7 Road trips where the journey is as beautiful as the destinations

The definition of a TRUE WANDER depends on your willingness to take risks and travel to offbeat travel destinations in a manner no tourist would prefer. This distinction is what makes you the ideal traveler, who wants to see a destination in a way never seen before.
Over the years, road trips have become extremely popular for travellers who like to experience a place differently, without falling in the touristy traps. The idea of a road trip revolves around how well you can adapt to your surroundings, culture, food habits, etc., and enjoy the place just the way it is. There are no fancy places to stay in or comfort food to dig into, and yet you get the essence of comfort because you are able to dig into the local cuisine and sleep in a tent or a motel overnight instead.
So here are seven road trips you must embark on this year in India and abroad, because these destinations are best experienced through road trips.

1) A Leh Ladakh Road Trip will Set You Free


Some road trips are evergreen. No matter how many times you go on a trip as this, the charm of the journey never wears off. Such a road trip awaits you on your way to Leh Ladakh, which you can encompass from Srinagar or Manali. If you start from Srinagar, the journey takes you on the Srinagar-Kargil-Lamayuru-Leh route, covering a distance of 434 kilometres. The route via Manali takes you via Keylong and Sarchu on your way to Leh, covering 476 kilometres. See the best of the Karakoram and Himalayas on this trip, which takes you across steep slopes, crystal lakes, ancient monasteries, clear blue skies and what not!

Why we recommend this road trip:

Nothing beats driving by snow-clad mountains and deep gorges of the Himalayas. Encounter the thrill of driving on this dangerous road, staying in tents, cooking by a bonfire, and spending your nights under a starry sky.

2) Discover Country Wine and the Rugged Beauty of South Africa’s Route 62


For someone hopelessly in love with country wine and rural towns, this is a perfect road trip to go for your bachelor’s trip. The Cape Winelands have stretches of vineyards that you can drive by when you take Route 62. Also known as the Wine Route, the place would seem rather dry and wild, dusty and complete in its wilderness. You can find miles of scrubland, rural towns, and vineyards as far as the eyes can see along this route, which is unlike anything in South Africa. You can enjoy two road trips via this route, and you can choose whichever one you prefer; one is Cape Town-Oudtshoorn, covering 420 kilometres, and Langkloof-Port Elizabeth, covering 134 kilometres. This trip is perfect to enjoy the South African country life and interact with the local people on your way. You can bathe in hot springs, dine at cafes and diners along Route 62, and enjoy the beautiful land. So set out to embark on Route 62 for an amazing trip this year by Winning a FREE TRIP TO SOUTH AFRICA

Why we recommend this road trip:

The Wine Route is all about discovering the country lifestyle of South Africa. Enjoy the homestays, roads, diners, and hot springs. The best of South Africa now lies a drive away.

3) Drive by Rajasthan’s majestic Forts and Splendid Sunsets


Rajasthan is an ideal place to start that road trip in December, when the days are tolerably hot in the state, and nothing beats a chilly winter’s night by a bonfire. The best way to start the trip is to get on a flight to Jaipur. Once you reach Jaipur, equip yourselves with bikes or a car, whatever suits the mood. You can then start your trip by visiting the highlights of Rajasthan in this order: Ajmer, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Mount Abu, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, and if you are curious about the ghost town of Bhangarh, put it in the list as your last stop before you head back to Jaipur to catch your flight back home. This is a really long trip and would take you approximately two weeks and cover a total distance of 1494 kilometres.

Why we recommend this road trip:

This trip is your way to discover ancient stories and wander through the bygone era of forts, kings, and queens. Enjoy the uniqueness of Rajasthan by visiting the best of its palaces and forts during this trip.

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4) Rediscover God’s Own Country like Never Before

Kerala is a haven for road trips that will be some of the best memories of great vacations taken by you. Start by catching a flight to Cochin. From Cochin, you can now begin your exciting trip by going to Alappuzha, which is just 53 kilometres from the state’s capital. From Alappuzha, you can now make your way to the tea estates of Munnar (175.5 kilometres), the serenity and beauty of which is bound to make your road trip memorable. Once you have enjoyed the beauty of the hills of Munnar, you can make your way to the Periyar National Park located in Thekkady (94 kilometres). So make your road trip memorable by being a true wanderer, and travel the hills and coasts of Kerala and get a chance to win a FREE Trip to Kerala. Kerala is best visited from September to March.

Why we recommend this road trip:

Lush greenery on either sides of the road, the quietness of country life, and exotic local food. Kerala is an adventurer’s dream come true.

5) Drive to India’s Party Capital from Mumbai


No road trip in India can get better than the Dil Chahta Hai road trip, the one you embark on with your guys. So head on this 609-kilometre trip on your bikes or a convertible and feel yourself already conquering the world. Go for the trip in the winter months, preferably from November to January. Goa is not just meant for spending all your time lounging in the resort or on the beach. There are some amazing places that are best seen on a trip like this, such as the Dudhsagar Falls, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort, Se Cathedral etc. Be a part of an adventure by setting out on this Bollywood-style road trip.

Why we recommend this road trip:

The ideal road trip that lets you wind down while you drive through stretches of palm and coconut trees, sipping on chilled beer on your stops and heading to the party destination.

6) Discover the Land of the Thunder Dragon


Bhutan is the best place closest to India where you can go on a road trip without worrying about anything. The cultural similarity will put you at ease and you will feel at home right away. Bhutan is best visited from October to December, because the weather is perfectly cool during those months. To begin with the trip, catch a flight to Paro. You can take a car from Paro and set out for Thimphu, which is 51 kilometres away. On your way, do visit the Paro Rinpung Dzong as well as the National Museum, which will give you fresh perspective about the place. Make sure you stay in Thimphu for at least two days where you can tour the city on foot or in your vehicle. Visit the Tango Monastery, which is a beautiful hike up in the mountains. Also visit the Folk Heritage Museum, and Tashichho Dzong. Set out for Punakha from Thimphu (86 kilometres), where you can go to Dochula Pass at a height of 3000 metres. You can see the true beauty of the Himalayas from this place. Also visit Lobesa Village, Chimi Lhakhang etc on your road trip. Embark on a road trip like this one by Winning a FREE Trip to Bhutan.

Why we recommend this road trip:

Discover an interesting country and its culture while enjoying its scenic beauty. The cultural heritage of Bhutan is rich and ideal for travelers with a penchant for history and heritage.

7) Experience Greenery and Wilderness on the Shillong-Cherrapunjee Route


The Shillong-Cherrapunjee tour is about 54 kilometres and is one of the shortest and most beautiful road trips you will ever come across in the country. The journey from the capital city of Meghalaya to the city that receives the highest rainfall in the world, this trip is an exciting roller coaster that will knock you off because of its scenic beauty all around. The lakes, mountains, hills, forests and the stunning wet greenery all around you will seem like a fresh start to something new and amazing. This route is dangerous too, because of the constant rain it receives, but this is what makes it so interesting and exciting too.

Why we recommend this road trip:

The ultimate dangerous road trip because of the weather and terrain. Enjoy the thrill of driving in the rain through forests and steep mountain roads.

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