Explore Top 5 Unique International Plans this Travel Season!

Bored of the humdrum tour packages that take you to the clichéd places and all the usual activities. Looking for something extraordinary that lets you have an astounding adventure for a lifetime? If yes, then it is probably time for you to experiment with your travel plans and take your Instagram feed for a ride with some inimitable and fantastic experiences.

And when you are travelling to find something new for an enriching life, it is only required that you make the best of the resources in hand. While prior research of the places to visit, stay and things to do comes in handy, it’s best you interact with the locals and grab the essence of the place while you are there.
Moreover, to enjoy a unique vacation, tourists should always be ready to look at the world with a fresh lens and gather beautiful memories wherever they go. While experimenting, it’s also necessary to have a travel insurance handy in the instance of things going awry. As important as your travel goals, travel insurance is a must-have for the adventurers and explorers out there.
If you are also looking to make the most of this travel season to mark your footprints in this big world, find inspiration from the following travel plans that we have specially curated for you.


Capture the bustling energy of England as the ICC cricket World Cup 2019 becomes the highlight of the cricketing world this year. Enjoy a memorable vacation in this country and make the best of both worlds by enjoying the tourist places and catching a thrilling game in between! So, while Kohli and Dhoni are gearing up to knock the balls out of the park, why should you wait to plan a vacation this season to England?

Vevey, Switzerland

Nothing is worth missing that occurs only five times in a century! Well, if you are young and wild and looking to have an adventure with a once in a generation festival, Vevey is among the best places to visit in the world this year. Switzerland is having Fete des Vignerons which is an enthralling celebration of wine in the Lavaux region. The three week extravaganza is a dreamy adventure where you can walk through the vineyards and have your wine o’clock for the whole day.

Cairo, Egypt

Hunt down the historical mysteries with the unveiling of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza Plateau. Hailed to become the world’s largest museum celebrating a single civilisation, this museum is going to have a display of more than 50,000 artefacts. Some of the popular exhibits to look out for when you are here includes King Tut’s six chariots and 3,000-year-old funerary bed, and the colossal views of the pyramids and Sphinx through the museum’s glass facade.

Isla de los Estados, Argentina

Fancy to know what lies at the edge of this land we live in? If yes, huddle for an adventurous journey to explore this world in a unique way and join National Geographic Expeditions’ “Patagonia: Chilean Fjords and Argentina’s Staten Island” adventure cruise in 2019. Offering a glimpse of some enthralling landscapes comprising of forests, mountains and waterfalls along with the playful penguins, water birds and sea lions. One of the best places in the world to appreciate the raw beauty of nature, Argentina is a place which should definitely be on your bucket list.

Berlin, Germany

Gear up for an extravaganza of art and culture when Germany celebrates 100 years of Bauhaus school of design this year. Known for its wonderful interdisciplinary approach for amalgamating crafts with fine arts, architecture and design, this centennial event is surely not to be missed this year. All the events promise something unique for the visitors and let you admire art in the most fantastic way in Berlin.
Chosen your unique plan and destination to have a nerve-wracking time in an unknown land? Well, make it a hassle-free experience with your tickets and visas in place, and make your travel plans smarter with a travel insurance so that you can explore the best places in the world without any worries!

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