How GoPro Is Changing The World Of Instagram

It is true that Instagram has brought upon a revolution in the way travel and adventure are perceived
worldwide. It has emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms in recent times. With its appeal and friendly user-interface, it has attracted not just the youth but people from all walks of life.
Be if pictures of exquisite cuisines or adventure tales, people upload it all on Instagram.
Some of the famous people who have built their Instagram account around amazing GoPro shots are Mitch Bergsma| (@micbergsma) , Alessio De Sanctis(@leavventuredibrotha) , Ric Netto(@ric.netto), Pergliamici.Barto(@pergliamicibarto) and many more.

Here are The 6 Reasons How Instagram Is Impacting Instagram Lovers:

1. Getting Paid To Travel!

The good quality pictures and impressive storytelling has also helped users gain followers and turn into Instagram influencers, who earn by traveling the world and photograph—yes, you heard it right! Getting paid to travel—now, doesn’t that sound exciting?
Who doesn’t like name, fame, and money coming their way due to traveling and uploading pictures?
There is no rocket science here!

2. The Secret Is High Definition Captures

It’s the good quality pictures that have contributed largely in the making of Instagram influencers. Let us give credit where it is due: the DSLR cameras are now becoming a
concept of the past, thanks to compact cameras like GoPro, which produce an equally excellent quality picture for you.

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Flying w #DRACO . . . This was actually pretty hard to do. Long/short – @mike_patey had to fly his badass bush plane ‘Draco’ as dirty as possible (slow and steep) while @scottpalmerair and I had to fly at max performance to match up. As soon as we had proof of concept, @gopro sent out a couple buds to help capture the flights and here is the edit. It took us roughly 10 attempts to line it up and make it happen. . . . If you’re not following @mike_patey go check him out. He’s an innovator in the aviation world and he holds many accolades for his accomplishments – the dude’s one of a kind. . . . Thanks again to Mike and everyone else involved in making it happen. What a ride!

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3. A DSLR In Your Pocket!

And, we would reserve a big chunk of the applause for GoPro – the most loved gadget among travelers today. GoPro has taken the Instagram world by storm.

  • It is easy to operate
  • It does not occupy a lot of space
  • It is inexpensive
  • And, most importantly, the results it produces in the form of high definition pictures and videos are truly beyond ordinary.

In short, GoPro produces Instagram worthy captures that will impress your Instagram followers. And that is certainly why you will not come across a travel bloggers who do not carry a GoPro.

4. Cannot Imagine A Feed Without GoPro Captures

We spend hours every day scrolling our Instagram feed because no other task feels as interesting as
rummaging through pictures and videos of snow-blanketed summits, deep blue oceans, golden sand
dunes, and delectable food shot on GoPro. The way this tiny, revolutionary camera has contributed to
making Instagram livelier, more interesting and colorful is simply commendable. You just cannot imagine an Instagram feed without the products of GoPro action cameras.

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📍Jaisalamēr, India🇮🇳 ⠀ Hey Whaaat upppp instagram! I'm traveling Thar Desert in India with NEW @gopro @goprojp Hero7✈️🌍💎Shaky video is dead! New ability amazing time waaaarp!! TRY TRY TRYyyy! 4K60fps📸 It's gonna be smooth😝😝⠀ ⠀ GoPro Family Camp の翌日から、インド・ジャイサルメール ➡︎ タール砂漠に来てます🐫🏜🌞 island wavesぶりのてっしー @lifeplayintessi とインドで再会!砂漠のど真ん中で 新しい GoPro Hero7を使ってシューティング📸!⠀ ⠀ どんな映像が出来るかはお楽しみに!気温は40℃を超えていて、夏が止まらないどころか加速してる☀️ 2年ぶり、世界一周ぶりのインド!気をつけて旅して来ま〜す🐒

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5. Made People Live Their Dream Life

Another way how GoPro has positively affected the social media scenario all around the world is by
letting the countless number of people live their dream life where they explore and let their followers
explore all of it through their Instagram feeds. Many travel bloggers and food bloggers claim that they
probably would not be able to do what they are doing if it weren’t for GoPro, which is pretty believable.

6. Step Up Your Photography Game With GoPro

It is your time, now, to take the world by storm. Ditch your DSLR and go for this exciting gadget, which
allows breathtaking slow-motion videos, action videos, and ultra-wide pictures that fascinate us each
time we enter the realm of Instagram. It will help make your travel tales memorable not just for you, but
for your Instagram followers as well!

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