Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board Signs MOU with Thrillophilia to grow Adventure Tourism in State

Thrillophilia and Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to boost, Adventure Tourism in the State.
As part of this MOU, Thrillophilia will act as a knowledge partner to MP Tourism Board in building the state as a hotspot of adventure. Many new camping sites and adventure activities will be built across the state, and besides this a gamut of activities such as jungle safari, hiking, nature trails, trekking, midnight star gazing in the jungle, camping, canoeing and many other signature experiences that Madhya Pradesh Tourism industry has to offer to adventure seekers, will be available on Thrillophilia.

The scope of adventure activities in Madhya Pradesh is as vast and diverse as the state itself. The state has many waterfalls, wildlife and national parks, mountains, dense forests and water bodies which provide great outdoor and adventure opportunities for all.

As a knowledge partner to MP Tourism, Thrillophilia will work closely with the MP Tourism board to build and boost adventure experiences whilst adhering to high quality services, providing training to the local vendors, building up sustainable adventure tourism for the long run, setting up camping sites and
organizing several adventure events which will open channels for the travelers to visit the state. Through their robust platform and technical framework, Thrillophilia will ensure hassle-free online booking over the website and mobile application which will help in boosting state tourism as well as create seamless experience for adventure travel operators across the state.
“Our goal is to set-up around 100 adventure campsites in our state, so that everyone can come and experience the great outdoors of MP which has for so long being hidden from the eyes of the globetrotters,” says Dr. Manoj K. Singh, Director – Adventure Tourism of MPTB. These adventure and
camping sites will be bookable online with various other activities on Thrillophilia’s digital platform to help travelers explore various choices of tours, adventures and activities.

“The state has gained attention of globetrotters and adventure seekers due to easy accessibility as it’s located in the centre of India and its outdoor and adventure friendly terrain which provides great opportunity for diverse activities,” says Abhishek Daga, co-founder of Thrillophilia. He further adds, “Our aim is to grow adventure tourism in state to unlock a new destination for all the adventure seekers of the world. Madhya Pradesh has the true potential to become heart of adventure travel and we are glad that we have got this opportunity to work with MPTB on project of this scale”

Thrillophilia is acclaimed as Asia’s biggest Outdoor Travel Company with its services widespread across 200+ cities in India and 25+ countries of Asia. It is one of the biggest marketplaces and online booking platforms with an inventory of 10,000+ travel experiences. 3 Million travellers use Thrillophilia every month to plan trips. With deep expertise in the fields of adventure, online marketing and technology, Thrillophilia is successfully delivering enthralling experiences to its customers for years.

The Heart of Incredible India: Madhya Pradesh is a destination of culture and encompasses heritage of various religions such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism etc. along with a line of monuments and exquisitely built forts and palaces that are making the state the most happening destination of tourism in India. With majestic forts, colorful streets, scintillating art work, thrilling mountains, picturesque villages and fine history, Madhya Pradesh is truly a destination worth exploring by all travel enthusiasts.

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