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Shanghai Trip Packages from mangalore

Duration Price
10 Days China Tour Package10 days & 9 nights
INR 99,999

Thrillophilia invites all adventurous spirits to explore the dynamic cityscape of Shanghai through its enticing Shanghai tour packages from Mangalore. Immerse yourself in the pulsating energy of China's economic powerhouse with our meticulously curated itineraries that seamlessly blend the city's rich historical attractions with state-of-the-art activities.

Our Shanghai packages open the doors to a metropolis where towering skyscrapers coexist with traditional gardens, creating a fascinating tapestry to behold. Travelers can marvel at the iconic skyline of the Bund, wander through the historic lanes of Old Town, and embrace the futuristic vibes of Pudong on their trip.

The Shanghai trip packages from Mangalore, as curated by Thrillophilia, also include a wide range of immersive experiences that go beyond touring the iconic landmarks of this vibrant city. Our Shanghai tour packages incorporate unique cultural insights too with activities such as traditional dumpling-making classes, guided strolls through ancient water towns, and enjoying the panoramic views from iconic landmarks like the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Included in our packages, the local transfers promise a hassle-free travel experience for all. With professionally guided attraction tours and activities, and select regional meals, we offer a comprehensive trip to Shanghai within your decided budget. Our range of accommodations also ensures a comfortable stay that not only offers a restful retreat but also serves as gateway to know the diverse neighborhoods of Shanghai as well. Our team of operations and their 24/7 customer service system ensure that you can make the most of your time here in the best possible way.

Thrillophilia's Shanghai packages from Mangalore offer an extraordinary opportunity to delve into the heart of this cosmopolitan city. With a blend of ancient charm and contemporary allure, these packages promise an unforgettable adventure through the vibrant landscapes of Shanghai, leaving indelible memories etched in the minds of every traveler.

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