Women on Wheels Biking Through Magnetic Madhya Pradesh

Why settle for a mainstream tourist sightseeing when you can have a one of its kind adventure ride? “Tigress on the Trail’ is one such thrill that brings travel, rather say, safe travel to you again! An initiative launched by Madhya Pradesh tourism in association with Department of Women and Child Development, HDFC bank and Thrillophilia. It aims to provide an unforgettable and safe experience to tourists, particularly, women, who love to explore the new and unseen! The MP tourism board recently flagged this adventure off with an all-women bike expedition that covered approximately 1500 kms, kickstarting a thrill that only gets better.

women bikers in Madhya Pradesh

About the Event

The high-spirited bikers started their journey from Saira Sapata on 19th of November 2020, and went on to cover national parks like Pench, Kanha and Bandhavgarh along with the abundant beauty of various other tourist destinations in Madhya Pradesh. The journey ended after a splendid morning at Khajuraho Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The idea behind this initiative was not only to explore the adventurous side of the state but also to experience the rural and cultural side. The close-knit community and the warmth that lies within is surreal.

Sheo Shekhar Shukla, Principal Secretary, Tourism, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh and Managing Director,  MP Tourism Board said, “’Tigress on the trail’ is a comprehensive effort to promote tourism and at the same time inspire women and solo travelers to tour the diverse land. Madhya Pradesh is indeed the heart of India. Through this collaborative effort with an expert agency, we welcome  tourists to delve into the wilderness, culture, architectural beauty, history and other attractions the  state has to offer.”

The women bikers showed a vivid age diversity as they went from 21 to 57, with just as much zeal and enthusiasm.

The Week Long Expedition

The fleet of bikers travelled through villages, bagging conversations with rural communities,  capturing visuals as they went from one heritage site to another and enjoying their time with the delightful folk performances by local artists. One of the highlights of the itinerary was the women visiting Pachdhar Pottery Village in Pench, where they engaged with the native community known for their enviable skills on manual pottery wheel.

wildlife safari in MP

To spread the word that women are safe in Madhya Pradesh, the group traversed every nook and cranny of the state on wheels. What better way to motivate women and travel enthusiasts in such a time, while they voice a remarkable change in the tourism picture of MP.  This programme is sure to inspire and grow for many years to come. You tour across the enthralling jungle and observe the wildlife of the state in its most magnificent form. As and how the bikers progressed with their journey through cities, picturesque roads to the offbeat terrains and the destination unknown, the adventure became fascinating as ever. 

Silvana, a biker from Italy said, “The sense of security and freedom in Madhya Pradesh is commendable. ‘Tigress on the trail’ is an extraordinary and empowering initiative by the tourism board of the state and Thrillophilia. I am glad to be part of such a program. This is an unforgettable  experience carried out in the safest and most enjoyable manner by the tourism board of the state.”

The itinerary draws a distinct and exceptional 6 days trail of Madhya Pradesh, where the bikers get to move around the plains, captivating jungles, heritage monuments, and thrilling roads with scenic views of the state. A team of medical experts and staff to ascertain their safety as they enjoy  accompanies the fleet.  

exploring MP

Why You Should Look Forward to the Event?

‘Tigress on the trail’ is not only about the safety of women but also about the safety of travelers in general as they wander carefree in times of Covid 19. The sanitized stays are located at some of the most spectacular properties of the state. The room comes with a view to make your mornings extra beautiful and the entire space is equipped with all modern amenities as your comfort is paramount.  Hygiene is an important part of these stays; the rooms are cleaned and disinfected on an everyday basis. Apart from this, you get to savor the roller coaster ride of flavors in the meals as a part of the package and the mouth-watering local cuisine as you travel. 

The force of 15 received an award for riding approximately 1500 kms at the end of the tour. The journey was unparalleled and hassle-free because of the daily health checkups, sanitization of the vehicle, appreciating this opportunity, travelling consciously and having the time of their lives.

According to Sonia Meena, Additional Managing Director of MP Tourism Board, “‘Tigress on the trail’  is a special initiative as these 15 women are not only exploring the exquisiteness of Madhya Pradesh but also get to acquaint with the rural and cultural aspect of different tribes, places and experience the unbeatable hospitality of the people. With the help of this effort, we wish to motivate travelers, especially women, to take a leap of faith, trip to MP, observe the beauty and warmth of this place and create unforgettable memories with us.”

The need of the hour is to boost tourism through such innovative and exclusively curated experiences for travelers. After all, most memorable experiences are the ones where we step out of our comfort zones and say yes to experiment. People believe in stories more than anything else does. The idea of such experiential travel is to motivate travelers to engage with the place, the people, capture candid moments and propagate the tourism through their stories.

To refuel the enthusiasm in travel fanatics and set an exemplary tour for everyone we need to curate more such programs. From hustle and bustle of the city to waking up in the peaceful rural villages, from participating in wildlife safaris to appreciating the architectural grandeur, every day is full of adventure and unexpected turns here.

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