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    The seafront promenade coupled with boulevards, French architecture and quaint markets is what makes Pondicherry a charming destination. Despite its European influences, this city is strictly India, with deeply rooted culture and heritage. The bustling bazaars, seaside views, gardens, popular ashrams and enchanting architecture is what ensures that the stay in Pondicherry, now known as Puducherry is special and mesmerizing. Once a French colony, the city offers a wide range of places of interest that can be explored through Pondicherry tour Packages.

    These packages give one the taste of this alluring Indian city and offers glimpses of the era gone by.

    1. Plage Paradiso (Paradise Beach)

    Photo Credits : Aditya Patawari

    Considered to be a tropical paradise, Plage Paradiso Beach is included in all Pondicherry holiday packages. The place is interest is flanked by quiet flowing creek on a side and the downstream on the other making it alluring for travellers, families and couples. The tree houses located on the backwaters of this paradise beach gives it an edge over the others, ensuring that travellers have an experience of a lifetime.

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    Located just 7 kilometres from Pondicherry, it is widely known as the budget beach of South India. A number of recreation activities are included in most Pondicherry tour Packages for Plage Paradiso. These include trekking, cruises in backwaters, fishing, beach volleyball, carom, chess, catamaran rides, picnic, themed events and table tennis. The seashore serves as a one stop solution for all travelling activities.

    2. Auroville

    Photo Credits: Kurt Sondermann

    Auroville is an experimental township located close to Pondicherry in South India. Referred to as the ‘City of Dawn,’ the township is located in the Viluppuram district. It is included in almost all Pondicherry Packages where people wish to learn more about the life and economic development of the country.

    Designed by popular architect Roger Anger, the hamlet has been created with the endeavour of bringing progress and harmony, which transcends creeds, politics and nationalities. A visit to this serene place is included in most packages, ensuring that travellers get the message of peaceful co-existence when they visit.

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    The project was founded by the Sri Aurobindo society in late 60s and also houses Matrimandir, a large, outstandingly original architectural achievement, which conveys the concept of peace, serenity and tranquillity. Pondicherry Holiday packages include visit to this fascinating place, which features 56 kilograms of gold on its dome and golden mounts that glow with sunlight.

    3. Aurobindo Ashram

    One of the most famous ashrams in the history of India, Sri Aurobindo Ashram is included in Pondicherry Packages. A spiritual community, it once housed the popular and revered guru, Sri Aurobindo. During the 1920s, when this place was formed, Aurobindo stayed here with his disciples. Later he withdrew from public view and handed all responsibilities of this place to his Sadhaks or spiritual aspirants. The ashram was also run by his collaborator, Mirra Alfassa.

    Today, this is one of the most important destinations for spiritual seekers and tourists. Millions of travellers visit this place from all over the world. The visiting hours of this ashram are from 8 in the morning to 12 in noon and then from 2 in the afternoon to 6 in the evening. It follows Internal Yoga ideals to transform life and seek to follow the existential way of life, where humans try to acquire divine perfection in life. The ashram is known for not having any other branches in the country, which makes it more alluring for travellers on a divine quest.

    4. Karaikal Beach

    Karaikal is a popular port city. Located on the East Coast of India, it is visited by those who like to enjoy beaches and related activities. A part of Union Territory of Pondicherry or Puducherry, this charming destination is a combination of Indian and European cultures. The Karaikal Beach here is a major source of income and tourism.

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    Included in almost all holiday packages of the city, this seashore is well-known for its inviting blue waters, golden sands and closely located markets. These markets offer a taste of Pondicherry and are especially known for their restaurants that serve foods cooked in indigenous spices. Several popular temples and churches are also located close to the beach.

    This seaside is a popular ground for locales and travellers from all over the world. A number of activities, including trekking, volleyball, swimming classes and games are organized here.

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    5. Government Park

    Government Park is an important place of interest in Pondicherry, providing an insight into how the government makes this metro city clean and green. This green centre of Pondicherry, the French Town is also known as Bharati Park, which is visited by hundreds of people everyday who wish to get respite from the scorching heat of the day. The park also features ponds and hills along with traffic parks, where kids can learn and enjoy. Therefore, all family holiday Pondicherry Packages include Government Park.

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    The place of interest is divided into almost four equal parts and nestles close to the ancient sculptures and modern statues. It also features the residence of Lt. Governor, which once served as the Palace of French Governor of Pondicherry. A museum is also located here. The eastern side of the garden features huge trees and a former French Bandstand where the army of France used to play music. An art gallery is also close by.

    5. Botanical Gardens

    Photo Credits: Nadarajan T

    Botanical Gardens are a tourist’s delight. Located south of the New Bus Stand, it is a reminiscent of French architecture and serves as a refreshing retreat in the hot weather of Pondicherry. The garden, laid out in ornate French Style was built in 1826 and because of its French influences, it features fountains, gravel lined paths, pruned trees and beautiful beds of flowers.

    The green delight is included in all Pondicherry packages. Best known for its 1500 species of plants, it is also popular as the best botanical garden in South India. This place also features exotic species from all over the world.

    Botanical Gardens in Pondicherry have a musical fountain, which entertains travellers and visitors during weekends. Two shows are organized in the evening and the frequency of the shows depends upon seasons.

    7. Pondicherry Museum

    Photo Credit : Sascha Ladenius

    Pondicherry is home to a famous museum that houses a number of sculptures in its galleries. This museum is known for having remains of archaeological findings from the Arikamedu Roman Settlements in this city. A popular part of Pondicherry packages, it features a collection rare bronze and stone sculptures that once belonged to rulers in Chola and Pallava dynasties. The gallery also features artefacts from Roman empires that once settled in the lands of Pondicherry.

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    The museum here is divided into several styles. The first includes the Bharathidasan Museum, which is named after popular poet and playwright from Pondicherry. On display are different artefacts from literature and development of Dravidian culture.

    Another part of the museum includes the French development and diaries that reveal how architecture developed in Pondicherry. The mansion of Ananda Ranga Pillai showcases the lavish lifestyle people enjoyed here, giving a glimpse of bygone era.

    8. Chunnambar Water Sports Centre

    Photo Credits: Anurag Mallick

    River Chunnambar is well known for serving a picnic centre for locales and travellers from around the world. Due to this, around two hours are given to this place of interest in packages offered for the city. This scenic destination provides rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit with its beautiful, rippling waters, boat houses and recreational activities.

    Facilities of boating are available at this popular river, where a water sports centre is situated. People can enjoy activities such as boating, swimming classes, volleyball and related water sports such as parasailing, gliding and diving depending upon their likes and requirements. The Chunnambar Water Sports Centre is perhaps widely popular because it allows vacationers to create memorable moments with their family members. Kids love this place and can learn a variety of different crafts and nurture their love for water sports at this destination.

    9. Goubert Avenue

    Photo Credits: Prem

    Goubert Avenue, also called the The Promenade is one of the favoured places in Pondicherry. It is included in most of the packages that offer invigoration of mind, body and spirit. The tranquil boulevard is best visited during early morning, when one can enjoy peaceful and quiet walks. It is here that you can meet locales and enjoy socializing with other joggers.

    After the visit and jogging, one can refresh themselves with hot drink at tea and coffee stalls. Permeating in a French vibe, the place is also great for enjoying the fresh sea breeze. The Promenade turns into a bustling bazaar in the evening and seems absolutely different from what it looks in the morning. Its overall charm is accentuated by the spectacular views of the beaches.

    10. Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Photo Credits: Maurya Rohit

    Situated on the South Boulevard of Pondicherry, The Basilica of Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the most iconic churches in the country. A specimen of Gothic Architecture, this venerated structure transports you to an era gone by, giving insights into French architecture and gothic style of developments.

    The rare stained glass panels in this church are known for depicting the life events of Jesus Christ and saints from different Catholic Churches. This place of worship has become a famous pilgrimage spot for Christians in recent times.

    Development of this church began in the year 1895 and the surrounding parish was established in January 1908. In 2008-2009, the church celebrated its centenary year of founding of the parish. The government released a special postal stamp and envelope to mark its celebrations. The place features four evangelists’ statues and four lamp posts along with chandeliers, focus and flood lights.

    Other Packages:

    1. Pondicherry honeymoon package

    Photo Credits: Emmanuel Dyan

    Pondicherry honeymoon packages are designed in such a way that newlyweds can enjoy each others’ company while exploring different realms and cultures of India. The packages are for usually for two days. Most of them include staying at 4 to 5 star hotels for a mesmerizing visit to the city. The tour includes visit to Aurobindo Ashram, Botanical Gardens, memorial house, temples and boating at Chunnambar Backwaters. The beautiful beaches of this area are also visited during the stay.

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    Trips to Auroville are also organized on the second day. Most of these trips include facilities like breakfast, lunch and dinner and offer customizable facilities. Travellers can celebrate their togetherness through this enchanting honeymoon package tour of Pondicherry.

    2. Pondicherry weekend packages

    Photo Credit : Sandip Bhattacharya

    Leave all your stresses of current life behind and enjoy a fun-filled weekend at Pondicherry. A number of Pondicherry weekend tour packages are designed to refresh and revitalize your body, ensuring that you feel de-stressed and ready to take over the world. These are usually for three nights and two days, wherein travellers reach the city on Friday night and start visiting different places of interest from Saturday morning.

    Places of interest included in this package are Plage Paradiso, which is a paradise beach, Karaikal Beach, Government Park and Aurobindo Ashram, JIMPER or the Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research. Botanical Gardens are also visited during this trip, along with Pondicherry Museum, which houses secrets from the era gone by. Auroville, French Institute and Chunnambar Water Sports Institute are visited on the second day of the trip. This kind of package is best for families with kids that wish to enjoy a small getaway from regular monotonous life.

    3. Pondicherry packages from Delhi

    Photo Credit : Robin Abraham

    Pondicherry packages are usually for two to three days. Firstly, travellers arrive at a resort and spend a leisurely day exploring the city on their own. They can visit markets; epicureans can try different delicacies at local restaurants while others can enjoy a trip to the beach.

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    On the second day, travellers get a hearty breakfast so that they can explore the city with a guide and other package purchasers. This day, travellers get to enjoy visiting places such as Aurobindo Ashram, which is one of the most spiritual destination in South India, Botanical Gardens, one of the best gardens in South India, Memorial House, Temples and boating activities at the Chunnambar Lake and its backwaters.

    Later tourists can enjoy a wide range of other activities, such as visiting beautiful beaches of Pondicherry. A trip to Auroville can also be organized to ensure that one understands the concept of peaceful harmony and co-existence followed in this city. Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus is also visited during this package from Delhi.

    In most of the travel packages from Delhi, visitors also get to acquaint themselves with the French War Memorial, which gives insight about the culture and lives of people during the colonization period. People are given the opportunity to learn more about different developments during the medieval period and how Pondicherry is an amalgamation of French influences and Indian heritage.

    On third day, departure transfers are undertaken after travellers get a sumptuous breakfast at their hotel.

    4. Pondicherry packages from Bangalore

    Photo Credits: Praveen

    If you are one of those who imagines waking up to the swaying of palm trees and soft sounds of the sea breeze, then Pondicherry packages from Bangalore is what you can opt for. The tour offers one the ultimate opportunity to walk along a seaside promenade, wherein they can discover the hidden artefacts of French and Dutch cultures. The area symbolizes medieval town planning witnessed in Europe and at the same time, helps one realize that Pondicherry has struck to its Indian roots despite colonization.

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    The tour helps one get some thrills through water sports and allows one to unwind themselves with beachside cafes. Rejuvenating spa services are included in some of the packages from Bangalore, depending upon one’s budgets and requests.

    One can experience the serenity offered by the most famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Relive the idea of peaceful co-existence while visiting Auroville, a township or visit some of the famous beaches in the country. The trip also offers visit to Chunnambar Water Sports Centre and Matrimandir, wherein one can revel in the arts and architecture and town planning in Pondicherry. The trip is usually organized for two to three days and travellers generally stay in 3 to 5 star hotels and resorts.

    5. Pondicherry tour packages from Chennai

    Photo Credit : Raj

    Chennai is one of the most famous Indian destinations. Its proximity to Pondicherry ensures that travellers can enjoy a memorable vacation. Therefore, a number of tours and travel packages are organized from Chennai, wherein tourists can see different places, indulge in gourmet treats or enjoy a shopping fiesta. The tour usually includes trips to the paradise beach, which is one of the budget beaches in South India.

    Later one is taken to Karaikal Beach, located in the outskirts of Pondicherry. A visit to Aurobindo Ashram is included in every tour organized from Chennai because it a hub for tranquillity seekers and spiritual souls. Auroville, an organized township and its Matrimandir is also visited during the trip to Pondicherry.

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    Apart from these popular places, travellers can also visit a number of other destinations, including Botanical Gardens, Government Gardens, French Institute and the Chunnambar Water Sports Centre. Most of the trips organized from Chennai are for a day or two and people get to stay in fine hotels and resorts depending upon requirements and budget. 

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