Top 10 Fun Activities that Adults will Adore

If you thought Smaaash was a place where kids have fun- think again.
A world of virtual madness, Smaaash is home to some the most exhilarating virtual-reality simulators that let you experience sports, action, and adventure like never before. If you’ve been itching to do something that gets your heart thumping, this is it. Here are a few to quench your curiosity…

1) Play cricket with Legends

Fond of cricket? Or maybe you’re a galli hero of the neighborhood… Well, Smaaash now has the technology that lets you bat against the likes of Brett Lee or Malinga (even Shoaib if you’re feeling adventurous)! With precise speed and bowling actions, Smaaash cricket gives you the closest experience you may ever have facing off against the best cricketers in the world. P.S. – You even get to watch a replay of your game.

Play Cricket with the Gods!

2) Woo her with Twilight Bowling

Knocking the life out of pins is fun, but things get pretty radical when your alley is lit with UV lights and replicates the ambiance of a blue twilight world. Let loose and knock her off her feet and those pins off the alley!

An entirely Different Kind of Bowling!

3) Race the skies with Sky karting

If your daily mode of commute involves driving, then we know you’ve fantasized about empty streets to zoom on. Well, Smaaash took things to the ‘next level’ by creating a multi-level karting track! So if you’re looking for the ultimate rush to break away from ‘normal’, this is IT. P.S. – That smell’s just rubber burning right off the asphalt.

A Multi-Level Karting Track!

4) The Finger Coaster

This innovation is simply mind-boggling. Imagine designing your own rollercoaster, which is approximately 19 miles long and then riding it- and all this just with the touch of a finger! The Finger coaster gives an amazing experience of an actual roller coaster with the addition of self-designing it! Don’t forget to hold on tight…

Try Designing your Own Roller Coaster!

5) Start ‘Night Trading’ at Pitstop Brewpub

If you’re into the stock market and like yourself a bit of day trading, you’ll definitely love the Pitstop Brewpub-truck themed pub, probably the biggest truck you’ve ever seen. Having a good time with amazing food, either way, you’re guaranteed a great time with affordable prices.

A Brewpub-truck themed Pub!

6) Scare the daylights out of yourself and Walk the Plank

This is not for the weak-hearted. If heights make your knees wobble, imagine what walking on a six-inch plank, 50 feet above the ground must feel like. Oh, and did we mention that you might come across a few hungry monsters waiting to eat you? One of Smaash’s best innovations, Walk The Plank is a must try.

Walk The Plank!

7) Ace the skies with Flymax

As you dangle from a glider and feel the wind in your face, the thrills of Flymax will give you wings. You get to control the glider as it happens in real life; sway right and left and have an illusion of hovering in the skies, as this virtual reality ride sends your hair flying. Paragliding is not only for adventure enthusiasts, with Smaaash’s Flymax, it is now possible for kids as well as adults.

Get the thrills on Flymax

8) The Mighty Small Café

Dine out at a cozy little carnival themed restaurant where the only thing better than the ambiance is the food. After a good gaming session, treat yourself to a variety of amazing foods and drinks to wash em’ down! With all the right ingredients for some high-spirited chinwag, The Mighty Small is definitely a place you might fall for.

Dine at this Carnival-themed Restaurant

9) Smaaash’s crazy medley of deals

Smaaash always looks to give customers the best value for money and they do so quite well with a bunch of fun offers and deals on games, food, and drinks. So on a typically dull day, you could surprise yourself with some of the most action-packed contests with satisfying rewards or some very pocket-friendly deals which need no effort at all.

Get these Pocket-Friendly Deals!

10) Because 9 is better than 3

3D is the bomb when it comes to movies, but as expected, Smaaash simply had to make things ‘Xtreme’. The 9D Xtreme Interactive Theatre is home to prehistoric monstrosities, undead souls, and many other horrors and you get to be in the middle of it all. With tech that lets all your senses feel the exhilarating ride, be prepared to get soaked, rocked and winded with awe.

Extremely Interactive 9D Theatres


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