10 Places in Asia for the Souls who Find Solace in the Adventure!

Asia is renowned for thrilling locations that attract adventure enthusiasts all round the year. If you want the perfect escape from life on wheels and your usual place inside an office cubicle, then you need to get packed for an adventure for your next vacation because these splendid locations will treat not only your eyes but your craze for adventure too! We have listed down some of the best spots for your adventure-loving heart, collected from all over Asia. 
Why these spots count for an adventure heist are the natural elements, by virtue of which, travellers can explore innumerable activities and adventure. Some of the activities which make these places worth a visit are surfing, kayaking, hiking, safaris and more.
Places like Lantau Island in Hong Kong, where you can take a cable car ride to get an aerial view of the city, count in for some of the most exciting travel destinations in Asia. Similarly, you can go diving in Koh Phangan in Thailand, hiking in Koh Phangan, Thailand or explore water activities in North Mal in the Maldives, which will excite your senses and thrill your mood. We know just the right places to make you escape!

Here are some of the 10 places in Asia for the souls who find solace in the adventure:

1. Siargao, Philippines

This island is notorious for its palm trees, which seem to cover every inch of the surface. You will find a swarm of surfers on this island, who come here to relish the beachy waves, supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the Philippines.
The splendid variety of water sports like sailing and kayaking make this place adventurous.

Activities to do

Surfing: From Cloud 9 to Rock Island, you can enjoy some of the best surf breaks over here.

Cave pools: Another adventure activity to indulge in, at this island is the Tayangban cave pools, where you get to float in 15 minutes of darkness, aided only by torchlights.

Cliff jumping: Cliff jumping will raise your adrenaline up by many notches. You can also take a short trip from General Luna up to Sugba Lagoon, where scenic sights surrounded by mountain cliffs await you.

2. Lantau Island, Hong Kong

At first glance, this island is nothing but a lot of Buddhist architecture, some beaches and shopping outlets. It is really when you get down to exploring the island that you come to know about its adventure coves.
The blend of religion and water activities brings together a large horde of adventure lovers to this spot.

Activities to do

Cable car ride: Among the top things to do on this island is a ride on the Ngong Ping 360. This gondola ride gives you a 360 – degree view of the island on a cable car along with a view of the South China sea. You will find yourself exhilarated with excitement when you travel here.

Boating: You will also get a chance to see pink dolphins which are native to this island, you could take a boating tour.

Bridge trail: Another adventure activity to relish on the island is a 70 km long trail that takes you through the highest mountain peaks on this island. With 12 stages of this trail to explore, you can pick your preference of the part which you wish to explore.

3. Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan, Thailand

The fifth-largest island in Thailand relies on ferry rides to help tourists commute from the mainland, on to the island.
The surroundings of this island give a panoramic view of mountain cliffs and the tropical jungles. The diversity of party and adrenaline-pumping activities make this place an adventurous treat.

Activities to do

Diving: Go diving at one of the best sites in Gulf Thailand at Sail Rock. This place is suitable for all types of divers but the best season for a perfect dive is between April to October.

Hiking: One of the best activities to do in Koh Phangan is a hike up Khao Ra which takes around 3 hours of your time and is well worth it. The hike is free of cost.

Cross water obstacles: Another interesting thing to do here is braving an obstacle course, same as the Wipeout show on the television. Bounce and flip all you like because this water-based fun course is going to be one hell of an enjoyment.

4. Bali, Indonesia


Perhaps, one of the most popular island destinations in Indonesia, Bali is home to a hospitable population and culture that many find surprising to discover at a holiday place like this. The variety of sports activities and thrilling locations make this island a must-visit for adventure lovers.

Activities to do

Take the cycle tour: One of the most notorious things that you could engage in while visiting Bali is to take a cycle tour around the rice fields, along with many fun stops in between. Tour companies provide exceptional options for you to choose from.

Surfing: Also known as a typical surf destination, if you aren’t already confident about surfing, you could practically learn it over here. The crowds are thinnest from October to April, which makes it the perfect time for you to perfect the waves and soak the sun rays.

The trail through the monkey forest: The monkey forest in Ubud is yet another adventure walks but only for the most adventurous ones because tales of cheeky monkeys getting naughty aren’t unheard of.

5. Luang Prabang, Laos

Popular by the name of Jewel in Laos crown, this place is a well-preserved space with the traditions and charm of its ancient occupants. This place is a serene mix of adventure, nature and temples.
The wilderness of the place and it’s well-preserved spots are a reason why your adventure-loving heart will find it nice here.

Activities to do

Swim in a shallow pool: What you might have already witnessed in pictures is this 3 tier waterfall with shallow pools, known as Kuang Si Falls which are perfect for a swim. The tropical jungles around this waterfall add to the complete experience that you can experience at this relaxing spot. You can even walk around on the trails which lead to the waterfall.

Hiking: Another adventure activity to explore here is the highest hill, Mount Phousi which stands at 100 meters above sea levels. With 300 steps to the top, you will be thrilled to watch the panoramic views at the top and at the stairs, which are no less than a delight to witness. Also, visit the temples while you climb down from here.

6. Rishikesh, India

Popular as the Yoga capital of the world, there is a fair share of adventure awaiting your arrival at Rishikesh. Right from the exquisite Ganges to the hill laden valleys, there is a thrilling experience that you can get here.
The contemporary blend of sports activities and scenic calm make this a must-visit for adventure lovers.

Activities to do

Rafting: River rafting is one of the most popular activities that adventure enthusiast pick for themselves. Surrounded by lush green forests on either side, river rafting through the Ganges is a splendid experience that you can feel only here.
Air safari: Air safari is yet another adventure sports that you can experience here. The scenic forests, rivers, and mountains can be seen while paragliding or a hot air balloon ride as well.

Cliff jumping: If you haven’t yet gathered the courage for it, be prepared for an exciting cliff jumping adventure along the banks of the river. As the name suggests, you will simply have to jump off a cliff into the river but the excitement from it will be felt only when you do it for real.

7. Sentosa Island, Singapore

This island has covered a remarkable journey in its transformation to an island resort, with beaches hotels and a number of thrilling attractions.
This place is excellent for those who seek adventure above the rest. The opulent and modern mix of adventure that you will find here, is unique to Sentosa.

Activities to do

Oceanarium: Take a trip down the sea into the largest oceanarium on this planet where you will get to see many fascinating creatures under the sea.

Air safari: Sentosa and Faber Peak can be explored via a Cable car sky network that gives you a bird’s eye view of the island and the beaches.

Mega adventure park: The mega adventure park is yet another place where you will find yourself indulging in a number of thrilling activities. From rope climbing to a free fall simulator, there is so much to get your adrenaline running over here.

9. Sabah, Malaysia

Combining multiple landscape features is this island with jungle retreats and coastal beauty is the place to view some of the most unique natural elements. It is popular for multiple ecotourism activities and jungle trails, perfect for an adventure lover. 

Activities to do

Hiking: Reach out to the tallest peak on the island, Sabah’s Mount Kinabalu is a hiker’s paradise. The Kinabalu Park is a UNESCO world heritage site that houses many national parks and tropical biodiversity which is largely typical to this area.

View the sunset: Another remarkable feature to witness while you are here, is the Bornean sunset which lights up the horizon as the sun dips and paints the sky in hues of red, orange and purple. You will also find yourself on a sanded beach here, which lights up in the shades of copper and orange and many islands, which dot the horizon for a spectacular view.

10. North Male, Maldives

Home to some of the best-established resorts in the country, you can easily reach any of the islands here via road or air. With multiple guest houses and lavish accommodation, this one is bound to be a holiday worth remembering.

Activities to do

Water activities: Tourism has exploded on the Thulusdhoo island which has been long known for its coca-cola factory. With good beaches and bridge link to a small island, you will find yourself captivated with typical island features that make this place a magnet for those who live for adventure. Windsurfing, snorkelling, Jet skiing, Scuba diving, and Kitesurfing are popular water activities here.

Ride the Seaplane: One of the most unique and once in a lifetime experiences, you can get to fly over the Maldives and get to view the islands around the Maldives, the marine life and local fishing spots. Not only will you be able to spot the whale sharks, this 20-minute ride will also transfer you to the airport if needed.

11. Hoi An, Vietnam

One of the Well preserved Southeast trading ports in Asia, this town is an exemplary display of buildings and street plans, which will tell you a lot about the history of this place.
The propensity of sites and locations that you can visit and explore without an obstacle is one of the reasons why you will find this place adventurous.

Activities to do

Sandboarding: You can rent a board and set out to roll on the sand dunes during the sunrise when the sand is not too hot. Vietnam is considered to be the second-best spot for sandboarding in the world.

Canyoning: With the right mix of adventure and skill, you will be able to swim, hike and slide down the waterfall and have a thrilling time for yourself. You have the option to choose from a variety of tours for the perfect canyon ride.

Kayaking: Tour boats can take you around the islands, sprayed with mist and flocked with protruding stones from the lakes. This one is guaranteed to raise your adrenaline.

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