50 Amazing Travel Experiences to Have Before You Die

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In the end, it is not the degrees, payslips, or bank balance that you would love to talk to your grandchildren about. Life is all about unique experiences. Experience as much as you want to, as many things as you wish to, and when you look back your life must be full of cherishable memories.

If you are someone who thinks on the same lines, then this article is just for you. We have compiled some of the best experiences in the world. From living inside an igloo to swimming in a devil pool, these experiences are something that you must encounter at least once and cherish forever. Here are such World’s best experiences:

  1. Stay at Alpeniglu Igloo Village, Austria

Remember the time you read about igloos in your primary school and were all excited to live in such a place? Yes, we all wanted to live in an igloo at least once. A fairy tale of ice and snow, the Alpeniglu Igloo Village is something that will make our childhood dreams true.

This white village in Austria comprises of 18 igloos. These igloos are built anew every winter. Located at the top station of the Hochbrixen Gondola, this place can also be easily reached by non-skiers. Skier or not, you can still enjoy living in these beautiful igloos.

While you stay for an overnight in an igloo, you will get to have a special dinner with you loved ones around an ice table. You can also enjoy an entertaining programme. Furthermore, you will get to admire the artworks of the new ice sculpture exhibition in this village. What’s more, live in ice, enjoy a drink from a glass made of ice, play with ice – doesn’t it all sound like a dream? Not anymore, plan a trip to Austria to experience all this for real.

  1. Stay in Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Seeing the giraffe in the comic books or at the geographic channel is different and watching them for real is different. Do you want to get close with the giraffes and have breakfast with them or do you want to pose for selfies with these beautiful creatures? Well this is now possible at the Giraffe Manor.

This small village in Nairobi, Kenya called as the Giraffe Manor is a small hotel that gives shelter to the so-called endangered Rothschild giraffes at a huge 12 acre land. Once you land into this place, you will feel as if you are walking into a film, the hotel also boosts of its verdant green gardens, sunny terraces, elegant interiors and delightful courtyards.

While you book for a stay at this place, you can wake up to see the giraffes peeping into your window, or sit and have breakfast having them beside or feed them from your breakfast table. And when you are done with this, take up a guided walk to the sanctuary and stroll and finish your day with a cup of tea sitting on the terrace and watch the sunset.

  1. Cage of Death: Swimming with Crocodiles, Australia

Have you played the dare or truth game, or has your friend given you such a dare that is really unique and daring just as the name suggests. I bet the answer will be a big No. Now take up a dare and prove yourself by swimming with the crocodiles at Cage of death.

This is the only place where you can experience the real dive, apart from seeing more than 200 crocodiles that includes the largest saltwater crocodile, underwater prehistoric creatures and more.  You will not only be thrilled but also excited when you dive into and enjoy the company of these gigantic reptiles for nearly 15 minutes.

When you are inside you will enjoy seeing the crocodiles from so close and what’s more amazing is that, all these activities of yours are captured on the on-site photography which you can see and recollect even after you are out of the Death cage.

Find Out What Else You Can Do While You’re Visiting Cage of Death in Australia

  1. Visit Salar De Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

World’s best experience isn’t merely confined to touring to a beach or desert destination; this world has provided us even more rare and unique things to explore. One such place that has to be touched is a visit to Salar De Uyuni Salt Flats.

This beautiful breathtaking salt flat at Bolivia spread over an area of 10,582 Sq. Km is the World’s largest salt Flat. To enjoy this tour to the fullest, take up a 4X4 tour across the salt flats or be adventurous enough and take a night tour and explore the land.

And don’t miss out to see the real wonder – the adjacent hotels, where the rooms, beds, tables and even the toilets are made out of salt blocks. If you are fancy enough you can book these hotels and stay in it for a while.

  1. Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru

There can be nothing great than walking on one’s own two feet and this should be the sole reason for you to trek to Machu Picchu at Peru.

This Incan citadel lying high on the Andes Mountain in Peru set against a milieu of deep valleys, snow capped peaks and steep pathways should be reached even before the other tourists arrive. So wake up early, and take a pitch dark sticky hike to Machu Picchu.

From the top you can have a glance of the Sun rays as it falls on those ancient sites that reveal the stone carved buildings and the sculpted terraces. They say don’t get lost in Incas, but get lost in the beauty of this trek by taking up a virtual trek to Machu Picchu.

  1. Micro Lighting Over Victoria Falls, Zambia

You would have taken many flight trips and enjoyed the fun of watching the ground, but the real spectacular experience of flying and enjoying will come only if you take up the MicroLight over the Victoria Falls at Zambia.

Fly like a bird and take your flying skill to next level as you fly across the greatest natural wonder at Zambia above the Zambezi River. As you fly you can experience the feel of heavenly air touching your cheek as you see the secret steep Batoka Gorges. Furthermore, get mesmerized as you capture a breathtaking aerial view of the “smoke that thunders”.

The MicroLight flight trip offers a whole unobstructed view of the most majestic waterfalls and you also get to see the transformation of a gentle meander over the thunderous Victoria Falls. There are two options – you can either take up a 15 minute flight ride or a 30 minute flight ride. This is one of a surreal experience that shouldn’t be missed out.

  1. Suspension Bridge, Nepal

Want to get absolutely bewitched?  Then tick off your bucket list and exceed your expectations, as you take up the World’s best experience in the form of a visit to the most sensational and daring suspension bridge at Nepal.

The highest suspension bridge of Nepal is the one that joins Kusha with Balewa; this tallest suspension bridge is not only the tallest but also the longest suspension bridge of the hilly country, Nepal. Stretching to a distance of 344 meters with 166 m height, it will easily take more than an hour to reach from this end to the other. Take up this walk and enjoy seeing the ground level.

All the more, bridge is completely safe and secure to walk, no wonder more than thousands of vendors of this state use this as their commutation mode.

  1. River Tubing, Jamaica

You would have been on a plenty of River cruises before, but nothing will be equivalent to the one at River Tubing, Jamaica. A fun ride into the river, some light rapids enroute, great entertainment, beers and some pieces of chicken to keep your spirits up are all what you can expect from this trip.

As you get into the River all you can enjoy is the water tube slide and the memorable moments that you gather as your snake down through the mountains on the River Tubing. The water is clear, warm and what more you can enjoy the shallow stream and watch the water bounce on your face as you row fast and fast.

Go around crazy and shout to your fullest as you climb and roar faster on the historic waterwheel. If you are looking for a water break with a difference, then this is it – River Tubing.

  1. Dog Sled Ride, Siberia, Russia

Why always a beach tour, or a desert tour or sightseeing tour or in fact trekking, rather why not take up something exquisite – Yes! If you want some World’s best experience, the Dog sled ride is the perfect option.

Come winter and you can get ready for Dog sled ride in Siberia, just a stay for couple of days and you will fall in love with the Dogs over here each of them unique in their own ways, learn to drive a dog sled and enjoy experiencing winter with a difference. Once you take up the dog sledding, you can see the Siberian taiga, the gigantic Lena River covered with white snow and the traditional small wooden house.

Not only this you can learn its history, enjoy the local life by hunting a hut for few nights and then cuddle to sleep after eating the traditional cuisine of the Northern people at the Chochur Muran restaurant.

  1. Whale Watching, Sri Lanka

Enough of watching the participants enjoy and play with the whales on the Small or Big Screen, now you can also watch and play with them at Sri Lanka. There are number of destinations in this country from where you can watch these amazing whales.

Some of the best spots to spot the Whales are Dondra point and in Trincomalee where there are dolphins in abundance. Take up a tour to this Wonder of Asia and watch the smiling mischievous dolphins putting a show for you, the largest and oldest sea creature will touch you with its unique stunts and swimming skills, you can’t take your eyes off the blue whales, humpbacks as they nonchalantly glide beside you.unique stunts and swimming skills, you can’t take your eyes off the blue whales, humpbacks as they nonchalantly glide beside you.

The best part is that all these areas completely by abide the safety norms and so even if you are taking your kids along you are sure to be safe.

  1. Moonlight/Starlight Kayaking, Ireland

Have you ever experienced a stroll on the sky or a walk on the milk Way? Your answer is sure to be NO, but all these are possible when you have Moonlight, starlight kayaking at Ireland.

An ideal way to enjoy the real experience of Kayaking is to embark on a moonlight or starlight kayaking at Ireland. Kayaking at Ireland is a popular and unusual trip, the kayaking will start just before dusk and you are sure to be a bit afraid as you paddle into the darkness, but no worries the Moon full and the numerous stars will guide you the path from overhead. Each of the trips is a magical spell.

The ocean will glitter with the phosphorescence lighting and make the stars fall on the ground and you paddle over it, this will be a really remarkable and memorable experience for both beginners and advanced kayakers. Family or people going in groups can opt for family package.

  1. Spot Polar Bears in Spitsbergen, Norway

You would have been on a camel, or Lion or Tiger Safari or in fact even jeep Safari in deserts, but have you ever taken up a Polar bear Safari? If your answer is NO, then you have really missed out something rare in life.

World’s best experience starts here and ends here with the Polar bears tour at Spitsbergen. The icy landscape and the beautiful fjords with a wonderful wildlife is the best place to spot polar bears. This largest land predator staying in the remote regions are the secret of main attraction. Spitsbergen acts like a home for more than 3k Polar bears, and this sounds great to take up a day trip or polar bear safari to this place.

Apart from that Hike, cruise, explore and enjoy the beauty of Arctic, by taking up a tour to spot polar bears at Spitsbergen.

  1. Camping in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

From Pyramidal temples to monasteries, Jordan is famous for its greatest architectural backdrop, but little would you know that the city also holds a magnificent Desert wherein Camping is not mere fun, but more than that!

Give your family a great treat by giving them a nice surprise in the middle of Wadi Rum Desert – Camping at Wadi Rum.  Staying at the luxury camp enables you have the fullest luxury including great beds, bed linens and a comfortable stay. You can dare to talk a stroll at night and explore the silent Wadi Rum or take pleasure of enjoying the scenic beauty at the day time.

Take a safari ride or go Glamping, or sit with your beloved ones to taste the authentic Jordanian food that is being served by the Master Chef.

  1. Amazon Rainforest Boat Cruise, Brazil

Get yourself dressed, face make –uped, wear layers of dress, decorate your hair with accessories and pack for a travel, only to remove all of these with the splash of water on a Rainforest boat cruise at Brazil.

Brazil isn’t all about coffee or football or beaches, if your reach can more further, you can end up landing into a city that is almost covered 60% with rainforests in the rich Brazilian Amazon. Take up a river cruise at Amazon which will start and end at Manus. Choose any of the boats that range from comfort to luxury category for your River cruise and explore the river to the fullest. As you pass through talk with the monkeys, or sloths, or look at those angry jaguars, or try to touch the dolphins that float on the mushy river water.

There is only one reason for you to add the River cruise to your travel bucket list, and that is the excellent bio-diversity of the country.

  1. Golden Eagle Tour, Mongolia

You want to fly like an Eagle or merely sit and enjoy on the beaches or want to enjoy a day out on the catamarans and sail in the beautiful island? Well of these can be fulfilled as you take a golden opportunity to the Golden Eagle tour at Mongolia.

Every year the Kazakh hunters from all over along with their eagles attend the Golden Eagle festival Berkut that is being held here, the eagles are tested for their speed, accuracy, agility and competitions are conducted based on these factors. All the more you can enjoy the parades, dance along with the other performers and be a part of this famous festival.

On taking up this tour, apart from witnessing this festival, you can go for sightseeing, wear the Mongolian outfit, enjoy night view of the city from Zaisan Street or spend some night with the hunters in nomadic style. Why to wait, when all these are possible! Fly to Mongolia now.

  1. “The Sea of Stars”, Vaadho Island, Maldives

Witness the most primal and rare relationship – a relation between man and the stars, sounds strange, isn’t! Well not actually, when you are at the Vaadho Islands at Maldives you are sure to get this connection as you see the sea of stars.

This inhabited Island of Raa Atoll Maldives is famous for its “Sea of stars”, in this place you can see the natural glittering and sparkling sea water and hence it is named as the sea of stars, we can see the sparkling sea anywhere but in Vaadhoo it is phenomenal and prominent. To enjoy this phase you have to be there very well before sunrise and see the thrashing water and enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Once you are here, you get a real treat to your eyes as you see dazzling sea of stars glitter on the sea, and as a bonus you can even feel the warm water as you step your foot from the sandy beaches into the sea. Capture these moments for real by hopping to Vaadhoo now.

  1. Climb Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro may sound like a popular tourist destination, but a climb on the Kilimanjaro will be the World’s best experience in your life.

This highest mountain in Africa is around 4900m from ground level and around 5895 above the sea level. To climb this highest mountain and to conquer it the major draw card is that you needn’t be a mountain climber, which means you can pack your backpack now and plan your trip. You needn’t carry any climbing stuffs also, just pack in some good hiking shoes and determination and you are assured to climb and make it up till the top.

And also remember climbing isn’t as easy as walking, as you climb you will have to face gruelling weather condition, uneven terrain areas and get exposed to various elements, but still you can make it. Climbing is not a skill of everyone, but you can get this incredible experience and master climbing by taking up this difficult climbing venture at Kilimanjaro.

  1. Board Down an Active Volcano, Nicaragua

You would have done plenty of science projects on volcano in your school days, but have you witnessed them for real or seen an active Volcano. This is possible – board an active volcano tour at Nicaragua and feel how it feels like!

Nicaragua has 19 volcanoes over all out of which nine of them are active; these volcanoes present a picturesque backdrop on the pacific coast of the country.  The beauty of the country doesn’t just stop with this; you will be able to see plenty of volcanoes out of which four are very prominent – Masaya, Concepcion, Telica and El Hoyo. Boarding down to these places with your face mask will be a great picture to post on your social network.

When you are here on a volcano hike, the added bonus will be a tour into the caves after dark, don’t get shocked to hear thousands of bats whizzing around as you head towards the cave. Although a terrible and different hike, this tour will surely prove to be the best World’s best experience.

  1. Swim in Devil’s Pool, Zambia

Have you ever made friendship with a Devil! No one would like too, but if you are an extraordinary one ready to take up this dare stunt, book your ticket now for a swim in the Devils’ pool at Zambia.

After years of erosion rock pools have formed into an infinity pool called as the Devil’s pool, to reach this pool you have to walk and swim in the Zambezi, now that you have reached the pool be brave enough to leap into the pool, it is anyhow advisable to take the help of a guide as the edges are too dangerous. The force of the river will push you to the edge and here the real thrill and suspense starts. The whole view from the edge will be exhilarating as you feel the Zambezi force passing through you and crash down instantly over the abyss.

So if you are looking forward for flirting with the wild sides of your life do it now at Zambia at the Devil’s pool.

  1. Yueyaquan Crescent Lake Oasis Gobi Desert, China

You would have experienced many mirages in life, but this is surely not a mirage, the Yueyaquan is an oasis that keeps the city away from being swallowed by the deserts. Set your foot into this mighty land this time not only to see the ancient empire, but to see the rare oasis at the Gobi desert.

Yueyaquan name is derived as it is in the shape of a crescent; this lake is actually an oasis that is around 6km from the city of Dunhuang in China. The whole surrounding from the top of the oasis will mesmerize you and take you to the place where you get in touch with heaven.  Have an aerial view of city completely covered with sand dunes or take a look at the tiny disappearing lake or take a camel ride with your beloved on the sand dunes. Complete your trip by visiting the nearby pagodas that are flooded with souvenir stalls.

This lake’s remarkable survival till date should be the only reason for you to visit such a rare Oasis on the Earth at China.

  1. Cruise to Niagara Falls, Canada

World’s best experience shouldn’t be a mere travelling, but it should be to a place that is untouched, weird and extraordinary. If not now, then when will you take up? A cruise is a normal thing, but a cruise to the Niagara Falls is surely not everyone’s cup of tea.

Canada is home to Niagara Falls; this powerful water falls in Ontario falls from a height of 167ft, and looks magnificent with its three multiple falls. A cruise to this falls will be a memorable one as you get to see a lifetime thrill in the form of this falls, don’t shut your eyes or ears, get captivated by the falls and hear the water sound as it captures your eyes and enters into your heart. Once you are here, take up a catamaran or aboard the jet boat for a cruise to Niagara Falls and fall in love with it.

Get ready for this iconic experience and don’t miss out a chance to visit Canada mainly to capture some amazing moments during your cruise to the Niagara Falls.

  1. Fly Over Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Sitting and watching ghost movie may not be a dare, but to see the skeletons in real life is a terrible and daring moment, be prepared to pack your bags and accept this daring experience at least for once in your lifetime.

A fly over the Skelton coast is far ahead of the paradigms of day to day life, you can take up this Safari with your family or friends to reach a destination that is beyond your expectation. A trip to this place will embark on a journey across the phenomenal desert scenery. Experience the Khomas Hoshland  over the red sand, take a Cessna 210 to see the beauty from near stopping then and there or get ready to receive some daily surprise from this place or make a camp overnight and taste some delicious food.

The trip doesn’t get completed without tracking desert Elephant, driving into the roaring dunes, and a stroll on the remote deserts. At the end what you feel will be like you have taken the road not taken but which was indeed a privilege.

  1. Bush Dinner and Brunch, Kenya

Exploring Africa for desert safari or for sightseeing would have been done, but have you allowed your taste buds to enjoy the richest cuisine of Africa? If you haven’t, don’t think back, arrange for a bush dinner and brunch at Kenya and pamper your taste buds.

Combine a night game drive and bush dinner at the Nairobi national park to see the other side of enjoyment in your travel. You and your family can experience a real wild urban experience as the trip provides you with a huge bush banquet. Sit around with your family on the open area and enjoy the authentic special menu ranging from Italian to Mediterranean and watch the Nairobi city. And once you are done with your relishing you can booze some dinner drinks and dance along with the Masai dancers.

It may sound strange, but this tour will surely be a real treat for your body and mind, a good food enters through the mouth and refreshes your whole body. Experience it by booking for Bush dinner at Kenya.

  1. Sit Among 100,000 King Penguins, South Georgia

If you haven’t added a penguin travel to your bucket list, add it now and enjoy the surreal experience of sitting among 100,000 King Penguins at South Georgia.

South Georgia may be well known for many other attractions, but there is one amazing rather rare thing about this country, it is the island where the king penguins, the second largest species of penguins have created the largest crèche in this world. At this place you can see how thousands of king penguins herd their just borns and how they keep them away from freezing to death. The penguin parents parent their kids by bringing them food by waddling down to the shore.

And when you are done enough seeing the penguins you can add a cruise to the nearby Falkland where you can see the wandering albatross, sea lions and rock hopper penguins. The world has offered some magical travel spots and this is obviously one place which should be visited to enjoy from the animal life.

  1. Mokoro (Canoe) Through The Okavango Delta, Botswana

Even if we travel around the world each day in our lifetime, our lifetime will not be sufficient to finish out travelling schedule. So it is better to shortlist some of the best places in the world and book for a travel immediately, one such place is Okavango Delta.

This surreal experience that this delta gives can be best experienced only from a Canoe. Mokoro is a traditional canoe vessel that is used in Okavango for commutation mainly for the game viewing safaris over here. There are many Mokoro safaris that are offered here and you can pick the ideal that is best for your group. As you board this molded fibre glass canoe for your safari you will come across the best scenic backdrop and row in the clear and warm water. Enjoy your ride as you are rode and glided in through the papyrus waterways.

This trip will be a great treat for photographers mainly as they can capture some best pictures of Nature from their Canoe. Uncover this secret of happiness by booking your ticket today to Botswana.

  1. Dance with Masai Tribe, Tanzania

Dancing is fun, all of us would have danced in our lifetime in many contests, in bed room and if you aren’t a good dancer also you would have danced in the Bathroom. But now don’t let your wishes hidden with you, dance with the Maasai people at Tanzania openly in free air.

You would have seen this jumping dance in pictures or in the documentaries, and wondered what it could be! Actually this is a tribal dance form of the Maasai people. The Eunoto lasts for ten days where the local tribe men showcase their talent and warrior to prove that are bold and courageous. The junior warriors get promoted to manhood on this ritual day.  Be a part of this festival and jump along with them wearing their costume. You and your family will get to see many unique games and contests on this day.

Now do you want to get along with the other Maasai people and add spring to your feet?  Do it and dance to the fullest as if no one is watching you at Tanzania.

  1. Gorilla Trekking, Uganda

Gorilla watching at the Zoo may be fun, but not when you see them roaming free on Uganda Gorillas, go down to Uganda and catch the real adventure.

The Gorilla Uganda is found at Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park, it is also notable that Uganda has got more than 50% of the Gorillas of the whole world.  As you walk through the steep thick packed jungle you can get shocked as you can see a family of gorillas jump in front of you, some of them can be caught playing at the lake shore. And to be honest, there are more than 700 Gorillas to be seen here which can’t be covered in few days.

Take up this special tour of gorilla tracking supervised by a ranger, and you are sure to get some captivating and unforgettable experience to share for lifelong.

  1. Visit LA Isla De Las Munecas, Mexico

Who said that the Dolls are girl’s best friend! These Dolls can now be everyone’s friend at Mexico, come and enjoy with these threatening dolls at the LA Isla de Las Munecas which literally means Island of Dolls.

Between the canals of Xochimico, you can find an island set around a sad backdrop called as the La Isla De Las Munecas, the best part is that this is the favourite of tourist destinations at Mexico. This island is dedicated to the soul of poor little girl who under strange circumstance met her fate. The dolls over here are threatening actually, so keep the kids away. Over here you can see thousands of scattered dolls with severed limbs, blank eyes and decapitated heads. Even in the daytime these dolls are sure to chill your nerves.

So plan something bold – sit beside these dolls and pose for a picture, or have your lunch amongst the dolls or walk in the midnight into the island to have a ghost experience and feel the real threat.

  1. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

They say some of the best things in life are there here at Egypt, it is obviously true, and the ancient Pyramids of Giza at Egypt is one tourist destination that should surely fit into your travel bucket list.

This is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in Giza pyramid complex, being named as El Giza now. The oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World is the only remaining pyramid that is in fact intact till date. Start your Giza pyramid trip early in the morning and the guides will lead you the way and detail you the minutest information of the pyramid. Have a look at the tallest Khufu pyramid, Menkaure Giza Pyramid and then move on to have a real treat for your eyes at the Grand Sphinx – human-headed lion. Go ahead and watch the Valley temple where mummification was performed.

Whether you are a history fan or not, this place is a must-see place, as this will bring back your history books into the real world.

  1. Volcano Kayaking, Hawaii

Travelling may be high in the “to- do” list of almost all people, but only a few of them are able to do. And when there is something rare like a kayaking volcano, no one can ever say NO.

Watching Volcano itself is a fear, and if you are asked for a kayaking amidst the volcano, then probably it should be a great threat, but this is possible at Volcano Kayaking at Hawaii. Take a dare devil by kayaking to the scorching heights or paddle to the red hot lava and take selfies or videos near the active volcano, the choice is yours. It will be great fun and adventure to paddle near the hot lava that flow from the Kilauea volcano. The long rough boat ride will also be a fun to witness the beauty of the adjacent rivers and streams.

Explore the unexplored and give new meaning to Kayaking by embarking on a unique Volcano Kayaking tour at Hawaii Island and gather some adventurous lifetime memories.

  1. Read a Book in Dead Sea, Jordan

You would have read a book at your school library or at the garden or in fact even in your bedroom, but have you ever experienced the pleasure of reading a book in the Dead Sea? Probably to combine the fun of both travel and reading you have to take up a tour to Jordan.

This majestic sea at Jordan is a place of sheer natural beauty, history and health. Once you take up a tour to the Dead Sea and reach this place all you can do is to sit and relax near the sea and read your Favourite book or go through the history of Jordan, or opt for a mineral beach resort, or go for a desert Safari. Spend some time and pamper your body by taking up a massage or body spa at the largest natural Spa in Dead Sea.

So what are you waiting for, tour to the Dead Sea to relax at the beaches, float on the water and to apply the natural mineral rich mud all over your body.

  1. Great Wildebeest Migration, Maasai Mara National Park

Haven’t you heard yet of the new seven wonders of the world? The new Seven Wonders of the World includes the Great Wildebeest Migration. What’s so great about this place, take up a tour to the Maasai Mara National Park and know!

This place otherwise called as The World Cup of Wildlife is at Maasai Mara at Kenya. If you have to experience real safari in your life, then this safari is the right one, the whole place can be described in three simple terms – incredible, magical and indescribable. Over here you can see more than 2 million animals migrate to this park and they move around freely. The highlight of the park is that the migrants have to cross the immense Mara river and escape from being prey to the crocodiles, so the animals are really worth seeing. Sit with your family and make a camp and enjoy eating while the wild animals watch you.

Forget the other safari; you will fall in love with this new safari at Great Wildebeest Migration at the Maasai Mara National Park.

  1. Run With Bulls, Spain

Bull fighting is common in many countries in fact it is a tradition to, but to match up with the speed of a bull you have to run along with the bulls in Spain and feel what it looks like!

There is a festival for the running of the bulls in Spain called as the fiestas of San Fermin, in this the bulls are allowed to run on the streets of the old Quarter, a tour to this city during this time to enjoy this special occasion will be really worth it. The whole atmosphere on these 8 days is miraculous with religion, parties, parades, dance performances and bovines. When you are here make sure that you experience the city to the fullest, you have whole lot of things to do here from this tour. Dare to run with the bulls like a locale and see death near to you.

Experience the thrill of running with the Bulls in Spain, and also as a bonus enjoy the bull fights, tapas, wine and view exclusively from the balcony as the bulls run on the streets.

  1. Go Hot Air Ballooning, Turkey

All of us would have played with the Normal balloons in our childhood, but have you played with the hot air balloons? If you dare to play such a one, then go for hot air ballooning at Turkey.

A hot air ballooning tour will take you on a journey to Cappadocia in Turkey, you have to visit Cappadocia to witness the beautiful landscapes. Due to this reason this place has become a popular destination for going on a hot air Balloon. Start with your family just before sunrise to get hypnotized, get immerged in the surreal landscape as you watch down from the hot air balloon. As you fly slowly you will drift gently across the fairy chimneys, scattered valleys, pigeon houses, vineyards and orchards.

You are going to be under a magical spell that will enter through your eyes and stay in your heart and mind forever. A one hour hot air balloon journey is surely going to captivate you for lifelong.

  1. Waterfall Kayaking, Mexico

Normally you would have heard of Mexico to be a place that is famed for its beautiful sunny beaches, Tacos, Cacti and mariachis. But there is one greater thing that can be added to your bucket list. Go for a Waterfall Kayaking at Mexico and get that panoramic feel.

It will not be as easy as you think, kayaking at the largest waterfalls in Mexico is a sure way to make friendship with death, but many of the tourists dare to accept this challenge and get back safe. There are many waterfalls in Mexico for Kayaking like the upper Alseseca, The roadside, Truchas, Five Avocado waterfalls and big banana waterfalls.  Watch every ride you take and enjoy the kayaking under the supervision of a guide.

Stay for a couple of days and enjoy your kayaking at major waterfalls destiantions and know the actual meaning of thrill and adventure.

  1. Explore Northern Lights, Iceland

No wonder the famous poet was inspired with the Northern Lights and framed “Into the bowl of the midnight sky/violet amber and rose…”

Get enthralled by the beauty of the Northern lights and watch the mesmerizing sky as darkness falls only to get awaked by the lights that fall from the Northern lights. Over here you can at first see a neon colour, then you can see it change to green and then within no time you will get transfixed on seeing the shimmering aurora borealis. Every appearance of the northern light is unique and special. As the solar particles hit the Earth atmosphere be ready to catch a glimpse of the change from pale green to dark pink. Camp in for a couple of days, have a sturdy tripod and hold your heart tight to enjoy cloudless skies.

Have you ever got smitten by lights, sounds strange right! Well embark on a journey to see the northern lights and get smitten at Lapland.

  1. Skydiving in Dubai

Visited Dubai for shopping or for desert Safari? But now book your flight ticket to Dubai to experience extreme thrill of skydiving.

At Dubai there is a special winter festival that is purely dedicated for the skydivers. Now that you are on this tour try something new as you fly on the sky like a tandem jump, Gyrocopter flight or a AFF first jump course, all these skydives are surely going to be the best. As you fly at the top of the sky, feel the air touching you, feel the gravity and for a change keep a cell phone on your body and pose for a photograph. All these under one roof – a perfect skydiving experience.

Want to do something on your tour which many people may call insane! Take up this Skydive tour at Dubai and prove that you are not insane.

  1. Dive in The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

As a kid you would have been forced to dive into the small swimming pool, but now that you are grown up, you have to go to the next level by diving into the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

World’s largest and healthiest coral reef system is the Great Barrier Reef at Australia. Diving in Australia is scuba diving. The Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef is in fact the only living structure in this universe, which can be seen even from the outer space. Dive into this Reef to make swim along with various living organisms inside it. Comprised of 2900 individual reefs, 300 coral cays and 600 continental islands, this largest Reef is a great boon for divers. Apart from this you can also feel the lush tropical rainforest, sand beaches and stunning kangaroo filled bushes.

For getting this truly magical feel take up a dive at the Great Barrier Reef and dive with the corals, ledges, pinnacles and caverns.

  1. Heli Skiing in Girdwood, Alaska

Pricy but daring, Heliskiing is obviously exhilarating, and one of the best known place for this endless pleasure is at Girdwood, Alaska.

Here at the heart of the Western Chugach Mountains lies the ultimate magical power, the mountains here gestures with its deep powder, scintillating steeps, inspiring colossal vertical feet. And this is the place where you take up the heli flight for getting the world class adventure, get ready for heli skiing and this is sure take your breath off and what’s more is that you will keep craving for more fun. As you ski across the Pacific Ocean, you can witness the arc on those acres of hemlock and Sitka spruce dancing in the steep spines. Flying across the spectacular terrain is the best part of the world.

After a day in the mountains, relax for some time with your family in the resorts and have a luxury spa to relax your muscles. Are you ready for this Thrill? Book your ticket today for Heli skiing at Girdwood.

  1. Snow Leopard Trek, India

A mirage or a reality! Don’t get carried away by thinking that all you see is Snow in India, there is a leopard fully covered with snow over here, and the adventure starts and ends here with these Leopards.

There are some places in India where you can spot the Snow leopards, the one main major place to have the Snow leopard tracking is at Ladakh in the Hemis National park, and this is a paradise on Earth. You can now explore this mountain for spotting the Snow leopards. As you trek along the mountains you can spot out more than 200 snow leopards as this park proves to be a refugee for these giant creatures. Now enter into the Rumbak Valley which happens to be the entry point for leopards, catch some pictures of you with the leopard and make a tent over here for an overnight stay.

Come and explore this little kingdom at India to know about these strikingly beautiful snow leopards.

  1. Drink Beer at Oktoberfest, Germany

There is nothing special in drinking beer every weekend, but there is certainly something more than special to drink Beer at Oktoberfest at Germany, at this city the beer flow is faster than water flow.

A visit to Germany is one of the World’s best experience and that too if it is mainly during the Oktoberfest. Munich at Germany offers a complete beer package wherein you can taste the best breweries which you wouldn’t have tasted ever in your lifetime. Stay in the best Munich hotels, or hire a large beer tent, have some best beers in large glasses, sit for a while with your beloved and enjoy the traditional Bavarian cuisine, go for a bike ride and again catch a glass of beer and enjoy the natural sceneries.

The largest festival of the World Oktoberfest pulls more than 6 million tourists, and this is a unique way of paying tribute to the ubiquitous beverage – beer. Do you want to pay a tribute? Pack your bags and leave to Munich.

  1. La Tomatina, Spain

Tomatoes aren’t used merely in the kitchens, you can also use it to throw it on others and no one will question you, but only when you throw it at the La Tomatina, Spain. Come to this beautiful land to be a part of this huge festival.

La Tomatina is a great food fight festival that is held in the Bunol Town, near to Spain.  Each year millions of tourists throng to this place from nook and corner of the world to take part in this huge festival. Over here you can see more than hundred metric tons of ripe tomatoes being thrown on each other in the streets. The streets are fully messy with red tomatoes. The show begins with a firing of water cannons, and then the fight starts. Be a part of this festival that will normally last for one hour. The whole city looks great with these weird but lovely tomatoes all around.

Burst out of your house to one of the most incredible festivals at Bunol and this will be a day that you will surely not forget.

  1. Bungee Jumping, Nepal

As a kid, we all would have jumped off the bed or stairs or chair and enjoyed the fun, but now it’s time to jump from a cliff or Bridge.

Bungee Jumping will be adventurous only when you have a good surrounding, and there can be no other better place on Earth than Nepal in India for experimenting this. Over here you are going to be tested for your real jumping stint, given a bridge of height 160 meters, you have to jump from the top into the widest river that is flowing beneath the bridge at Nepal. Now can you jump? The jump site is situated at the Last Resort; here you are going to jump from the second highest jump site, the safety of the jump is fully confirmed and hence you can jump without any hesitation.

And when you are tired take the time to relax, have some delicious authentic Nepali food and explore the natural scenic beauty of the place before you return back to your hotel.

  1. Party in Ibiza, Spain

Do you want to host a party to your friends or your spouse or your lover? Why not host it with a difference by touring to Spain and party at Ibiza.

Party, clubs, bars, dining, boozing and entertainment, Ibiza is the perfect venue for all these things. Whether it is beach party or a bar party, Ibiza is always ready for it, there are plenty of bars and beaches scattered all over the city for enjoying the fun of perfect partying. And when you are done with your partying you can go for island hopping or beach hopping or simply sit and relax by the beachside to see the sunset marvelously.

Get a taste of party life that is high and rich at Ibiza, party at Spain and this will be an incredible experience that you can carry it for a long time.

  1. Cruise to the Bahamas

When it is time to take rest and relax, there can be no better option than to cruise to the Bahamas. A cruise to cruise to the Bahamas will give a world class cruise experience.

The Bahamas is a classic cruising spot that is famous among tourists from all over the world; this is the perfect ambiance which is stocked with calm beaches, relaxed atmosphere, private islands and more. When you cruise down to the Bahamas you have to explore the private islands and engage in some water sports activity, or you can even opt off Jet Skiing or snorkeling or sailing in the most popular shore excursions.

Whether you are a first-time cruiser or a professional cruiser, you are going to enjoy the cruise as the Bahamas is easier going to entertain the whole clan.

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

There are many things to fall in love with at Nepal, but this time fall in love at the Everest base camp by taking up a trek to this place.

The pristine beauty of the Everest, with its snow-capped peaks, miraculous valleys and the serene atmosphere are some prerequisites for your trekking, and all these are coupled here at the Everest Base camp. As you trek along you can see the unique Sherpa culture, monasteries, and museums. It will feel as if you are walking straight into the film grounds of the Indiana Jones Movie with all those swing bridges, colourful prayer wheels, and valleys. On your successful completion, sit for a while making a camp and get rewarded for your effort by eating some hot delicious food and lit a camp fire and have a talk with the local people.

You are no less than a legend because trekking to your Everest is at your foot now, put your trekking boots and get prepared for a voyage of trekking to the Everest base camp.

  1. Set Foot on The Great Wall of China

Now that you are no more in your school days where you read about the Great Wall of China and got inspired, it is time you can really set your foot on the Great Wall of China and experience the real pleasure.

Beijing visit will be worthless until and unless you don’t step into the Great Wall of China. This majestic UNESCO world heritage site that dates back to the early 400’s is a world iconic site that is beyond the reach of today’s engineers. This protective wall is easily accessible and you can travel around to other popular destiantions also like Juyongguan and Mutianyu. Over here you can indulge in some activities like hiking and also make an overnight camp.

It is rightly said, “He who hasn’t climbed the Great Wall of China is not a True man”, so prove that you are a true man by setting your foot on this Majestic Wall.

  1. Champagne Pool, New Zealand

The best lake one can see in the world is the champagne pool in New Zealand. It is a Geo Thermal Lake ranging over the length of 200 feet and 200 feet deep. This place is a prominent place of attraction for its breathtaking view and hot water.

Being a Little Acidic and having orange deposits on its banks it has rightfully gained the name of Champagne Pool. The temperature of the water is kept ideal at the surfaces for the visitors. So no problem you can get inside it.

You can literally walk on water with the pathway provided across the lake and feel the heat of earth with your family and friends. The sediments settling down on the banks of this pool make an amazing pattern which is a must for one’s travel diaries.

You can also visit nearby places that are also beautiful places of New Zealand.

  1. Swing at the “End of the World” in Ecuador

As a kid all of us would have loved the swings and want to relive that moment, now this is the chance. The swing at ‘end of the World ‘is not just an ordinary swing it is the one which is located at a deep valley hanging from a strong tree house.

While swinging on this you can experience the feel of flying 2600 meters above the ground. The View from the peak point of the swing is just amazing and is a must for everyone.  The picture of swinging on this one is mandatory for every crazy heads. This swing is located on top of the Banos in Ecuador, which is also known as ‘Gateway to the Amazon’. It is also the footstep on Tungurahua Volcano giving it an amazing elevation to have a swing.

Want to experience this swing? Fly to The Ecuador now.

  1. Make It Happen, Tomorrowland 2017

With the next Tomorrowland taking place in Belgium and Brazil, it has become a must visit for each and every music lover. It is the most massive festival of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) ever to happen in world, with all famous/infamous DJs paying their visit.

This Mega Event is expected to happen during last week of April 2017 at Brazil. Being the most famous festival the tickets sell out in milliseconds so everyone better get your tickets as soon as possible.

This is a place where history is made every year and one must be a part of this and enjoy the colourful lights, music and dance with the crowd, and checking in to let your friends know your presence in this event is even more a must.

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