:

  • Glenfinnan Monument At Fort William: The Glenfinnan Monument is a tower along the shores of Loch Shiel and dates back to 1815. It’s the remarkable area where they raised the standard in 1745 in James Francis Edward Stuart’s name, who was the legal king of Britain and the father of Prince Charles Edward Stuart. 

    Also known as ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie,’ Charles Edward was the leading figure at the doomed Battle of Culloden. Yet, even though the rebellion came to its end, many people still recall the prince as a memorable historical figure of the era. You can even read about him in Sir Walter Scott’s novel Waverley published in 1814. He was also featured in the TV show Highlander. The prince is even featured in The Skye Boat Song, popular among the Scottish.

    As for recent history, you can watch the mountains surrounding the Glenfinnan Monument in one of the Harry Potter films. The popular film series utilized the Glenfinnan Viaduct as a film set. Climbers and visitors can witness this view on top of the monument. Plus, tourists could drop by the visitor center to hear the place’s overall historical explanations.

  • RRS Discovery In Dundee: The RRS Discovery was a historical ship that carried Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, and Ernest Shackleton in an Antarctic expedition. This ship was one of the last masted wooden sailing ships used in 1901. 

    A year later, the ship was said to arrive in Antarctica. However, it was caught on the ice at McMurdo Sound. The RRS Discovery was set free using explosives around 1904. It’s now showcased at the Dundee Museum along with personal items from the crew of the ship.
  • Glamis Castle In Angus: The Glamis Castle was the former home of Queen Elizabeth. The castle is located at North Dundee and is recognized for its aesthetics and folklore. The castle is said to be haunted by ghosts due to its rich stories that fill the castle walls. 

    The late King Malcolm II was said to have died in the castle around the 11th century. There are also tales that a deformed child died as he was kept away in one of the rooms, and a prominent lord played cards with a devil inside the castle. And, of course, the famous Monster of Glamis is another tale that’s always told of this place. 

    Apart from that, Glamis Castle was also mentioned in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Nowadays, the castle serves as a tourist spot for visitors and home to the Earl and Countess of Strathmore.

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2. England

England is yet another European country filled with a rich and colorful history when it comes to western civilization. London, in particular, is exceptionally known as the keystone anchor of the British Empire. It makes for a great travel destination as it’s the nest egg of the UK’s historical wonders. 

Here are some touristy examples:

  • British Landmarks:  The Windsor Castle, Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace are only some of London’s most visited tourist spots. It shows just how much contribution the monarchy has had in the making of England’s history. There’s also the British Museum, which serves as the house of various worldwide artifacts.
  • Stratford-upon-Avon: This is the birthplace of the iconic William Shakespeare. Near Stratford is the city of Bath in Somerset County, the home of many Roman sites preserved through centuries. These two places are said to be important places for the people during the Renaissance. 
  • Stonehenge: If a trip to the Neolithic period is what you’re looking for, then you better head onto Stonehenge, northwest of London. This famous prehistoric site is located in Wiltshire.

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3. Germany

Germany is full of interesting stories and tales, may it be modern or gothic similar to other countries in Europe. Here are some notable ones:

  • Cologne: Cologne is a city in Germany known for its great Gothic churches, including the Cologne Cathedral.
  • Bavaria: Bavaria is known as the medieval center of Germany. It showcases the ever so famous medieval plazas of Munich and the towering castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Palace.
  • Nuremberg: If you want a glimpse of the Nazi Party during WWII, then head right on to Nuremberg. You can see insights that date back to this war, including the infamous trials the Nazis had to face.
  • Berlin Wall: If you want a look at the Cold War relics between east and west Germany, head on to Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall. This is where many citizens dared to cross during the tension between the two sides of Germany.
  • Brandenburg Gate: The Brandenburg Gate is an iconic symbol of the imperial night of Prussia. Today, Germans see the gate as a token of harmony.

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4.  Kenya

A common misconception about Africa is that it’s merely a country. However, it’s a whole continent. Africa is home to 54 countries, and it has a unique landscape varying by region. Kenya is one of the continents’ good countries to see regarding history and other exciting adventures. 

Fort Jesus is a famous Portuguese fort located around Mombasa Island, Kenya. The fort dates back to 1593 and was said to protect the Portuguese inhabitants on the East Coast of Africa. It was designed by an Italian architect and engineer named Giovanni Battista Cairati. Known for its resilience, the fort experienced strong turbulence from neighboring civilizations. From 1837 to 1895, the British used Fort Jesus as barracks for soldiers and a prison.It was in 1962 that the fort became a museum. 

Thus, UNESCO recognizes it as its representation of the Renaissance era. This recognition also includes its attestation of many military movements during the 15th and 16th centuries. Today, Fort Jesus is open to the public every day and is one key highlight when visiting Kenya.

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5.  Ghana

Some of the best places in Africa are all rich in historical hallmarks worth the trip. But when in Ghana, though, you can focus on this particular area of interest: the Larabanga Mosque found in the Islamic town of Larabanga, Western Gonja. The origin of the mosque remains mysterious up to this day. 

People believed that the mosque randomly appeared out of nowhere. Ayuba, an Islamic trader, then continued the construction in 1421. Ayuba followed the Sudanic architecture form in terms of the design as it has two pyramidal towers, namely: the minaret and mihrab. More stories follow the mosque as the inhabitants of the area also believed that the Koran found in the mosque is delivered from heaven. According to the story, Bramah, an Imam, prayed nonstop during the 1600s and was then rewarded with the Koran. 

Today, the mosque is considered a World Monument Watch, which ensures a much-needed repair. It gained its title in 2002 as efforts to conserve the mosque failed. In the ‘70s, preservation of the mosque failed because of rotting timber and damages made by wind and rain. As of today, tourists can visit the mosque by booking with a travel agent.

6. Cambodia

Be sure to prepare your map as you head on to the home of the largest and most populous countries in the world: Asia. To start your journey, you can visit the famous Cambodian city of Siem Reap.You might have heard of this second largest city next to the country’s capital of Phnom Penh. 

This Asian country’s city is the place where the famous Angkor Wat is located, the 12th century Buddhist temple complex. But inside it, many other temples are just as important. One such temple is Banteay Samre, a smaller and more intimate temple compared to its competitors. It’s perfect for those looking to exempt themselves from the loud noise of tourists and would want a less touristy type of place to visit. 

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7.  China

If you’re touring China, there are must-sees one should include in the itinerary. But the top historical site to see for many is the Forbidden City. 

The famed Forbidden City was built by millions of workers and artisans during the 15th century. It’s considered the largest and most luxurious building in the world. The structure itself has 980 buildings and a whopping 8800 rooms, and each of the rooms showcases precious artwork. 

Moreover, Forbidden City is an excellent depiction of China’s fine architecture. It served as a home to over 20 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasty. 

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8. America 

The long and rich history of America may not be known to many outside of their continent. That’s what makes it a great historical destination for travelers.

For starters, you can choose from the following:

  • The Alamo In San Antonio, Texas: In San Antonio, Texas, the Alamo served as a mission and fortress for the 1836 Battle of the Alamo. The battle was between Texan independence fighters and the Mexican army. This is probably the most go-to tourist attraction within the Lone Star State. 

    The destination offers guided tours, allowing tourists to get to know the church more, including the former rulers of Texas and the Texan revolt.
  • Alcatraz Island In San Francisco, California: Alcatraz Island is only a few minutes away from the coast of San Francisco. This area is about 22-acres, and tours offer historical anecdotes from the military and escapees of Alcatraz prison. The area served as a federal prison and fort for the military from 1969 to 1971. When visiting, you’ll see an exhibit regarding the occupancy of Amerindians in the area. 
  • Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum In Boston, Massachusetts: Boston, Massachusetts, is a go-to for history buffs for its rich background. One of the best places to visit in the city is the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. 

    The museum is prominent as it highlights the story that led to the American Revolution. Upon visiting, you will see plenty of artifacts from the Boston Tea Party in 1773, including the famed Robinson Half Chest. 

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For centuries, the historical sites you could enjoy visiting served as venues for many events in the past. That’s why many experts from today’s society are extending their efforts to preserve these hallmarks for future generations as well. 

Some of these treasures are the result of discoveries by people who were living their daily lives. Many are the results of human ingenuity. As you travel through the many astonishing historical places available to you, you can continue to see proof of the creativity and inventiveness bestowed on the human race. It’s indeed fun to take a trip back to memory lane by visiting such destinations.

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