Top 13 Scenic Selfie Spots Of Bihar For Your Instagram

It is believed that the history of Bihar stretches back to the dawn of civilization in India. The state prospered the seat of majestic empires, such as the Magadha empire. Through the years, Bihar has developed into a renowned historical destination with a variety of cultural practices. As we live in the era of post-empires, Bihar is witnessing the fusion of several cultures and traditions.

Bihar has also been an important religious center, as it gave the world two essential religions – Buddhism and Jainism. Naturally, this offers modern-day travelers very scenic monuments and heritage cities to explore in Bihar. To add to that, Bihar is also rich in natural beauty, with ample waterfalls, rolling hills, and ancient caves to explore.

With this travel guide, we widen the potential to discover an essential gem from India’s hidden treasure map. So, brace for all the content-worthy places that you can add to your selfie collection, YouTube vlogs, IG feeds, and everywhere else!

1. Ruins of Nalanda University

In Bihar, one of the most important sites is the Nalanda University, one of the oldest universities in the country.  It is a perfect reminder of the glorious Gupta and Pala period. It is believed that Mahavira spent 14 monsoon seasons here, as he was the last Jain Tirthankara. 

In Nalanda, Buddha is reported to have given lectures near a mango grove. One of the most famous Chinese travelers, Hieun Tsang, visited and stayed at this education center for two years. Several famous travelers, including I-tsing (a Buddhist monk well known for his travels and translations), stayed here for about ten years. Although Nalanda is now in ruins, it is still well worth a visit for a glance into its previous glory.

For budding photographers interested in landscape photography, Nalanda’s ruins offer a beautiful backdrop.

Timings – 9 am to 5 pm.

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2. Bodhgaya and the Mahabodhi Temple

Bihar’s Gaya District is home to the Buddhist pilgrimage site Bodh Gaya. Known for the Mahabodhi Temple, it was here under the Bodhi tree that Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment.

UNESCO has designated it as a World Heritage Site, and other countries, including Japan and China, have contributed to the construction of pilgrimage facilities for the visitor. Pilgrims from India and abroad visit the site throughout the year to pay their respects to the monasteries, temples, and remnants of the Bodhi Tree.

If making reels is your kind of leisure activity then this place definitely has the best scenic vistas.

Timings – 7 am to 7 pm.

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3. Japanese Peace Pagoda, Vaishali

The Buddh Vihar society’s 125ft-tall peace pagoda was built with the Japanese government’s cooperation and was excavated in 1969. The stupa is surrounded by greenery and holds a serene pond where you can spend some leisure time boating and relishing the fresh air.

You will definitely boost your Instagram feed with this picturesque Japanese Peace Pagoda that is set in a scenic location.

4. Sher Shah Suri’s Mausoleum

The Tomb of Sher Shah Suri is located at Sasaram in the Rohtas district of Bihar. The tomb of Sher Shah Suri is an example of impressive ancient architecture. A large open courtyard, high domes, and pillars are typical of Indo-Islamic architecture, while there are also hints of Afghan architecture in the building.

This is a beautiful, three-story structure (approximately one hundred and twenty-two feet high). An artificial square-shaped lake surrounds it.

It is a destination not to be missed by travel vloggers due to its exemplary architecture and rich history, which can be narrated in videos.

Visit Here: Sher Shah Suri’s Mausoleum

5. Ruins of Navlakha Palace

Navlakha Palace lies in ruins near Madhubani in Rajnagar, Bihar. It is said that this palace was severely damaged in an earthquake that struck the city in 1934. There has never been any renovation done to this palace after it was destroyed. Despite so much damage, the palace is still one of the most beautiful palaces in the world. The palace complex consists of gardens, ponds, and temples.

The budding photographers are surely going to fall in love with this place as it has several spots where you can click several Insta drooling pictures.

Timings: 9 am to 7 pm

6. World Peace Pagoda, Rajgir

Vishwa Shanti Stupa (also known as the world peace pagoda), which was built in 1965, is a 40 m stupa that stands atop Ratnagiri Hill about 5 km south of town. The stupa contains four golden statues of Buddha – one of each representing a step in his life.

You can take a single-person chairlift to the summit, where you will enjoy expansive views of the hills and a few Jain temples scattered about. There is also a Japanese peace pagoda nearby that reverberates with the rhythmic sounds of meditative drum beats.

If exploring and sharing it with the public is your job then do explore Vishwa Shanti Stupa and make several videos that could be shared on your IG tv.

Timings: 9 am to 4 pm

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7. Barabar Caves

In India, Barabar Caves are regarded as the oldest known rock-cut caves. These majestic caves date back to the Mauryan Empire and are certainly among the best places to see in Bihar. There is evidence that these caves were used by members of the Ajivika sect, although Buddhist and Jain art is preserved here. Each Barabar Hills and Nagarjuna Hills cave is beautifully polished and contains articulate decorations and inscriptions over its walls and ceilings.

Barabar caves are an ideal location to shoot your next reels and you can even share the marvelous art preserved here on your feed to get in the limelight.

Timings: 10 am to 3 pm

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8. Silk City of India

Bihar has another famous city Bhagalpur which is known for its silk sarees. Bihar is indeed a land of art in all forms. A large portion of Bhagalpur’s economy is dedicated to handicrafts and handlooms, and these produce fine silk, fine tussar, mulberry, and Matka silk.

Bihar has some exotic items that are worth shopping for. You never know what you’ll find in Bihar.

When you are at Bhagalpur don’t forget to make a video of the weavers weaving the silk saree and share it with your friends over Instagram

Timings 9 am to 5 pm.

Visit at: Silk City of India

9. Valmiki Tiger Reserve

It comprises the Valmiki Tiger Reserve and the Valmiki Wild Sanctuary; the park’s total area is approximately 880 sq. km. Valmiki Nagar, a small town in the forest area, gives the park its name. The only way into the tiger reserve is through Valmiki Nagar due to the dense forest cover in the region. The tiger reserve shares a border with the famous forest of Chitwan National Park in Nepal.

If wildlife and clicking pictures of the animals in their natural habitat attracts you then this is surely the best place to capture the picture of animals in their natural habitat.

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10. Valmiki Nagar Elephant Safari

Experience an enthralling elephant ride in Valmiki Nagar with your friends and family. Enjoy this thrilling elephant ride through the forest for an interactive safari experience that will allow you to witness the best flora and fauna of the region. It is a golden opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to see these innocent animals in the natural environment.

Book Your Safari: Valmiki Nagar Elephant Safari

11. Dolphin Sanctuary

The Vikramshila Dolphin Sanctuary, located on a 60 km stretch of the Ganges river in Bihar, is India’s first dolphin observatory. Overlooking the Ganga, the observatory is located on the Sultanganj-Aguwani Ghat bridge. It was an initiative taken by Bihar to promote ecotourism. This sanctuary has attracted a lot many tourists as it’s a fun activity to watch them bounce to and fro in the blues.

Dolphin Sanctuary is definitely very shocking and thrilling for Indians so travel vloggers surely can shoot some great content here.

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12. Ghora Katora

There is a beautiful lake near Rajgir called Ghora Katora. In the past, horses of Rajgir’s kings drank water here. There are three mountains surrounding the lake, and the lake has the shape of a horse. A pagoda that symbolizes world peace is located nearby.

The lake looks picturesque and is an ideal destination surrounded by hills. To reach there, tourists use horse carts, tongas, and bicycles. Boating can be enjoyed here among all age groups. All one can hear is the sound of wind and water at this very relaxing spot.

So on your trip to Bihar don’t forget to visit Ghora Katora and click some beautiful portrait photos to brighten up your Instagram feed.

Travel to: Ghora katora

13. Lauriya Nandangarh

There is a historical town in the state of Bihar called Lauriya Nandangarh, which is located 22 kilometers away from Bettiah. A unique feature of Lauriya Nandangarh is its Ashokan pillar, which contains six Ashokan proclamations.

The Mauryan polish used on the pillar, even after so many years, still maintains its radiance and sheen at a height of more than twelve meters. A lion is crouching on the top of the pillar and is surrounded by six Ashokan edicts that Emperor Ashoka issued in 244 BC.

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So, since you know the various places to visit in Bihar to click some great Instagram photos and experience matchless adventures, it’s high time to book the tickets and enjoy a breathtaking vacation in Bihar!

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