Why Travelling Solo To Thailand Is The Best Thing A Woman Can Do

Hey girl! When was the last time you embarked on a journey to experience something on your own? When was the last time you spread your wings and just took off to explore different shades and moods of this world? Even if you cannot remember or even if it never happened, it is never too late to take a break from all the ordinary things in life and let an extraordinary journey free you, liberate you. For all the lovely women out there eager to fly across the oceans and discover themselves, Thailand awaits you with all its natural magnificence and fun-filled experiences!

This tropical paradise in Southeast Asia welcomes thousands of female travellers from different nooks and corners of the world every month, and offers them a safe and healthy environment where they can have fun, adventure, explore, and relax.

Crystal clear waters, cool Beaches, tropical islands, vibrant culture, luscious seafood, and a surplus of adventure activities – you can enjoy it all in Thailand without having to bother about all the challenges you may have to otherwise face as a female solo travelling abroad. Even if you have never set foot outside your country alone, Thailand is rated as one of the best and safest destinations for first time solo travellers.

Why Thailand?

For starters, Thailand is rapidly gaining popularity as an ideal holiday spot for solo travellers, especially females. Besides, from north to south, from east to west, Thailand is a piece of art! In addition to the scenic beaches and cool beach parties it is generally known for, there is a lot more Thailand has hidden away in its embrace for you to discover and conquer on your own. Diverse culture, pristine nature, fun loving locals, toothsome food, wonderful architecture, and whatnot. It doesn’t matter if the objective of your Thailand endeavour is searching for inner peace or finding the beauty of the world, Thailand is one of the best places to be!

Let us take a brief look at all the features that join hands to make Thailand an ideal destination for solo travel fun!

1. Adventure

The range of water sports you can enjoy in Thailand is virtually endless which makes it a popular destination among adventure junkies coming to experience thrill from different parts of the world. Phuket, Pattaya, and Northern Thailand are hotspots for adventure sports in Thailand.

If you wish to explore the breathtaking underwater world teeming with fascinating creatures, you can try your hands on activities like snorkelling, scuba diving and sea walking. And for those who would like to enjoy the sea from the outside, parasailing, speed boating, and kayaking, are some of the best choices. Besides, there are plenty of spots in Thailand like Chiang Mai, Khao Luang, and Khao Sok  that have properly laid out hiking trails that will offer you some moments of thrill and excellent opportunity to test your mettle.

2. Culture

Most regions in Thailand feature a mixed culture. You will get to see a blend of contemporary and old, an amalgamation of Buddhist and Hindu traditions. This confluence makes the cultural palette of Thailand appear vibrant. The influence of varied cultures can also be seen in the architecture of the religious shrines and temples located in Thailand.
With a reasonable emphasis and association with the traditions, the people of Thailand are essentially modern and easy to get along with. So, if you consider yourself a culture vulture, you are going to spend some memorable time soaking in the vivid cultural shades of Thailand. Chiang Mai is one our top recommendation for you from cultural and historical point of view.

3. Art & Architecture

You must have heard and read about the architecture in Thailand, and it is now time for you to go and admire these magnificent structures with your own eyes. Bathing in various bright colours and adorned with beautiful designs, traditional Thai buildings  are brilliant from architecture point of view.
For the most amazing experience, cover as much ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples as possible in Bangkok, and don’t forget to capture their brilliance on your camera while you are exploring Thailand on your own. You can also pose in front of these structures and ask passersby to click you there. Wat Arun, Wat Rong Khun, and Wat Suthat are some of the finest architectural wonders you should definitely visit.

4. Beaches

Of course, nobody goes to Thailand and skip spending more than half of their time on beaches. There is an exceptional kind of magnetism to beaches in Thailand that pulls crowds from all over the globe. Long stretches of white sands with tropical foliage on one side and endless stretch of Gulf of Thailand on the other, a wide range of water sports, a super rich marine life, and a sense of calm make these beaches a popular choice for tourists visiting Asia.
The availability of eateries, upscale beach resorts, safety measures and a decent crowd of tourists and locals will let you enjoy an uninterrupted beach holiday in Thailand. If we’ve got you wondering about the best beaches in Thailand, you can find plenty of exotic locations in Phang Nga region.

5. Food

Thailand is often claimed to be a paradise for seafood lovers and rightly so! Whether you are lounging on a famous beach or you are strolling in a busy market, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to great food at minimal prices.
Besides, if you want to take yourself out on a date someday, all cities and beaches in Thailand have upscale restaurants which are ideal for a premium dining experience.

6. Transportation

Thailand’s great infrastructure is one of its strongest points from a female solo traveller’s perspective. Almost all major tourist spots are well connected with public transportation facility which is absolutely safe and will save you a lot of money. The rest of the places can be reached by hiring private taxis and speedboats which is also a safe way to move around in thailand.  

7. Accommodation

Whether you wish to stick to a small budget or you don’t mind spending on a lavish beach villa stay, Thailand has accommodation options for all kinds of solo travellers.
From suites with sea views to basic rooms available at ridiculously cheap prices, you have a variety to choose from. Most importantly, all of the hotels and resorts in Thailand comply to safety requirements as required by the government, so your safety is the last thing you need to worry about.

8. Shopping

Well, all women love shopping, and so, all women love Thailand. Street markets bathing in neon lights, bustling with locals and tourists is a traditional Thai market in a nutshell. You can choose from a variety of products that include clothes, fashion accessories, electronics, and whatnot.
And the interesting part is, if you have good bargaining skills, you can ‘shop til you drop’ without betraying the budget of your trip. Additionally, for an upscale shopping experience, there are shopping malls in all major cities of Thailand where international brands are easily available.

If you are looking forward to savour all flavours of Thailand on a single trip, here is a list of places you cannot afford to miss out on:

  •        Koh Phangan
  •        Phi Phi Islands
  •        Krabi
  •        Chiang Mai
  •        Chon Buri
  •        Pattaya
  •        Phuket
  •        Bangkok

It is Showtime!

If you’ve already made up your mind to travel solo to Thailand, there is no reason for you to postpone it any further than this. Well, even summer is almost here. Let’s go and swim in the cool crystal clear waters, bask on the soft sands under the warm sun, get some tan, and make precious, eternal memories – let us escape to Thailand!

All you have to do right now is to do a good research, make a check-list of all the places you’d love to explore (Beware, you are going to be spoilt for choice because the options are many and varied), get a long leave sanctioned, and set out on a journey of solitude and solace with the most fun person you know – yourself. More power to you!

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