12 Most Unique and Cool Places to Visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania: known as the Keystone State for its role in America’s Revolutionary and Civil War. It’s where the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution were written, and it’s also where the Liberty Bell is located — but wait, you already know these things.

You are not here to learn about William Penn or the best rides at Hershey Park. Yes, it’s very important, but you’re here to experience some unique and fun activities.
You might have been searching the web for unique things to do in Pennsylvania when you stumbled upon this post. From the beautiful and quiet countryside, the mountain ranges, and the breathtaking coastline of Lake Erie, you just can’t wait to explore everything! Guess what — you’re in for a ride! (with a Strasburg scooter, that is.) In this list, you will find 12 unique experiences to have when you’re in Keystone State.

Northern Pennsylvania

This region will keep thrill-seekers moving! There are tons of activities to do here like cave exploring, hiking, boating, snowboarding, and even fishing. Both kids and kids-at-heart are sure to enjoy this region. 

1.   Crystal Cave

Fight the inner claustrophobia in you, and explore this historic crystal cave 125 feet underground attraction in Kutztown, PA! Don’t worry, concrete walks and steel railings will make sure that you don’t slip and break your hip. The temperature inside is also at a constant 54 degrees so you can breathe comfortably!

2.   Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour

If the 125 feet underground doesn’t satisfy you, why not try this 300 feet underground coal mine tour in Lackawanna County? Descend to the most underground part of the earth as the light slowly disappears. But don’t go running now, as you’ll also be accompanied by a miner who will show you the methods they used in mining. Plus, you also get to listen to stories about the history of mining and their heroism. How cool is that?

3.   Visiting Worlds End State Park

If you’re a nature-lover and an adventure-seeking individual, this park is your playground! This 780-acre state park offers TONS of recreational activities located in the most pristine environment. It includes hiking trails, swimming, wildlife watching, hunting, rafting, camping, skiing, snowmobiling… it’s endless — really!

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Southern Pennsylvania

The home of the Dutch communities, the region of Southern PA draws out tourists who want to experience their old-fashioned way of living.

4.  Strasburg Scooters

If you really want to immerse yourself in the local Amish communities, touring it with Strasburg scooters is the best way to go! Hailed as Tripadvisor’s #1 tour in Lancaster County, you will be able to explore the winding roads that showcase beautiful and gentle pastures, rolling hills, and wooded valleys. There’s really nothing like breathing in the fresh and crisp air of the countryside, right? It’s one of the most unique things to do in Lancaster PA, and it’s family-friendly and age-friendly too.

5.   Refreshing Mountain Ziplines

If it’s on your bucket list to experience the thrill of gliding through and getting a bird’s eye view of the mountains, then make sure you do it in one of the best canopy zipline. They offer different zipline courses that accommodate not just seasoned zipliners, but the first-timers as well. It’s truly one of the best things to do in Lancaster!

6.   Gettysburg Ghost Tours

Exploring the most haunted areas of Gettysburg may not be for everyone, but it sure is fun! Get spooked with the thrilling stories of the spirits of children who are tortured and abused in the Haunted Orphanage, or you can ride the ghost bus to explore haunted landmarks. It’s the perfect combination of thrill and excitement!

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Eastern Pennsylvania

The eastern region of PA offers a variety of activities that aren’t just for adventure-seekers. Couples will also enjoy this region’s diverse appreciation for art and culture, and those who like otherworldly mysteries will thrive.

7.   Mütter Museum

If you have a specific interest in the world of medicine and mysteries of the human body, this museum in the city of Philadelphia promises to ‘disturbingly inform’ you. It features a massive collection of antique medical equipment and other oddities like the Soap Lady (this is really disturbing) and the Hyrtl Skull Collection (this is more disturbing). This museum is not for the faint of heart — but it’s highly recommended that you do visit this!

8.   Eastern State Penitentiary

Would you believe that this famous prison in Philadelphia was also once the most expensive one? Aside from it housing one of the most well-known gangsters in the world, Al Capone, mysterious reports and creepy stories clouded this prison, even after many years of its closure. This is the happy place of paranormal investigators, ironically.

9.   Pocono Whitewater Rafting

Whiterafting is an adventure of a lifetime — even for those who have a fear for water! In here, not only will you get to enjoy the wild waters, but you also get to do other activities, like trail biking and paintball shooting.

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Western Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s western region boasts terrains that extend across the Appalachian Mountains. This place is not just about Pittsburgh, oh no — you’ll be surprised that there are a lot of places where you can also explore.

10.   Falling water

If you love nature, then you can check out this beautiful retreat home located in Pittsburgh. It used to be a weekend retreat home that is designed for a family but has now opened its doors for visitors who want to appreciate its architecture and the beauty of the environment surrounding it.

11.   A model of the Kecksburg UFO in Kecksburg

On the 9th of December 1965, residents of Kecksburg claimed they saw a UFO, but the military quickly hauled it away — which is very unfortunate. Now they have created this acorn-shaped monument (which is the shape of the said UFO), and they celebrate a yearly UFO festival to remind them of this encounter. If you’re into the world beyond Earth, you’ll love hearing the stories of the residents here!

12. Andy Warhol Museum

This museum is a celebration of music, art, and the life of Andy Warhol. It is one of the most extensive museums for a single artist. It features his collections, and archives of his work as well.

There are really tons of unique and exciting adventures if you’re traveling in Pennsylvania. From ghost tours, adventures, environmental activities, exploring art, and experiencing the local culture — the choices are endless! 

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