Safe Travels: How Bihar Is Ensuring Safety & Health For All Visitors

With a drop in COVID-19 cases, the world has already begun to lift travel bans and open lockdowns and is prospering like never before. India itself has emerged as a much safer place and is finding the pace back after a long-hauled pandemic. 

Of the many Indian states, Bihar has already gotten back on track and is now ensuring that all its cities are safe to travel to. Following a strict lockdown of several months, the government of Bihar decided to unlock most of its attractions back in July. With this unlock began the process of vaccination, and till now a huge amount of Bihar’s population has been vaccinated. 

Additionally, all the attractions that see significant tourist footfall have been under the supervision and proper social distancing and sanitization have been carried out from day 1 of unlock. From buses to stations and from cafes to hotels, every place in the cities of Bihar is being monitored perfectly and working on making themselves even safer. 

In fact, in the current times, the COVID-19 cases in Bihar have also dropped majorly, which has further resulted in proper unlocking. Now, people can visit Bihar freely to resume their travels and explorations. 

To make your traveling experience even more safe and more fun, we at Thrillophilia have curated some “Know Before You Go” points. Once you go through them, the picture of how Bihar is ensuring safety and health for all visitors will become much clearer for you. 

Do you Need a Negative RT-PCR Report?

If you are traveling from Delhi, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Punjab, you will be required to submit a negative RT-PCR report which must not be older than 72 hours. In addition to this, you might also be asked to take an 11-day long quarantine. 

Other than this, anyone else planning a trip here does not need to have a negative RT-PCR report if they are partially or fully vaccinated.

What to Check Before you Travel?

  • Check where you are traveling from as people from Kerala, Maharashtra, and Punjab need a negative RT-PCR report. 
  • Check if you are vaccinated against COVID-19. If you haven’t had at least one dose of vaccine, you can enter with a -ve RT-PCR report. 

What Safety Measures and Precautions are Being Taken by the Government?

Ensuring your safety and well-being, the local bodies have taken major decisions related to the risk of COVID-19. The government has imposed various rules and regulations to keep in check the rise of cases and for this, various precautions have been taken. By reducing the capacities of cafes, buses and many other places, they have reduced the chances of contractions to 50% and less. 

Installation of hand sanitizers, checking of body temperature and less crowd at public places had been made mandatory, which has further resulted in much safer surroundings. 

As of now, all shopping malls, religious places, cafes, restaurants, and hotels are functional and can accommodate people. Even the parks and gardens where kids can be seen playing are running normally. 

What Precautions Should be Taken by Travellers?

From carrying personal hand sanitizers to maintaining proper social distancing, each and every traveler can do a lot from their end. Below is a list of some precautions which you can take to make your journey even safer:

  • Get your vaccinations done on time.
  • Get your tests done if you feel unwell as fully vaccinated people can also contract COVID-19.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet when visiting any place. 
  • Make sure you wear masks and use hand sanitizer in public places. 
  • Always wash hands when touching dirty surfaces and frequently touched items. 
  • Try not to eat when at public places like parks and public transports. 
  • Make sure that you do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth frequently. 

Which Places are Open for Tourism?

All major tourist attractions of Bihar including malls, parks, gardens, and religious places are now open for tourists and are functioning properly. Some of the places which you will enjoy visiting post covid include:

1. Thai Monastery, Bodh Gaya

One of the most quintessential and beautiful places to visit in Bodhgaya, this monastery is nothing less than a beautiful castle. The culture, the architecture and the customs followed here reflect the beauty of Thai Culture. 

2. Bodhi Tree

One of the most prominent Buddhist destinations, the site of Bodhi Tree is located in Bodhgaya. A visit here will let you get closer to the pious vibe and beautiful architecture. 

3. Glass Floor Bridge, Rajgir

Staying true to its name, this bridge actually has a glass floor, and passing through it is really thrilling. You can watch the dense forest below you and can catch a glimpse of various beautiful scenery from a height of 400 feet above sea level. 

Which Activities can be done?

With the recent unlock, the ban on numerous kinds of adventure activities was lifted. Now, anyone visiting Bihar can take part in a plethora of activities ranging from leisure to adventure. Some activities which one must try when in Bihar include:

1. Tiger Safari at Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Adding the much-required thrill to your vacation, a session of safari at this place is everything you need. If lucky enough, you might get a chance to spot the wild cats and various other animals on this safari. 

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2. Bihar Museum Tour in Patna

By taking this tour, you will be rewarding your knowledge about the history of Bihar. From age-old souvenirs to more than 100-year-old writings, you will find so many things here. 

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3. Ganga River Cruise in Patna

Letting you explore the stream of Ganga from a totally different perspective, this river cruise is truly worth a try. Starting from Gandhi Ghat, this cruise will take you to various famous attractions of Patna including Darbhanga House, Tekari House, Gaighat, and Gandhi Setu.

4. Fort tour of Bihar

While many might think that Bihar is known for its religious places only, this fort tour of Bihar will make sure that you catch a glimpse of the spectacular architecture it has on offer. From the Buxar fort which exhibits the architecture style of 1054 CE to the Deo Fort which lets you roam through its premises, all famous forts of Bihar will be covered. 

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Where can We Find a Safer Stay?

All major stay options, be it resorts or hotels, are open for tourists and are taking every extra step to ensure safety. From installations of the sanitizer booth to checking the temperature of each guest, every safety-related precaution is being taken. Some of the best places which we can recommend to you include:

1. Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort, Bodhgaya

If you are looking for a luxurious stay that is away from the humdrum of the city and provides you with private and cozy accommodation then this is your place. From a pool to a gym and even a special kids play area, they have everything. 

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2. Lemon Tree Premier, Patna

One of the most famous stay options in Patna, the Lemon Tree Premier will ensure your safety with its sanitized rooms and top-notch amenities. The best part about staying here is that the hotel lies close to many famous attractions in Patna

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3. Mahabodhi Hotel Resort And Convention Centre, Hariharpur

Being a centrally located luxury property, the Mahabodhi Hotel Resort aims to provide the perfect accommodation to its guests. From top-notch amenities to an array of facilities, they offer everything needed for a fun stay.

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With all this being said, Bihar has indeed emerged as one of the safest places in India where one can visit without any worries. From social distancing to vaccination drives, the government keeps an eye on everything and ensures that Bihar stays as a safe place for tourists. 

Other than this, if we follow proper guidelines, rules and regulations as travelers, we can easily save ourselves from the pandemic and let the travel lover within us roam freely.

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