Braving the Mount Everest Base Camp: Travelogue by Karen Sharma

When was the last time you traveled somewhere for your own peace? Grinding every day between the 9-5 routine, taking meetings, scheduling calls, balancing social-professional life and striding towards the goal every single day – Did you ever think of seeking solace somewhere with all the nature’s bliss sans the interruption of social media, calls or anything to suck you back in the boring grid?

Well, how does standing atop at 17,600 ft. above the sea level sounds? The place where your soul can rejuvenate itself and a destination which is scaled and braved by only a few people – The Mount Everest Base Camp.

The Woman Who Trekked – Karen Sharma

Karen Sharma, a professional working with Cisco, dreamed and dared the same. Her travelogue is no less than a ‘calling’ for all of us who wants to be ‘called’ by the mountains and leave the urban hustle, even for a while, to embrace the tranquility of nature.

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”Greg Child

“I find solace in admiring nature’s overwhelming beauty, experiencing exhilaration from unique adventures and exploring small yet travel-worthy places”. Answering on why she travels, Karen mentioned that choosing the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek was an impulsive decision which turned out to be her best experience so far.
When climbing down the trek while having touched the Mount Everest Base Camp, she mentions, The feeling of having ‘done it’ was one of the most memorable moments of the trip”.

 The Mount Everest Base Camp

The Everest, as you might already know, is one of the most sought tourist destination known for its beauty, peaks, hills and the adventurous rush. Standing at 29,035 ft, scaling Everest needs a professional skill-set and years of preparations. The next best thing, that most of the trekkers are attracted to, is the Mount Everest Base Camp.

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The Mount Everest Base Camp calls you to the altitude of 17,600 ft. amidst quaint villages, grassy paths, and steep rocks. The trek is one of the dream destinations for many trekkers. When you dare to scale it, you follow the footsteps of mountaineers like Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary.
You should know that the Mount Everest Base Camp is a mandatory stop for even the ones who are on their mission to scale the Mount Everest, where they stay put for weeks before starting their ascent to the Everest.

The Trek Experience

Karen dared to scale the Mount EBC in March 2018. As per her trekking package, she chose to trek in a group. Upon asking, how was her experience with the fellow trekkers, she mentions, “Strangers then, and friends now, my fellow mates made the trek a memorable journey”.
Summing up her daring feat of scaling the EBC, Karen quotes, “After flight cancellations for consecutive two-days, we finally made it to Lukla. During the following 11-days, the challenges of difficult terrain, high altitude, low temperature and low oxygen levels and uncomfortable living conditions contributed to a fair bit of self-discovery. By the end of it, we all wanted to settle down in the mountains and not return to routine life.”

In the 11-day trek, the group trekked through Phakding, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche, Thukla, Lobuche, and Gorakshep, after which we finally reached the Everest Base Camp. Upon their descent, they also trekked to Kala Patthar which is known to be the toughest trek in the whole period of the travel. From Kala Patthar, they got the chance to experience the surreal view of The Mount Everest’s peak.
Few of the highlights of their journey included staying at Namche Bazar, visit to the Namche Museum, Tengboche Monastery, Lobuche River, a short hike to explore the views of Mount Lhotse, Mount Makalu and Mount Cho Yu. They also got chance to trek through the Dudh Koshi River.

Trek Memories

Recalling one of the memorable incidents, Karen laughs and narrates, “While on the way to Phakding, Parth Joshi, the universal savior in our group, heard a goat bleating and mistook it to be trapped amidst the trees. He jumped over the wall, almost diving into the dangerous cliff, to respond to this cry for rescuing the goat, only to find out that the little goat was enjoying her grazing time!”
“The indescribable beauty of God’s creation, the struggle to choose our meals, the drive to overcome all odds, the laughter we shared, and so much more”, – Karen on what she’ll miss the most about the trip.

Karen wrapped her trip with lots of memories, self-discovery, and friendships for a lifetime. The experience to trek to the Mount Everest Base Camp, as she quotes, is one of the best so far for her. Although, she put an emphasis, that anyone who treks should always follow the trek lead’s instruction and be wary of the medical arrangements.
Being one of the nation’s largest travel aggregator, we organically are exposed to lots of travel stories like that of Karen. Hence, believe us when we say – every travel you dare to unexplored lands, leads to a self-discovery

We are lucky to receive hundreds of travel monologues from our customers and there is one thing typical – everyone packs memories and realizations on their trips. So, take a break from the routine you are stuck with, get on the adventure you always wanted to, ditch the urban for a while and explore the tranquility of solace somewhere in your bucket list.
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