The Ultimate Post-COVID Travel Guide To Goa

One of the most popular holiday destinations in India and the party capital city, Goa has recently reopened its borders for Indian tourists. As the recovery rate of the state gets better each day and the number of cases goes down, more and more travellers are choosing Goa as their first post-pandemic holiday destination. If you too are planning to visit this beautiful state, here is a definitive post-COVID travel guide for you, including entry requirements, safety measures, things to do and more. 

Entry To Goa

Entry to Goa has been opened for all tourists without any restrictions under the Unlock 4.0 guidelines. Here is everything you need to know about entering Goa:

  • Interstate and intrastate movement is now allowed in Goa
  • No COVID-negative certificates or e-passes are required to enter Goa.
  • Travellers do not have to undergo 14-day long home isolation or quarantine on arrival at Goa
  • Temperature checks will be done for all travellers at the entry points 
  • Make sure you have downloaded and self-assessed on the Aarogya Setu app before leaving for Goa

Staying In Goa

Under the newly introduced guidelines by MHA, Goa has reopened several restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, beaches, etc. with strict safety precautions in place. With separate SOPs and guidelines issued for hotels, restaurants, workplaces, schools, cinemas, etc. the Goa government is making sure all their residents and visitors stay safe. 

Reopened Hotels

Over 650 hotels in Goa have been reopened with various safety measures in place. The government of Goa has issued enhanced SOPs and guidelines for rooms, restaurants, common areas, etc. in hotels. This includes temperature checks during check-in, social distancing measures, modified sanitization techniques, etc. to keep all guests safe.

What Happens If You Show COVID Symptoms While Your Stay At Goa

If you happen to show COVID-symptoms while your stay at Goa, you must first inform your hotel or resort manager. Alternatively, you can also contact the nearest healthcare facility or hospital for immediate help.  

Local Transport

Local transport in Goa has resumed fully with various safety measures in place. This includes buses, taxis, autos, etc. It is mandatory for all to wear masks and adhere to social distancing when on-board public transport. 

Safety Measures

  • Various guidelines and SOPs have been released by the Goa government for public places, water activities, beaches, parks, etc. and the same are being strictly adhered to. 
  • Water activity operators are taking smaller groups, sanitizing all equipment before each use, are encouraging online payments and advanced bookings and are collecting self-declaration forms from their customers. 
  • Spitting at public areas is strictly prohibited across Goa.
  • Wearing masks and adhering to social distancing is mandatory for all in public areas and transport. 


  1. Go Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the most exciting activities to do in Goa. Glide in the air and witness the majestic panoramic views of the blue seas that surround Goa. The activity also enables you to stay away from the crowd and safe.

  1. Trek To Todo Fall

Todo Fall is a hidden gem near Panjim. Trek along the trail to this waterfall and explore the lush green forests that house a huge range of floral species. Make sure you wear your masks and adhere to social distancing in the group during the trek to stay safe.

  1. Go Scuba Diving 

Explore the aquatic life in the ocean surrounding Goa with a scuba diving session in Malvan. Guidelines for this thrilling water sport have also been issued by the government and are being strictly adhered to across Goa. 

  1. Go Kayaking In The Backwaters 

One of the most under-rated and fun activities to do in Goa is to go Kayaking in the backwaters of the state. Explore the lesser-known lush green forest areas of Goa as you kayak around the backwater streams. The best part- you will be naturally distanced for the crowds and stay safe throughout.

  1. Learn Surfing

Goa is one of the best places in India to learn surfing. Pick a surfing school of your choice here and learn how to surf with the experts. Surfing also enables you to stay away from the crowds and safe.

Packing List For Goa

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a big change in our everyday life with the introduction of masks, gloves and hand sanitizers as everyday essentials. When packing for a holiday in the new normal you must include the above and a lot of other things in your bag now. Here is a list of all the essential items to be packed in your bags:

  • N-95 masks: Keep yourself safe throughout the trip with N-95 masks. Make sure you carry at least 3 of these to be able to change and wear alternatively. 
  • Gloves: Keep a pack of disposable gloves (used for medical examinations) with you to keep your hands from getting contaminated. When used, dispose of them carefully and responsibly.
  • Hand sanitizer: Always keep a hand sanitizer with you, in case you’re not able to wash your hands frequently. This will help you get rid of any germs and viruses on your hands and avoid infections.
  • First-aid Kit: In case, you catch a fever or show other symptoms and are tested negative for COVID, you would need regular medicines to treat yourself. Keep the essential medicines with you in a first aid kit to avoid any hassles in a foreign country.
  • Extra clothes & a bag: Just to minimize the risk of infection even further, you can keep an extra pair of clothes that you can wear while travelling on flights or at the airport. Keep this pair of clothes packed in a ziplock bag after use, if it’s not possible to wash them. 

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