12 Places to Visit in Oregon

Beauty, they say, lies in the eye of the beholder. This is particularly true for Oregon as everyone that has beheld Oregon has confirmed its beauty. Blessed with nature’s gift of rivers, trees, mountains, and beautiful coastline, Oregon is the first choice for any traveler that wants to enjoy their vacation.  

What’s there not to love, really? Is it the mountain views, the relaxing atmosphere, or the romantic walks by the beachside? Whatever may be your holiday fancy, if there is one place you are sure to get it all from, it’s Oregon.  

Check this video so you’ll have a better idea on what Oregon can offer.

However, with the many beautiful sites to check in the city, a first-time traveler may be confused about where to start from.

Here are beautiful spots to check out when traveling to Oregon:

1. The Multnomah Falls

The Multnomah Falls stands elegantly tall in its majesty. It boasts of being 611 feet high. You can see the beauty of these falls from afar. To enjoy the beauty of this masterpiece, you will have to move close to it and probably opt for a bath in the fall.

The cascading falls can keep you hooked for a while, especially if you visit Oregon in the heat of summer. If you can’t reach the falls for some reason, you can still enjoy an excellent view if you check from Benson’s bridge. Check here for COVID-19 safety guidelines that will help you stay safe while you travel.

2. Mount Hood National Forest

One of the spectacular sites you can start your vacation from is the mount hood national forest. The forest is solidly rich in natural scenic sites like mountains, streams, and lakes, providing outdoor lovers with different environments for their explorations.

The vast expanse of green vegetation provides horse riders an opportunity to get on the horse and enjoy the gallop. The streams and lakes give you space for activities like fishing, swimming or boating.

You can decide to enjoy the snow-filled mountains with activities like dog sledding, snow throwing, or even skiing during the winter season. Whatever the season, Mount Hood National Forest offers you the best of nature.

3. The Crater Lake National Park

Your vacation in Oregon won’t be complete if you don’t visit this particular park. The landscape of the Crater Lake National Park stands out among the crowd. It is situated in southwestern Oregon.

The intense blue of the lake around the cliff makes it a worthy sight any time of the day. The park provides one of the best hiking and backpacking opportunities. You can enjoy this icy deep blue lake during summer by starting your journey from the Cleetwood Cove.

One of the best side attractions of Crate Lake is that it is surrounded by other fun and attractive sites for further explorations. This means that you can easily move from Cater Lake to these other attraction sites, like the Umpqua national forest.

4. Cannon Beach

If your idea of a nice vacation includes a smooth sandy beach and sea breeze, then you must visit Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach is widely famed as the go-to resort for tourists in northern Oregon. You don’t just enjoy the voluminous beachy sand; you also get to enjoy the view of mountains around it.

A particular mount view that impresses everyone that visits this environment is the Haystack rock. What’s more? Cannon Beach is more than just a beach. It is a whole community that thrives on culture in their restaurants, boutiques, and hotels.

Other side attractions are the Ecola State Park, which is directly on the Northern side of cannon beach. This means as a traveler, you get to enjoy the homey feeling you so much relish even though you are far away from home.

5. Portland

Visiting Portland provides room for different attractive sites like the Washington Park, the Portland garden, and the international rose test garden. One thing that is common to Portland is the gardens.

Each of the beautiful sites mentioned above is decked in flowers carefully arranged in different shades of lovely colors.

The sight of the well-trimmed flower gardens makes it a very romantic place to visit, especially if you are traveling as a couple. It also avails itself as a perfect picnic site for families and lovers.

In fact, to satisfy some of your creative quests, the park also has a zoo and a children’s museum. With the provision of shuttle transport to take you from one side to another, you don’t have to worry about how you will enjoy the whole of the park.

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6. Hood River

Do you have a penchant for trying out new things? Would you like to delight your taste buds with some fresh food flavors, or you just love to learn fast and easy new food recipes? Then, Hood River is for you. The beauty of this site is attached mostly to the river and the valley in the area.

The valley provides different fruit flavors, which the people utilize and incorporate into their food. Aside from their innovative culinary skills, the hood river is also a popular place for hikes, surfs, and bikes.

7. Salem

As the state Capital, Salem is situated in the north-central part of northwest Oregon. One of the things you get to enjoy in Salem is the serene riverside atmosphere. You can enjoy a ride through the town, inhaling the clean breeze.

Towards the western part of the city, you will enjoy the views of different beautiful birds flying at the Baskett slough national wildlife park. Watching the birds could get you so peaceful and motivated. For instance, observing the eagle soar above the winds could inspire you and relax at the same time.

At the southern part of the city is the enchanted forest. The enchanted forest is an amusement park specially designed for children.

You can also get involved in the world beat festival, the county fair, the salon fair, and the Oregon fair. In general, this city promises a thorough traveller’s satisfaction and enjoyment, especially if you visit in the summer.

8. Eugene

Have you heard of the emerald city? You are talking of no other place than the Eugene. This beautiful site is immensely blessed with green vegetation that spreads through the city. The green vegetation is very calming. So, if you are on vacation to relax, Eugene is one of the best places to visit.

You can further indulge in taking longs meditative walks in the parks. It could spring ideas in you that can keep you excited for the rest of your vacation. As a tourist, you can also partake in the yearly Oregon festival, the Scandinavian festival, and the Oregon county fair.

9. Bend

If you need a great place that isn’t seasonal picky, then Bend is your right choice. Bend is the kind of place that offers you something every season. You can play snowboards during the winter, hike in summer, engage in rock climbing and backpacking during spring and fall.

With all these activities for any season of the year, you can be sure your vacation goals will be fulfilled anytime you visit Oregon. Even if you are a wine and food lover, Bend also has something for you.

There are a different array of foods and wines that will definitely keep you coming for more. And if you’ve had your fill of the Bend, you can move from Bend to other natural sites of attraction in the area.

10. Sisters

When you hear Sisters, one of the things you think of is the mountains’ identical features. The town boasts of old fashioned robust architectural design. It also has several programs that are designed to make visitors enjoy their vacation fully.

Some of these programs include the Sisters folk festival and the outdoor quilt show. You can also relax those stressed muscles by visiting the spa house in the town.

11. The Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge leaves you breathless every time you visit it. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or a regular. It has the same effect of leaving its visitors spellbound with the packs of nature’s blessing that fills the place.

It is home to most of the waterfalls Oregon can boast of. This includes Multnomah falls. You can also find amazing trails for hiking and biking.
The River Gorge also makes kiteboarding and surfing a real pleasure. You can quickly get to the Gorge from Portland, another interesting sight to welcome tourists to Oregon.

You may want to enter the Dalles and the Hood River to enjoy the culture and items they have to display in their local shops and restaurants.

12. The McKenzie River

The McKenzie River is notable as the home to several natural attractions like waterfalls, jogging trails, etc. Some popular views you will get to see include boats and boaters, kayaks, and rafts.

Also referred to as the paradise campground, you’ll definitely want to spend more than a weekend in this fantastic waterway. You can easily access Bend city from here and enjoy sumptuous meals and a great shower.


Without a doubt, Oregon provides the best vacation experience that leaves you spellbound every time you visit. From beautiful coastlines to waterfalls, mountains, rivers, hiking trails, beautiful cities, and fantastic foods, there is definitely more than enough to explore in Oregon. If you ever need a place where you can relax and recharge, then Oregon is the best place to go.

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