(Last Updated On: February 10, 2020)

A software professional working in Hyderabad, Sudeshna Dash, has always been bitten by the travel bug. The zeal to see new places may not have come easy while studying, but once she got financially independent and working away from home, she could see her dreams of travel getting manifested more often. Encouraged by her own independence and her dreams, she decided to get her bags packed every chance she got to go out and explore this beautiful world.

Having always dreamt of doing adventure sports and trekking the Himalayan Ranges, Sudeshna planned her first trek with Thrillophilia this year in April. And, after a successful and well-deserved trip, she is sure there will be many more to follow. The link of the tour that made it all happen for her and her friends is mentioned below: https://www.thrillophilia.com/tours/triund-trek


When asked as to why she chose this particular tour amongst the many that was available to her, Sudeshna said, “We were planning to trek any Himalayan range and since it was our first time, this trek was the best option to start with.” Also, she describes this trek as heavenly and says she will recommend this tour to everyone who is keen to trek the Himalayan ranges.


Traveling with friends-

Sudeshna travelled with her two friends and says traveling with friends makes the journey easier and memorable. Along the way on the tour they met many wonderful people whom they got along well with too. She says, “With heavy bags to lift, we trekked along with a couple, some college students, and some working professionals, and started this journey by being total strangers to celebrating the life together with a bonfire. Nothing could beat that feeling.”

Sudeshna’s epic trek at Triund-

Sudeshna and her friends started this trip from the city of Mcleodgunj and started their 9 km trek to Triund. One of the most scenic treks, Sudeshna describes her riveting journey in her own words as such- We were 3 girls who started this trip on a whim and left our hectic jobs and our strict bosses behind to experience all the fun that laid ahead of us. With dreams in our eyes, we reached the place from where we were supposed to start. There we met more people who joined us on the trek- an adventurous couple, a bunch of college girls and two other girls who were equally excited. We had to walk a short length to collect our packed lunch, where some thought we had actually started on our trek journey, which we could have made in a cab too. Some took the cab while the rest walked to experience the whole length of the trek.


Little did we know that the trek was not as easy as we thought it to be with steep pathways, narrow roads, extreme climatic conditions, etc, we faced it all. When we started off it was very sunny, but after we covered almost 3 kms, the winds changed and we started shivering with the chill in the air. From profuse sweating to shivering, the trek changed its course. Our guides were quite helpful to keep everyone together. Bollywood music, Gatorade, chocolate bars were a life saviour. With 1 hour left to make it to the top of Triund, we thought we made good progress, but nature had its own plans.

We stopped to rest in between and catch up on our breaths and then the rains started pouring along with hail. We waited a while to let it up, but it kept pouring and soon the tents started filling up and we had only enough space to keep ourselves partially dry. And in no time, the whole green path looked white with hailstones.

And we knew that the trek had changed its course once again. After waiting for an hour, it took us another hour to reach on top and being too tired and famished, we were in no mood to enjoy the natural beauty. But soon enough, Triund took over our morbid thoughts with its ethereal beauty and we felt as if we had reached heaven on earth.

And we knew that the trek had changed its course once again. After waiting for an hour, it took us another hour to reach on top and being too tired and famished, we were in no mood to enjoy the natural beauty. But soon enough, Triund took over our morbid thoughts with its ethereal beauty and we felt as if we had reached heaven on earth.

And then the whole group joined around the bonfire, playing music, dancing to the tunes, chatting, etc. We got the best dinner meal from the organizers and the next morning we reluctantly started our trek down on our way back. It took only half of the time to trek down than it took us to reach up there”.

Most memorable part of her journey-

The trek was only a day long but she says, “the best part of the trip was the feeling you get on accomplishing such an amazing trek and the opportunity to view the ethereal Himalayan range. I could have just sat there admiring its beauty for ages to come”.

Sudeshna’s list of things to do before making your trek in Triund-

This trek changed the whole outlook towards life. Sudeshna tells us that to make this trip a memorable one, one must tackle this with the least expectations and most openness to change. These are some of the things she says one must remember before starting on this trek-


  • “Trek is difficult but not impossible.
  • Water is the most essential thing to carry.
  • Carry raincoats, winter clothes and summer clothes because you never know what will come your way.
  • Prefer trekking with a group, it is the best experience.
  • Enjoy the trek journey also, don’t just concentrate on reaching your destination.
  • Carry sufficient energy bars or chocolates to keep you energized all the way.
  • Talk to your fellow trekking mates, everyone has a beautiful story to share.
  • It is a little uncomfortable sleeping in tents, and using dry pits for washroom but can be easily managed.
  • Do not waste your time in the tents. Enjoy the natural beauty outside however cold it may be.
  • Music is the best energise. Always carry your favourites on your trip.”


Her most memorable part of the trip-

Everyone has a takeaway from their own journey. Whether a revelation about themselves or a memory they fondly look back on. Sudeshna mentions when asked about hers, “one of my friends, who was also my travel companion, is on the heavier side and she was very slow in walking but would talk nonstop. Teasing her while competing with her in walking was the most memorable moments of my trip. And the one thing that I will miss the most in this trip is just sitting on the grass and admiring the surrounding, snow-clad Himalayas.”

Some fun facts from Sudeshna’s travels-

When asked about her journey on her travel plans, she says-I mostly do all the planning for our travels since my friends get less opportunities to do that. I prefer staying in hostels to get the real traveller feeling. And I love to walk mostly than chasing after cabs which irritates my fellow travellers.”


Sudeshna’s bucket list-

Like any other travel enthusiast Sudeshna has her list of places to visit and things to do at the soonest. Following are a few from her bucketlist-


  • Trek to any glacier
  • Skydiving
  • Scuba diving


Her Favorite Quote-

Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul!”

This adage completely resonates with Sudeshna and she tries to live by it.