10 Activities that Makes Hong Kong a Must Visit Destination With Your Friends

Hong Kong is a travel destination that needs to be visited with a bunch of friends. The exciting city offers many opportunities for every member of your gang, be it foodies, adventure lovers or nature geeks! The young and vibrant spirit of the city is captured in its wide range of outdoor spaces where you can experience the thrills offered by the many theme parks spread in and around Hong Kong. The city has everything from impressive water rides to hair-raising roller coasters!
When visiting Hong Kong with friends, you can spend an evening cruising on a traditional-styled junk Aqua Luna or go Kayaking at Cheung Chau Island. If you enjoy nature-based activities, then you can go hiking at the Lantau Peak or trek the scenic Geopark. Canyoning down the beautiful Ping Nam Stream or rock climbing at the majestic Black Crag are also some activities that will be a hit among the adrenaline junkies!

Here are 10 activities that makes Hong Kong a must-visit destination with your friends:

1. Climb to Lantau Peak

Lantau Peak is the second-highest peak in the country and a hike up to the summit is as adventurous as it sounds! The entire hike can take up to two hours, one-way and involves a mostly uphill trail to the 934-meter  high peak.
It is an excellent place to catch stunning sunsets or sunrises, surrounded by sprawling hills from all sides. You can also plan to stay at an accommodation in Ngong Ping to start the trek early and then enjoy a picnic at the top. On your way down, you can also stopover at the magnificent Big Buddha statue made out of bronze.

– Enjoy a stunning sunrise at the peak
– Make a picnic at the top
– Visit the Big Buddha statue 

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2. Canyoning At Ping Nam Stream

If you and your friends are adventure freaks and do not mind a bit of exercise, then a day spent canyoning at Ping Nam Stream can prove to be one of the most memorable in Hong Kong. You can enjoy swimming, diving and water sliding down several streams, waterfalls, pools and rock formations at Ping Nam.
The beautiful rising several meters in height, not only provide excellent diving opportunities but also offer spectacular views. Although you can go canyoning at Ping Nam throughout the year the most rewarding time is in the summer months where you can beat the heat by plunging in the cool waters.

– Excellent dive locations
– Trek through an unadulterated natural landscape
– Waterfalls and pools for swimming 

3. Biking and Kayaking in Sai Kung

There is no better place to enjoy cycling and kayaking in Hong Kong than in the quaint and removed peninsula of Sai Kung. Dotted with old fishing villages, the landscape is largely dominated by volcanic rock formations, turquoise waters, and densely vegetated nature parks.
You can take your bike and traverse the many paths that criss-cross through the area, taking you through sandy beaches, forested hills, and vibrant street food markets. Kayaking in the waters that surround the peninsula is another major attraction in the area. You can go kayaking at the picturesque Hoi Ha Beach or the Chong Hing Reservoir, among many other places.

– Cycling through various nature reserves
– Kayaking along the coastline
– Visit the quaint fishing villages
– Enjoy local seafood

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4. Night Paddling at Cheung Chau Island

Night Paddling at Cheung Chau Island

Cheung Chau is a small island in Hong Kong which combines its peaceful atmosphere with a lot of fun activities like kayaking, night markets and street food. Night Paddling at Cheung Chau is particularly exciting because of the bioluminescent algae that light up the shoreline in the evenings.
As you paddle, you can also enjoy stunning views of the lit Hong Kong shoreline in the distance. Apart from the breathtaking natural beauty, the place also has an exciting history. It is believed to be the secret hideaway of the notorious pirate Cheung Po Tsai from the Qing Dynasty, dating back to the 17th century.

– Kayaking through bioluminescent waters
– Visiting famous night market at Cheung Chau
– Discovering the history of the place

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5. Rock Climbing Experience in Black Crag

Just outside the bustling city of Hong Kong, you can test your endurance if you decide to take on the challenge of climbing the Black Crag. The natural rock formations at this magnificent cliff offer excellent climbing opportunities to both novices and experts.
You can start your climb early in the day and ascend the granite to experience beautiful views at the top, minus the crowds. The summit offers spectacular views of the island and shimmering water. Since Black Crag is easily approachable, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular places for rock climbing in Hong Kong.

– Scenic views of the surrounding greenery and water
– Excellent rock climbing activities
– Sunset and sunrise point 

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6. Experience the Geopark Hiking

The best place to experience nature in Hong Kong’s vicinity is to visit the Geopark which was opened in the year 2009. The park has several trails, including the ones in which you can walk past spectacular volcanic rock formations, sandy beaches and old fishing villages.
The lush green trails offer a pleasant break from the busy city and its towering skyline. When on the trail, you can also stop by one of the many small villages and get a glimpse into the culture and history of the place and its people. The geopark also has a museum dedicated to the fishing community which can be visited to learn more about the place.

– Scenic views of turquoise waters
– Old volcanic rock columns and structures
– Ancient fishing villages
– Museum and displays on the fishing community
– Stunning coastline

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7. Go on a Sunset Cruise on the Aqua Luna

Enjoy scenic sunsets over the bustling city of Hong Kong as you ride a part of its history. A sunset cruise on the Chinese Junk, Aqua Luna operating in the Victoria Harbour gives you all this and much more!
Aqua Luna has been built using age-old techniques, under the instructions of a 73-year-shipbuilder. Apart from taking in the views of calm waters on one side and that of the city’s skyline on the other, you can also shake a leg! Aqua Luna is owned by the Aqua Restaurant Group and it reserves two decks for the guests to party and enjoy scrumptious food. You can also opt to go on morning or evening cruises with stops at places like Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Wan Chai and Hung Hom.

– Ride atop a historic-style Chinese Junk
– Admire the skyline of Hong Kong from Victoria Harbour
– Enjoy drinks and food on the cruise
– Party on the deck as you sip on a cocktail

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8. Marina Based Theme-Park, Disneyland Hong Kong

Marina Based Theme-Park, Disneyland Hong Kong

Visiting Disneyland with friends is another excellent idea for a day out when in Hong Kong. Disneyland offers everything from entertainment, food to a comfortable stay. The theme park offers some exciting rides and experiences like Jungle River Cruise, Rafts to Tarzan’s TreeHouse to interactive displays like Animation Academy.
From thrilling drops like Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway, Hyperspace Mountain and Iron Man Experience to water rides like Geyser Gulch and exciting spins on the Cinderella Carousel, a day at Disneyland is packed with fun and laughter. Whether you are young or old, there are rides suited for every age. Once you are done with the rides, you can also take a break to enjoy delicious food at one of the many restaurants.

– Water slides, big and small drops, spinning wheels
– Eateries and restaurants
– Hotels and accommodation 

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9. Rides at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park

Ocean Park, Hong Kong is an enormous theme park which can easily make for a fun day out with your friends. It is home to some of the most thrilling rides and roller coasters including Hair Raiser, Arctic Blast, Raging River, The Abyss and more! Apart from the rides, the park also organizes animal interactions including Adventures in Australia with Koalas, Amazing Bird Theatre with exotic birds and Arctic fox in the Arctic Den among others.
Ocean Park also has some exciting trails, including Emerald Trail, Expedition Trail, etc. which have been designed to give you an immersive experience, bringing you close to nature.

– Thrilling roller coasters
– Dedicated rides for all age groups
– Interactions with animals from around the globe
– Fun shows and displays
– Restaurants and eateries 

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10. Experience the Different Tastes of Hong Kong 

A food tour through the metropolitan city of Hong Kong is always a fun idea as it offers a plethora of eating options; be it different cuisines or novel locations. You can enjoy a traditional Cantonese meal floating in the water atop an old-fashioned Junk or visit a street food market to enjoy local specialities.
Hong Kong has everything from happening night markets to plush fine dining restaurants where you can enjoy some scrumptious food. When in Hong Kong, you can also indulge in a vast array of cuisines including Japanese, Korean, Indian and other South Asian cuisines.

– Enjoy traditional Cantonese food
– Dine on a Junk, eat at night markets or 5-star restaurants
– Drinks and food at sky bars

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