The Ultimate Post-COVID Guide To Bali

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused countries throughout the world to close their borders for tourists due to safety concerns. Although, as the situation gets better, various countries have started reopening their borders for international travellers. One of the very first countries to welcome foreign national travellers is Indonesia.  

Bali, one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world has reopened various tourist attractions with strict safety measures in place. The island is now open for all Indonesian foreign travellers. If you’re planning to visit this stunning island, here is a post COVID travel guide for you including entry requirements, things to do and a packing list!

Entry To Bali

  • Entry to Bali is currently open for all foreign national holding any kind of Visa i.e. Official Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Visitor Visa, Temporary Stay Visa, Official Stay Permit, Diplomatic Stay Permit, Temporary Stay Permit, and Permanent Stay Permit.
  • Those applying for a visitor visa or a temporary stay visa will also require a VIsa approval from the Director-General of Immigration and must have a sponsor. 
  • Visa approval will be obtained by acquiring the following:
    • A negative COVID certificate from an authorized authority in their home country.
    • A declaration letter in English declaring that they will be bearing the expenses for the mandatory self-isolation or medical treatment at an accommodation or designated health facility if they test positive for COVID on arrival or if they show any symptoms of the virus.
    • A health insurance or travel insurance or a declaration form stating that they will be bearing all the expenses if they test positive for COVID during their stay in Indonesia.
    • Proof of sufficient funds of US$10,000
  • All travellers will have to go through a quarantine period of 14 days on arrival at the accommodation or a designated health facility.

Staying In Bali

The number of cases in Bali as compared to other areas in Indonesia remains quite low. The recovery rate of the island also stood at a whopping 78% in September 2020. This combined with the various strict safety measures taken in hotels, attractions and all public spaces make Blai a great holiday destination to visit in the new normal. 

Reopened Hotels

  • A majority of hotels and resorts in Bali have reopened with enhanced safety measures in place.
  • The Bali Hotels Association has issued an enhanced set of standardized guidelines for all the hotels reopened in Bali. The guidelines are a part of a worldwide industry enhanced set of health and safety protocols designed to provide a safe and clean environment for all hotel guests and employees.
  • This includes guidelines around face masks, social distancing, introducing contactless options where possible, reservations, payments, check-ins, enhanced hygiene protocols, contact tracing, sanitization, etc.
  • The hotels that successfully adhere to the issued enhanced protocols by BHA are also receiving a certificate to prove their adherence to the protocols and guidelines. 

What Happens If You Show COVID Symptoms While Your Stay At Bali 

If you happen to show any symptoms of COVID during your stay in Bali, the first thing you must do is inform the hotel or resort manager and isolate yourself. Alternatively, you can also call the COVID emergency hotline at 119.

Local Transport

Local transport across Bali has resumed with strict safety measures in place. This includes trains, buses and taxis. The capacity of all local transport vehicles ahs been reduced and sanitization and hygiene of all stations are being taken extra care of. In taxis, only 1-2 passengers are allowed. It is mandatory for all to wear maks and adhere to social distancing in public transport.

Safety Measures

  • Tourist attractions, museums, parks and beaches have reopened with strict safety measures in place and reduced capacity.
  • Cinemas, restaurants, bars all across Bali have been reopened with safety measures.
  • Wearing masks and adhering to social distancing in public areas is mandatory for all.


Here are 5 things to do in Bali in the new normal:

  1. Relax At The Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach in Bali is one of the best places to enjoy the picturesque sunset views of Bali. Sit back and soak in the sun in the day and enjoy a sundowner at this beautiful beach with your loved ones. Make sure you stick to the safety measures by wearing maks and adhering to social distancing.

  1. Visit The Ulun Danu Temple

The Ulun Danu Temple is a Shiva Temple in Bali popular for being a temple that floats in water. This beautiful temple has been reopened for the public with various safety measures like thermal screening, reduced capacity and mandatory mask-wearing and adherence of social distancing. 

  1. Witness The Tegalallang Rice Terraces

The beautiful Tegalallang Rice Terraces are a must-visit in Bali. Wander away from the crowd to these lush green gardens to enjoy some quiet time in nature. The rice terraces also home various zip lines and swings for those perfect Instagram-worthy pictures of your Bali trip!

  1. Visit The Tanah Lot Temple

The Tanah Lot temple holds great importance to the Hindu religion and is an important pilgrim for Hindus all over the world. The temple has now been reopened with enhanced safety measures to keep the visitors safe. Witness the beautiful rock formation on which the temple stands and the clear blue waters that surround it- all while sticking to the safety guidelines of the temple and staying safe. 

  1. Visit The Tukad Cepung Waterfalls

Thi ethereal waterfall in Bali is one of the most beautiful and picture-perfect places to visit in Bali. The glistening rays of the sunlight and the flowing water here will make you feel like you’re living in a dream. The waterfall is absolutely safe to visit for travellers while maintaining social distance and wearing masks.

Packing List For Bali

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a big change in our everyday life with the introduction of masks, gloves and hand sanitizers as everyday essentials. When packing for a holiday in the new normal you must include the above and a lot of other things in your bag now. Here is a list of all the essential items to be packed in your bags:

  • N-95 masks: Keep yourself safe throughout the trip with N-95 masks. Make sure you carry at least 3 of these to be able to change and wear alternatively. 
  • Gloves: Keep a pack of disposable gloves (used for medical examinations) with you to keep your hands from getting contaminated. When used, dispose of them carefully and responsibly.
  • Hand sanitizer: Always keep a hand sanitizer with you, in case you’re not able to wash your hands frequently. This will help you get rid of any germs and viruses on your hands and avoid infections.
  • First-aid Kit: In case, you catch a fever or show other symptoms and are tested negative for COVID, you would need regular medicines to treat yourself. Keep the essential medicines with you in a first aid kit to avoid any hassles in a foreign country.
  • Extra clothes & a bag: Just to minimize the risk of infection even further, you can keep an extra pair of clothes that you can wear while travelling on flights or at the airport. Keep this pair of clothes packed in a ziplock bag after use, if it’s not possible to wash them. 
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