How I convinced my family to travel solo?

Our family is the one who dream of the world for us, but they often fear the world will be too much for us. They are our nurturers, well-wishers but sometimes the ones who hold us back from the dream. Maybe they fear for us getting lost in our wanderlust. However, it’s not fair to dismiss their fears.
I know that because it was really not a piece of cake when I tried to convince them that I wish to fly off solo on my next rendezvous with travelling. There were a hundred questions and it was a tough ride to quell their fears when they were hit by my decision.
Despite all that, I was determined by my plan to travel solo and had done my planning to score their approval. It was necessary that they were reassured by my next course of action and lent their support when I needed them the most.
We all have faced difficulty and had our test of convincing skills with our parents when it comes to travelling solo. And believe me, it is as hard as convincing them to opt for humanities in a world that aspires to be a doctor or engineer or telling them about the guy you love and want to marry in a society of arranged marriages.
So, I put all my skills to use and when they said ‘yes’, it was a victory that gave me happiness more than what I have ever got from winning a race or getting a job.
There is no foolproof guide to convince our families when it comes to diving into the oceans and climbing mountains alone. But I can take a leaf out my book and list out the steps in my first journey towards solo travel here

1. Assuring them of safety



Our folks tend to get all dramatic when they are hit by an unknown fear. They had seen us grow and made all their efforts to keep us safe and sound. So, when they imagine us venturing into unknown lands, they are swayed by their fears.
Therefore, it’s only imperative that they trust you to do nerve racing things. I started by taking self-defence classes and choosing my destinations wisely so that they know I am safe out there. In this age, I am glad now we also have innovative products like travel insurance to make the best of our vacations. Hence, a win-win for both me and my family.

2. Backing up the finances

It’s one thing to ask your parents for support and another one to be dependent on them. I knew I was never going to be a burden on them for my dreams and also in any unlikely event if things go downside. I plan my travels in advance and use various sources to be always ahead in this department. Well, being a student of commerce teaches you a thing or two.
Now I keep my finances steady by opting for travel loans and availing advance on salary with Early Salary App. It calculates your social worth score and provides quick and secure loans with low borrowing fees. By using such apps, I have tried to make my travels well planned and not ever asking my parents for a buck or two.

3. Always keeping them in the loop 

Rather than making them wonder and letting them lose their sleep over nothing, I make sure to keep my parents involved every time I venture alone. That’s how they know where I am and don’t go throw a fit now and then.
I shared with them anecdotes about other solo travellers and they were happy enough to let me go and be one of them. By involving them from my plans to execution, they have been an essential part of my travel sagas.

4. Having research handy 

I have always been a planner. So, when I am going out on a travelling adventure, I tend to put all my time to use and research ahead. My brother often lends his share of knowledge when I am whacking my brains on numerous websites on the internet. There you know, there is always someone who can help you out in advance.
It’s better to have a fair idea about the unknown before you dive into it. And that’s where all solo travellers excel in making it an experience to remember for a lifetime.

5. Opting for the right travel requisites

One of the perks of being a researcher is that brings you in the knowledge of so many great travel gear and necessities which make it a wonder. I always like to put my money in things which make my travel easier.
From the right trekking gear to the right apps aiding travel when you’re solo, we have got so much in store. For instance, the Instant Cash option available on Early Salary is one of the best things to happen to me. Now I don’t worry about carrying too much or too little of cash and can go about with my passion to explore freely.
After going on a few solo travels, I now feel so proud to have convinced my parents to do so. Also, when I see that smile on their faces when they see me accomplish my dreams, then I know it was all worth it!

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