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People Shared their Stories
Story by Anand Shukla

 Rated : 5.0

My girlfriend planned this surprise night trek for me. I love the sunrise and Kunti Betta night trek was the best trek that fulfilled my desire. The sunrise and the lush looking coconut grooves are something that are still in front of my eyes. Night with bonfire at the top was really awesome. Enjoyed the night trek to the fullest.

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Story by Manish Behera

 Rated : 5.0

It was really great. The service was very good. I recommend to go on this tour with a group of friends. Very different experience.

Story by Ambar Dwivedi

 Rated : 5.0

Rocky hills trekking always used to inspire me and if it is a night trek then I would never miss that one. I was afraid to take up a trek at night but this night trek was totally appealing and awesome too. I have to say that I enjoyed totally the enchanting beauty of Kunti Betta at night. The soft and cool air was mesmerizing and I am longing to take up this night trek once again sooner.

Story by Ganak Chopra

 Rated : 4.0

This is one of the best treks that I had taken up in my life. I came to Bangalore to meet some friends and happened to go for this night trek. The pleasing smell from the nearby coconut trees are still tempting me to go on this trek again. Lively and lovely night trek. Its a wonderful experience and specially the view from the top. Soon making another trip to Bangalore.

Story by Kali Mehrotra

 Rated : 4.0

If you want to enjoy a night trek really you have to take up this Kunti Betta Night trek. I happened to go on this night trek last week and have no words to describe the pleasant experience that I underwent in this trek. Overall this is an exciting, superb and fun loving night trek that I had ever experienced in my trekking career.

Story by Anjali Malik

 Rated : 4.0

Explore this amazing place kunti beta. . I thought Bangalore was all about shopping and sightseeing, but this night trek changed my overall feel about this beautiful city, enjoyed the serenity and calmness at this trek.

Story by Shantanu Dutta

 Rated : 4.0

Night trekking was something that I had always planned and put into my bucket list. My wish was satisfied when my best school pal had arranged for this surprise night trek to Kunti Betta. Night over here was a great fun and worthy. I enjoyed this place totally. I recommend this trek totally.

Story by Atmananda Bharadwaj

 Rated : 4.0

I went with my friends on this night trek and enjoyed a lot. I am not used to night trek at all, this was my first experience and hence had to face some minor issues, the crowd also was little bad. Otherwise it was a good trek.

Story by Gotum Dutta

 Rated : 4.0

The picturesque hill in the silent town of Pandavapura is something that will soothe your brain and mind. I had always wanted to go to a place wherein there will be complete serenity and to my surprise this night trek proved to be the right one. Taking up a night trek is not at all easy; you need more energy and stamina. The trek was moderate. If you haven’t tried out a night trek at all in your life, you can opt for this trek as the overall trekking time is only two hours. I recommend this trek for all beginners.

Story by Gudakesa Bhattacharya

 Rated : 4.0

Nice trek that shouldn’t be missed out. If you happen to stay at Bangalore or reside at the outskirts try out the night trek at Kunti Betta. A lovely and beautiful trek is all that I have got to say about this trek. The stay in the night and the early morning sunrise was just very pleasing. dont miss this trek guys i will recommend it to everyone

Story by Bandhul Saini

 Rated : 4.0

There are many beautiful places at Bangalore but I never heard that there was such a beautiful trekking point over here. My cousins planned for a night trek to Kunti Betta last week as a get together, I have to thank my cousins for taking me to such a lovely place. Now having said this, I recommend this trek to one and all.

Story by Balagopal Mukhopadhyay

 Rated : 4.0

I started this year beginning by taking up this night trek. I totally am spellbound with such a kind of trek. I have to thank my cousin for suggesting me to go on this trek. The food and camp were too great. even the trek guides were so good and helped wherever required. njoyed each and every bit of the trek trek

Story by Divjot Sinha

 Rated : 4.0

I had a great time here at the night trekking. I was a bit reluctant to take up a trek at night. My friends forced me to come along with them.i really enjoyed it to my best, thanks to all my friends for that. even the organisers were very helpful to me.

Story by Akshita Khatri

 Rated : 4.0

A rough and tough trek is what I loved to take up and this trek to Kunti Betta proved to be one such one. There were some unexpected showers during the trek which spoiled the plan to some extent; otherwise everything over here was great and awesome. A must try trek for all age group.

Story by Shubha Bharadwaj

 Rated : 4.0

Night trek to the uphill is super adventurous and scary too. I loved this trek and have no words to talk about the same. Heard a lot of good reviews of this trek and now I have got to say that what I read was truly correct.

Story by Kamlesh Nambeesan

 Rated : 4.0

While I was surfing on the internet for a night trek, this trek popped up on my screen. I was reading the reviews and all about the place. It inspired me a lot and took up the night trek without any second thought. As this is a short duration trekking, you can plan for this trek over the weekend.

Story by Hamsini Gowda

 Rated : 4.0

I had some hassles initially but otherwise the trek went out smoothly. the trek guides helped me alot and it was a really good experience. A great trek at Bangalore at such a moderate price tag.

Story by Geeta Malik

 Rated : 3.0

Heavenly night trek I the only word I have to say about this trek. Night trek was never in my wish list, but having taken up this trek last week, I would say that I will take up this trek once again in the near future.