Bihar For Solo Female Travelers: Places To Visit & More

“Travel alone and you travel on your terms” has made most of us a fan of solo travel. From getting to do whatever you want, to eat whatever you wish to, there are several benefits of traveling alone. At the same time, a solo travel session comes with numerous concerns and things to be kept in mind. 

From looking for a trustable stay to opting for a safer transportation option, women usually have to take severe steps to ensure their safety before venturing on an escapade.  When thinking about places in India where solo female travelers can visit, Bihar should find a way to your list, because this place is way safer than some of the most famous backpacking places in India. From its friendly locals to the hospitable businesses, women can explore the cities of Bihar hassle-free. 

Bihar was the place that gave birth to two big religions, Buddhism and Jainism, hence the people here are really religious and will reach every extent to help you. Now that Bihar is one of the least explored, this can also become a plus point when it comes to traveling alone. You can find the best deals, explore places without humdrum, and take part in activities without hoards of tourists.

To make your solo trip to Bihar an easy affair, we have jotted some hotspots which you can cover alone without much thinking. 

Hotspots to Cover as a Solo Female Traveller

Shrines & Monuments of Gaya

Bihar is home to an array of heritage buildings that exhibit the grandeur of the past. The humble locality and the preachings of Buddha combine to make it an even safer place for every person, be it a man or a woman. 

When visiting Gaya, you can easily explore numerous temples, monasteries, and pagodas on your own. You can also find stay options easily or can choose a homestay with the locals to experience a proper rustic vibe.

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Nalanda university

Nalanda University is one of the oldest known universities in India and dates back to prehistoric times. From a Buddhist monastery to age-old ruins, this place is loaded with many architectural marvels. The best part about a trip here as a solo female traveler is that it is located very close to the city of Patna and anyone can complete the trip within a day.

You can easily find buses and taxi services available at the bus stands. To make the best out of your day trip, you can opt for a walking tour of Nalanda University. 

Mundeshwari Devi Temple- India’s oldest Hindu Temple

Located on the Mundeshwari Hills of the Kaimur Plateau, this temple is believed to exhibit some brilliant arts and architecture. Sitting on an elevation of 608 meters, the temple overlooks the Son Canal and makes sure that one gets a chance to admire the surrounding beauty.

Visiting this temple is really easy and you will be accompanied by various devotees from the village below. This place can turn out to be a wonderful spot to enjoy a sunset as well as a photoshoot. 

Tomb of Sher Shah Suri

Located in the Sasaram city of Bihar, the Tomb of Sher Shah Suri dates back to the 1500s. Since it sits in the middle of the town, it is easily accessible and loaded with tourists. If staying in this city, you can easily find a local bus or tempo service which will take you to your desired destination. In addition to this, you will easily find spots worth clicking pictures around the tomb. 

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Vikramashila Museum, Dolphin Sanctuary, & Bhagalpur:

Bhagalpur is one such location where you can take part in an array of activities, that too in a single day. From museums to parks and from tours of silk markets to even visiting a sanctuary, this place is loaded with some of the best activities one can do. Bhagalpur is majorly known for being the biggest exporter of Silk sarees and one can easily take a tour of the silk market.

From hanging out with the local women who make these sarees to taking a walk through the rustic gullies of the town, a wide variety of activities can be done here. Acting as a cherry on the top, the Dolphin Sanctuary further makes your day even brighter. 

Bihar School of Yoga in Munger

Originating from India, Yoga has gained a lot of fame throughout the world. Dating back to ancient times, this practice has been helping the world with a sound body and soul for ages. And thanks to the school of yoga in Munger, now anyone can learn it. From multi-day workshops to numerous small lessons and sessions, you can take part in various yoga-centered events here. 

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The Monuments of Vaishali

Vaishali, a town known for its remarkable ruins, is loaded with some of the prettiest places which can be explored. Whether you are a nature lover or wish to explore the rich heritage of the old cities and spiritual destinations, this city will offer you everything.

Being home to the birthplace of Lord Mahavira, the city of Vaishali is loaded with numerous Jain religious places. You can easily opt for a day trip from Patna to Vaishali and can cover most of its spiritual places while walking through them. 

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Navlakha Palace in Rajnagar

Also known as the Rajnagar Palace, the Navlakha Palace is a true gem if we consider monuments and marvelous architecture. Built back in the 19th century, this palace was once home to the royals and has seen many dramatic celebrations.

Its architecture consists of the brilliance of Mithila Art and exhibits some of the most beautiful carvings and paintings. You can easily take a day trip here early in the morning and can marvel at its appealing beauty from up close. 

Traveling solo might come with challenges for females, but the fact that you get to push your limits and feel your independence makes it worth a try. Ready to head off to your next solo trip to Bihar? Book your tickets, tours and head out to have some fun without safety being an issue. From short to long trips, you can choose whichever you want, since it will be solely your choice. 

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