10 Extraordinary Things To Do Around Koh Samui

From wandering bag packers to organized celebrities, this mini island is a hotcake for all. It seems a perfect fit for every diverse persona as the vividness goes beyond the boundaries. From the Instagram beaches that look breathtaking to traditionally carved temples and adrenaline-pumping sports, this beauty spot has everything to offer you for an exceptional holidaying experience.
I believe that Koh Samui is one stop that doesn’t leave you with cognitive dissonance of any kind. For it does not turn you bankrupt or let you miss out on something, leaving you wondering if not here, I could be there, however, the truth is nowhere but here!
A humble suggestion – to get the best out of your vacation, plan for the same, post-December till April as these are the months that would let you get suntanned and create a perfect mermaid kingdom underwater.
How to be a part of this dreamland? Well, the island got its own airport! Catch a flight from the capital or Phuket or Chiang Mai and fasten your seatbelts to dive in.
Extraordinary is nothing until you turn it into something like it. While I can only guide a way to do so, you got to take the torch and win the best vacation of your life.

Namuang Waterfall

The creative absurdity of the name is too interesting to know as it refers to the purple shade of water reflected due to the multicolored rocks beneath. You got two varied faces of this waterfall to set your foot in. One is a small pool suitable for fluttering in and another offers you sights worth capturing without any charge. Also, while moving uphill to witness the second face stop by tiny food stalls and gift huts, as I call them.

Fisherman’s Village, Bophut

All you see here is the traditional Thailand ways of living and yes the food, that is ten on ten. As you pass by, you shall come across some wooden homes, back from the two centuries. This place carries a perfect rustic charm and peace, visit if seeking some slow paced time. It is like a scene on a screen where the entire locale is quiet and you can sip coffee in one of the little cafes.

Wat Khunaram, The Mummy?

Would you like to worship a monk in a meditative position, if yes, just know that he isn’t alive anymore. Before your heart thuds loud whilst watching the preserved lord, note that you aren’t allowed to touch the glass case. The body hasn’t degraded and there is no sign of it till date. Kneel down as you are sure to be enlightened and reflect on life as you move out the gates of this religious institution.

Geez! The Reptiles

A bit creepy but fun is the croc and Lizzy show, I just eased down on the names to make them sound not so creepy.  The crocodile farm is a residence to vivid reptiles where some brave hearts put their hands, feet or entire head inside the mouth of death, well just to entertain you. Playing with snakes and holding their fangs teasingly is another show you must witness. A little pun, do not forget to wear your crocs.

Shoot Your Heart Out At The Shooting Range

Don’t put your guns down, keep firing and let the aim fall! Take a short session to train your mind and body for some real bullets and then you get to choose your weapon! Sounds fun yet? The buffet has revolvers, pistols, rifles and some semi-automatic weapons to choose from. Get set to test your accuracy while you shoot some paper targets, it’s all safe as the instructors do not leave your side. Both beginners, as well as advanced shooters, are welcomed in the premises.

Tour The Capital Of Koh Samui

Do not skip this and I bet not a lot of folks would even know about it. Nathon Town is one of the best places to grab some souvenirs as the Chinese shops here are pretty reasonable and offer authentic goods to choose from. The attractive bit is the gold in huge amounts being sold at affordable prices, I am sure I do have your attention now. Located nearby a port, no plane takes you here.

Lipa Noi Beach, Not Every Beach In Samui Is Wild

More of a relaxing and laid back locale, Lipa Noi is not a party and buzz-filled beach.Considered to be a safe wide nature’s pool for kids, you shall witness families in herds here, of course, the ones not up for Chaweng. The shallow waters are playful and get deep only when you cross 100 meters forward. Have a long walk across the sands and try some lip-smacking seafood being served at various restaurants along the way.

Shop Until You Drop, A Night Bonanza

Wait for the dusk to turn darker and then step out to see the lights that are sure to light up your face. Two favourites for witnessing the night bazaar are Lamai night walking street and Chaweng Night market. More than shopping, the idea of doing the same at night fascinates the tourists and also me. It’s an experience worth trying as it is perky in all ways, by the time dawn strikes forget you spent and justify your splurges.

Kayaking Tour To Angthong National Marine Park

Grab an oar and crisscross it battling the water currents and navigate wherever it suits you. Explore the surrounding tiny islands along the way or identify some secluded spots to have a water break. One of the finest activity for solo and duo, this tour is a must to include in your extraordinary bucket list. Some other kayaking tours, you can opt for are Koh Tan and Koh Mudsum, the first one is one of its own kind though.


If scuba diving and snorkeling fail to charm you, grab a kiteboard and surf on shallow waters. Mind the jellyfishes, rocks and speed boats for a smooth and safe surf. Get set for some action as a kiteboarder harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water. It is as adventurous as it sounds without a doubt and if there is still a tinge of worry watch the images.
There is a lot, apart from the above mentioned to witness and lay hands on in Koh Samui, however, this curated list does not comprise of what’s already been heard of, the aim is to travel for the least explored and bring it into the limelight. For all the flash that has been covered, let’s see what hasn’t been clicked yet.

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