Ultimate Travel Guide to Siem Reap for Solo Travelers

Are you planning to travel to Siem Reap as a solo traveler? Well, first of all, congratulate yourself for making the decision, as the concept of solo travel is indeed a voyage of self-discovery. It is one of the best ways to see the world, and the excitement goes to another level for solo travelers to Siem Reap.
The culturally rich destination of Siem Reap is indeed a stunning destination. It boasts of magnificent temples and carries a rich history. Thanks to its friendly locals and affordable price range, it is fast becoming popular among the solo travelers. There are plenty of flights from Bangkok to Siem Reap, and all one needs to do is make the travel booking for their transportation needs from a reliable site. You can also travel by bus from Bangkok and Phnom Penh. The best time to visit is when the weather is cooler, and it is from November to April.

Some quick facts and practical information

Here are some essential facts and useful information for all those solo travelers to Siem Reap.

Siem Reap lies in the center of the Angkor region of Cambodia and is world-famous for its Angkor-era ruins and colonial architecture. U.S. Dollars are widely used, but one must keep some local currency, which is Cambodian riel.
English is widely used, and thus you should not face any language issues.
Keep in mind that nightlife in Siem Reap is limited, but there are a few foreigner-friendly bars on Pub Street.
Stick to the main tourist areas when traveling in Siem Reap to avoid any chances of robbery
Keep an eye out for areas that are not safe and marked with skull and bone signs.

1. Where to stay

Most of the popular and budgeted hostels and hotels in the city are located in the Central Siem Reap. However, one can also stay at those upmarket hotels that provide one with a variety of spas and facilities.

2. Moving around

As Siem Reap is a small city, one can easily walk to the points of interest and major attractions. Or they can take a taxi or tuk-tuk ride. Tuk-tuks are the most popular mode of transportation in the city and can be easily found anywhere. You can hire private taxis for about $30 per day.

3. What to do and see

There is plenty to do, see and explore while in Siem Reap. Plan a well-designed itinerary so as to make the most of your solo trip.

1. Angkor Wat and The Surrounding Temples

Start your trip with the hallmark of Siem Reap, and it is the Angkor Wat temples. Look at those temples seeped deep in history and their intricate carving. You can hike up the hill near Angkor Wat to reach the Bakheng Temple.

2. Visit the Bayon Temple

Source : Wikimedia Commons

This is a temple with massive faces, and those looming faces seem to taunt you in a good-naturedly way. Those massive sizes remind you of your insignificant presence on the planet.

3. Enjoy the Phare Circus

Source : Flickr

The Phare Circus is a must-see, and even those who do not like circuses much, are in for a mesmerizing experience. Watch those clowns and captive animals performing tricks and create an unforgettable performance.

4. The Tonle Sap Fishing Village

Source : Wikimedia Commons

Another great idea is to hire a boat and make a trip to the fishing village on the Tonle Sap. Explore the unique way of life here as those homes, schools, and pig farms float on the water.

5. Siem Reap Markets

Source : Wikimedia Commons

Take interesting walks through the markets in central Siem Reap. There are both day-time and night-time markets that sell a wide range of goods and at amazingly low prices.

6. Take a Khmer Cooking Class

Most of the restaurants in Siem Reap offer the Khmer Cooking Classes. The chefs of the restaurants teach you how to create authentic Khmer dishes made from local fresh produce.

4. Where to Eat and Shop

Shop for unique gifts Angkor, Kandal Village, which is just a short walking distance from Siem Reap. Here you will find several upscale shops, fashion outlets, and charming cafes. Browse the local souvenir stores and shops. As for food, Siem Reap does boast of some excellent restaurants, and some of the must-try restaurants include names like Square 24, The Sugarpalm, Cuisine Wat Damnak, and Genevieve’s Restaurant. Enjoy British roasts and Khmer cuisine, fish amoks, grilled beef with lime and chilies at these leading restaurants.

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