(Last Updated On: February 8, 2018)

Fill her life with the tenderly strokes of love and romance, pour your heart, emotions and make it an everlasting memory for her! Promise to be the best partner and cuddle her with your unconditioned love and romance; make the coming years, a reason to cherish for the rest of her life!

Take her to some of the most beautiful destinations around the globe and make her feel how special she is for you! Here is a list of 20 experiences every woman deserves from her man; pick the best for the lady of your life:

  1. Romantic Dinner at the Eiffel Tower, Paris:

    m_Paris 3

    m_Paris 2

    Mark the beginning of your journey with a romantic visit to the Eiffel Tower! Don’t let the love and romance in you just grow; make her feel it while holding her tight in front of the Eiffel! Also, make the evening more desirable with an exotic dinner!

    m_Paris 1

  2. Take Her on a Sail in the Grand Canal, Venice:

    m_venice 1

    If you are wondering how to make her feel your unconditioned love, take her on an evening gondola boat ride in the Grand Canal, Venice. The twinkling city lights on the shores, serenity, peace and romance flowing on the water will surely make her feel the warmth and affection of your love!

    m_venice 2

  3. An Evening in Santorini, the Balcony to the Aegean Sea:

    m_Santorini, milos 1

    Take her in your arms, hold her tight and let her feel your love while witnessing the mesmerising views of the sunset in Santorini Island. The magical views of the sea cuddling the sunrays, the calmness of the vicinity; what can be the better than this to make her feel special!

    m_Santorini, milos 2

  4. Take Her Shopping in the Grand Bazar, Istanbul:

    m_Istanbul 1
    m_Istanbul 2

    One of the largest as well oldest covered markets in the world, the Grand Bazar in Istanbul can be the dream destination of any women! In the coming years, take her to this market and let her pick up all her desirable fancies; make her feel, nothing’s worth more than her smiles and happiness!

    m_Istanbul 3

  5. Do Nothing on a Trip to La Digue Island, Seychelles:


    Precious and cosy gifts can’t always make your love grow more and more! At times, when she finds your love cosseting her in the surreal and splendid beaches of the La Digue Island, she just makes it her luckiest moment!


  6. Enjoy African Safari at the Kruger National Park:

    m_Singita 1

    If both of you are equally in love with the Mother Nature and its magical beauty, Kruger National Park should be your next destination! Witness and enjoy the stunning beauty and the exotic wildlife of the park; curate some of the best memories with her amidst the enchanting beauty of the nature.

    m_Singita 2

  7. Define Love and Romance in Bora Bora, French Polynesia:

    m_bora bora 1

    Bring out the essence of each other’s company in the most romantic way in the Bora Bora Island! Spend pleasant times on the beach, go snorkelling with each other, adore the stunning beauty of the sea on a sunset cruise and have a tryst with the turquoise lagoons!

    m_bora bora 2

  8. Stroll around the Charles Bridge, Prague:

    m_Prague 1

    Let the love and romance follow both of yours footsteps as you stroll over the Charles Bridge in Prague. Considered as one of the most romantic bridges across the world, a walk on this bridge will instantly make you both fall in love with the old world charm of Czech Republic.

    m_Prague 2

  9. Visit the Venice of East Udaipur, Rajasthan:

    m_Rajasthan 1

    On your next trip, take her to the ‘Venice of the East’ or the ‘City of Lakes’ and make her feel the warmth of your love! One of the most romantic cities in the world, everything about Udaipur, its stunning lakes, glorious forts and magnificent palaces, and the royal resorts are filled with the aura and charm of eternal love!

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    m_Rajasthan 2

  10. Do the Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

    m_buenos aries

    Fondle and caress your holiday in Buenos Aires, enjoy awesome cuisines and tap your feet like a pro tango-dancer. Arise and awaken the love between the two of you and make your trip memorable and ever-cherishable!

  11. Romantic Holiday in Borneo Island, Malaysia:

    m_Borneo- For the Nature Loving Couple

    With the passing day, plan a trip to the stunning Borneo Island and introduce her to the mesmerising beauty and appeal of the nature. Offering an array of activities to embrace love and romance, this island is adorned with pristine beaches, wildlife, misty forests and much more to make your holiday an eventful affair.

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  12. Swim with the Dolphins in Oahu Island, Hawaii:

    m_ohau 1

    A Hawaiian holiday with the lady love of your life; she really deserves this! Do not just amaze her with this trip, but also take her for a snorkelling tour with the charismatic dolphins in the Oahu Island and let your love do the rest for you!

    m_ohau 2

  13. Be Lazy at the Beaches of San Sebastián, Spain:

    m_San Sebastian

    Ever imagined, how you cuddle up your holiday by being lazy? If not, take this trip with your girlfriend, dedicate all your time for her, accompany her to the surreal beaches of San Sebastián and introduce her to the stunning sights; witness the magic by yourself!

  14. A Journey Called Life in Maldives:

    m_Maldives- For the Beach Loving Couple 1
    m_Maldives- For the Beach Loving Couple 2

    Love hits you once…and the rest is called Life! Why not make this journey of yours, the most celebrated and memorable phase of both of yours’ lives? Escape to Maldives with the love of your life and embrace the beauty and charm of togetherness!

    m_Maldives- For the Beach Loving Couple 3

  15. Spend Special Moments on the Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam:

    m_Vietnam- The Culture Loving Couple 1

    If your better half is a beach person, the Nha Trang Beach in Vietnam should undoubtedly be one of your favourite destinations. While on this sandy retreat, delve deep into the sea and swim along the exotic fishes, enjoy cable car rides and with the advent of the evening, take her for the most romantic candle light dinner of her life!

    m_Vietnam- The Culture Loving Couple 2

  16. Promise her all the Happiness in Angkor Wat, Cambodia:

    m_Siem Reap

    With the first rays of the sun adorning the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia and creates a magical spell, promise her all the happiness in life, eternal love and togetherness forever. Make her feel, what you feel for her and she will surely show you the way to her heart!

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  17. Enjoy Solitude and Sunset at Koh Pha Ngan Beach, Thailand:

    m_Koh Phangan Island

    Escape from the bustling streets, groovy lanes, loud crowd and take her to the tranquil Koh Pha Ngan Island. While you both have so much of thoughts and moments to share, why just let others disturb your togetherness! With the end of each day at the beach, enjoy the stunning sunset views and wish for a tomorrow that brings you more love and romance!

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  18. Relax and Rejuvenate in the Lap of Nature, Indonesia:

    m_Indonesia- The Scenery Loving Couple

    Make your holiday an everlasting memory of your life with a trip to the Kampung Sampireun Resort in Indonesia. Let the love and romance grow while you both enjoy the serenity and the myriad list of offerings of the resort!

  19. Fall Freely from the Sky in Queenstown, New Zealand:

    m_queenstown 1

    Give wings to the love and romance between the two of you! If both you and your partner are the kind of adrenaline junkies, and your love is defined by your adrenaline level, skydiving in Queenstown is a must for both of you!

    m_queenstown 2

  20. Wine Tours in Montreux, Switzerland:

    m_monturex 1
    m_monturex 2

    Treasure every moment with the love of your life in Switzerland! Take her on a wine tour in Montreux and give her a million reasons to smile and take the spirit of love and romance higher than before.

    m_monturex 3