Best 5 things to do in Mizoram

Mizoram is the most regularly visited holiday destination in India. Most of the tourists come from far of places to witness this stunning state and take home some wonderful memories. The calm and quiet ambiance makes it a perfect place for the visitors who want to spend their vacation in an extremely peaceful way. Mizoram is well-known for numerous attractions like palaces and forts, past and architectural memorials, pilgrimage centers and some of the most admired wildlife are found here.

1. Chapchar Kut Spring Festival

Chapchar kut spring festival


The Chapchar Kut also known as the spring festival is perhaps the oldest festival of Mizoram. During this the farmers cut bamboo trees to make position for seasonal farming. People love wearing colorful traditional dresses and hats made out of beads and the feathers of the parrots. No shoes are worn during this festival. A conventional bamboo dance is carried out where only women participate and the men just sit on the ground and keep on beating the bamboos against each other. These celebrations continue for four to five days.

2. Trek in the Blue Mountain National Park

Blue mountain national park


Another attraction that attracts people to Mizoram is the Blue Mountain National Park of Mizoram. If you are looking for some wildlife and adventure then this is the place. The park is wonderfully placed in the lap of Mother Nature on the hilly peak, which is thought to be the dwelling of Gods Blue Mountain National Park. Before beginning your trekking, you can first travel around the park and feel the thrill and wildlife of the state. By overlooking from the peak of the blue mountain, the tourists can see the picturesque beauty and the hazy white clouds. Blue Mountain National Park is famous for its diverse animal variety that resides here.

3. Dampa Tiger Reserve

Dampa Tiger Reservoir

It is the largest Wildlife Sanctuary in the state of Mizoram and is another attraction for the people coming here. It is to be found in the west part of Mizoram and covers an area of around 550 Sq. Km. The Dampa tiger reserve is home to prosperous Flora and Fauna some of the animals found here are Tiger, Leopard, Indian Elephant,  Gaur,  Serow, Wild boar,  Porcupine,  Sloth bear, Himalayan black bear.

4. Vantawng Falls

Vantawng water falls


The uppermost point of the captivating and enthralling Vantawng Falls Mizoram state lies at a height of nearly 750 feet. It attracts people in large numbers .The plummeting waters of the Vantawng Falls are enclosed by the lush green growth of the bamboo groves. Sightseeing would not be complete in Mizoram, if you do not visit Vantawng Falls. The waterfall generates a seven storey cliff on its fall. The artistic exquisiteness of the cliff with the tumbling waterfall allures travelers who come to this place frequently. The Vantawng Falls are located at a distance of 137 kms from the capital city, Aizwal and attracts lot of people round the year. Travel to Mizoram and have a wonderful travel experience.

5. Visit Luangmual Handicrafts Centre

It is situated nearly 7 km from the chief Aizawl city and is a very popular centre focusing in handicraft items that are found in this area. It is here that the celebrated ceremonial hat, named Khumbeu is prepared using rainproof wild leaves of hnahthial that are found just in the hilly territory. The time taken to reach this place takes just half an hour by car or taxi.

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    major festivals of Mizoram centre on agriculture and have many dances
    associated with them. The three Kurt Festivals are the most significant
    festivals of the state. I think that it is important for tourists to know about
    the entry formalities to Mizoram before they plan their vacation.

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