Your Guide To The 11 Ultimate Bihar Road Trips

Bihar has always played a crucial role in the country’s history, as it was the location of several important events. Apart from the rich culture and religious background, Bihar is known for its picturesque landscapes like lakes and cascades, abundant flora and fauna in its wildlife parks, architectural wonders in its monuments, and ancient caves.

Here are some of the places that you can explore by taking a road trip through Bihar.

1. Patna-Muzaffarpur-Vaishali

There are many places to visit on your way from Patna to Muzaffarpur, including Litchi Gardens, Garib Sthan Mandir, Jubba Sahni Park, Khudiram Bose Memorial, Ramchandra Shahi Museum, and Devi Mandir.

Vaishali is a religious site for communities of Hindus, Buddhists, and Jain. Lord Mahavir was born in Vaishali, making it one of the most sacred places in Bihar. In addition, it is said that Lord Buddha spent a considerable amount of time here. Furthermore, there are several Buddhist temples and stupas to visit here, such as the Vishwa Shanti Stupa and Buddha’s Stupa.

Distance and Duration 

Patna to Muzaffarpur- 73 km; 2.5 hours 

Muzaffarpur to Vaishali-  60 km; 2 hours.

This is a one-day trip from Patna.

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2. Patna-Saptaparni-Gaya-Rajgir

The road trip from Patna to Rajgir via Saptaparni and Gaya is frequently taken in the state. With exceptionally well-kept roads connecting Rajgir to Patna, the town is highly convenient to navigate to. You’ll be amazed by the natural beauty in Rajgir, which was once the capital of Magadha. Rajgir stands in the middle of a deep valley surrounded by dramatic mountains, offering you exceptional views as well.

The town is well-known for its hot springs, which are reputed to have medicinal properties. One of the brilliant monuments of Rajgir is the Ajatshatru Fort, located in Bimbisara Jail. Other major attractions you will cover around Saptaparni, Gaya, and Rajgir include Jivaka Avan Gardens, Venu Vana, Cyclopean Walls, and Vishwa Shanti Stupa.

Distance and Duration 

Patna to Saptaparni- 106 km; 2.5 hours

Saptaparni to Gaya-  60 km;  1 hour 45 minutes

Gaya to Rajgir- 60 km; 1 hour 45 minutes

This trip can be spread over two days.

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3. Patna-Munger-Bhagalpur

Patna is the perfect starting point for a weekend getaway to Munger, including Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary, a beautiful wetland ecosystem. There are migratory birds attracted to this oxbow lake, the largest freshwater lake in Asia. Covering an area of 68 square kilometers, this lake is perfect for birdwatching and wildlife photography.

As you soak in the surrounding greenery and watch the sunset, you can also take a serene boat ride along the blue waters of the lake. After this, you can visit Bhagalpur for a wonderful Silk tour.

Distance and Duration 

Patna to Munger – 180 km; 4.5 hours

Munger to Bhagalpur- 65 km; 2 hours

This trip can be spread over two days.

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4. Patna-Nalanda-Bihar Sharif-Ghora Katora

One more brilliant destination to explore from Patna is Nalanda, and we’re pairing it up with a few more places to see around. Once you reach Nalanda, pay a visit to the ruins of the ancient Nalanda University, which is spread across a whopping area of about 14 hectares. Nalanda has the world’s oldest existing university.

You can also visit the Nalanda Archaeological Museum, Nav Nalanda Mahavihara, The Great Stupa, and Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall. If you want, you can spend the night in Nalanda or proceed to Bihar sharif.  

The places you can cover in this tour will include Patna, Chandi, Chandasi, Bihar Sharif, Nalanda, and Ghora Katora. The Ghora Katora lake has a horse-like shape, and mountains on three sides surround it. There is a pagoda nearby called World Peace Pagoda. With hills surrounding the lake, it looks picturesque and makes for a great vacation destination.

Distance and Duration 

Patna to Nalanda- 91 km; 2 .15 hours

Nalanda to Bihar Sharif- 12 km; 30 minutes

Bihar Sharif to Ghora Katora-  25 km; 45 minutes

This is a day trip from Patna.

5. Patna-Buxar-Rohtas

On the road connecting Buxar to Rohtas from Patna, you pass through several small rustic villages which were once part of the historic Magadha empire. Interesting history and culture characterize Rohtas at present. The Rohtasgarh Fort, located at 1500 meters, is this quaint town’s main attraction.

This beautiful fort has many vital structures, including Ganesh Temple, Jama Masjid, and Hathiya Pol. In addition to the Tarachandi Temple, one of the country’s 52 Shakti Peethas is of great interest. The Bhaluni Dham and Shergarh Fort are two other attractions you can explore in Rohtas. While in Buxar, the places to visit include Chausa Battlefield, Bihari Ji Temple, and Katkauli Ka Maidan.

Distance and Duration 

Patna to Buxar – 145 km; 4.5 hours

Buxar to Rohtas- 170 km; 5.5 hours

This is a 2-day trip from Patna.

6. Patna-Kesariya-Valmiki Nagar & ValmikiTiger Reserve

The breathtaking Valmiki National Park makes for one of the best road trips in Bihar from Patna for nature lovers. Valmiki National Park is a 335 square kilometer park situated on the banks of the Gandaki River. Its dense, lush forests shelter various species of avifauna, fauna, and flora.

In Valmiki National Park, you can enjoy jeep safaris, river rafting, boating, cycling, nature walks, and tiger trails. Don’t forget to visit the park’s top attractions, including Kesariya Bhatiyari Watchtower, Bhikhna Thori, Rohua Nala, Kapan, Lal Bhitiya, and Parewa Dah buildings. It is also possible to stay at the eco-hut overnight and trek to Someshwar Peak the next day. And don’t forget to visit Kesariya Stupa when in Kesariya.

Distance and Duration 

Patna to Kesariya – 110 km; 3.5 hours

Kesariya to Valmiki Nagar – 177 km; 4.5 hours

Valmiki Nagar to Valmiki Tiger Reserve- 94 km; 3.5 hours

This can be a 3-day nature trip.

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7. Munger-Begusarai-Darbhanga

While visiting Darbhanga from Munger, you’ll have the chance to see many historic villages and interact with locals, as well as learn a lot about the region’s glorious past. With its stunning historical remains and noble palaces, Darbhanga, Munger, and Begusarai will take you on a journey back in time.

In addition to its reputation as Bihar’s cultural capital, Darbhanga provides a delightful blend of culture, mythology, and folklore. Alongside its historical importance, Darbhanga’s art and music will also captivate you. Masraf Bazar, Pahee Market, Tower Chowk Market, and Tara Market are colorful local markets where you can find excellent souvenirs, such as Sikki Mauni artefacts, Madhubani paintings, and authentic sweets.

Distance and Duration 

Munger to Begusarai- 95 km; 2.5 hours

Begusarai to Darbhanga – 115 km; 3 hours

This is a 2-day trip.

8. Patna-Madhubani

Explore the famed Mithila paintings in the Darbhanga and Madhubani regions with a workshop. Through the workshop, you will have a brief understanding of the method and style of Madhubani painting from female artists in the villages of Ranti and Jitwarpur. Then, try out the Mithila painting competition and buy a real piece of art.

Distance and Duration 

Patna to Madhubani – 173 km; 4 hours

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9. Patna-Manjhar & Dhua Kund Falls

The Manjhar Kund and Dhuan Kund waterfalls are located on Kaimur hill near Sasaram. According to ancient history, the Guru Granth Sahib was carried here. From the meet-up point, you can head towards the waterfall and enjoy nature. The Manjhar Kund overlooks hills and is a breezy and calm place to spend your time. It is best visited in the monsoons.

Distance and Duration

Patna to Manjhar Kund Falls- 162 km; 4.5 hours

This is a day trip.

10. Bihar-Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary-Vikramshila Dolphin Sanctuary

The Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary is a favorite destination for wildlife lovers. There are 259 square kilometers of forest and wildlife reserves within the sanctuary. Leopards, Blue Bulls, White Buffaloes, Spotted Deer, Barking Deers, Wild Dogs, and Blue Bulls can all be found here.

In addition to dolphins, the sanctuary also protects other endangered species, such as flap shell turtles, tent turtles, catfish, anchovies, roofed turtles, croakers, and more; 135 species in total. 

Distance and Duration

Bihar to Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary – 86 km; 2.5 hours

Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary to Vikramshila Dolphin Sanctuary – 196 km; 5 hours

This is a two-day trip.

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11. Patna-Nalanda-BodhGaya-Varanasi 

Discover the fascinating ruins of Nalanda on the way from Patna to Varanasi. Begin your road trip from Patna and head to Nalanda, an ancient educational center. The Nalanda ruins are spread across an expansive area of 14 hectares, which will attract you as soon as you step here.

You can also visit Nav Nalanda Mahavihara, the Great Stupa, and the Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall. You can stay in Nalanda for the night, or you can move to Gaya. You’ll find several religious sites in Gaya, including Vishnupad Temple, Mahabodhi Temple, Mangala Gauri Temple, and the Tibetan Monastery.

You can continue the trip out of the state to Varanasi, where an immersive experience of culture, pilgrimage, street food, and ghats awaits you.

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Distance and Duration 

Patna to Nalanda-  92 km; 2.5 hours

Nalanda to Bodhgaya- 81 km; 2.5 hours

Bodhgaya to Varanasi- 255 km; 5.5 hours

This trip can be taken in 2-3 days.

Visiting the points of interest mentioned above is sure to be an enjoyable experience. You will not only feel charmed and enchanted by these places, but they will fill you with devotion too. So, have fun discovering the mysteries of life as you explore the ancient temples in the land where Buddha gained enlightenment!

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