Bricktastic Fun Awaits: Your Ultimate Guide to an Epic Day of Fun and Adventure at LEGOLAND® Malaysia

Experience the magic of LEGOLAND® Malaysia resorts, located in Johor Bahru, where adventure knows no bounds. This exceptional destination sprawls over 76 acres and houses three incredible attractions: LEGOLAND® Park, LEGOLAND®Water Park, and SEALIFE Aquarium, along with the captivating LEGOLAND® Hotel.  With over 80 rides, shows and attractions, this resort promises an action-packed adventure for kids and adults alike, whether you are a LEGO® fan or not.  LEGOLAND® Park’s themed zones and an array of captivating rides promise an unforgettable experience while the LEGOLAND® Water Park presents an oasis of fun, featuring thrilling slides, splash zones, and the exhilarating LEGO® wave pool. The Sealife Aquarium’s underwater realm allows you to immerse yourself with mesmerising display tanks and immersive habitat zones.

Discover the Incredible Themed Areas at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Theme Park

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort offers a diverse range of themed lands, each promising a unique and exciting experience.

1. LEGO® Technic

The LEGO® Technic zone offers action-packed rides, educational LEGO® workshops at the LEGO® Academy and specialist robot training at LEGO® Mindstorms. Unleash your creativity at Planet LEGOLAND®, where you can build anything you can imagine, or cool off with the Aquazone Wave racers. The highlight of this zone is the LEGOLAND® Malaysia roller coaster, blending real and virtual reality experiences and the Technic Twister, where you have full control over the speed of your spin.
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2. LEGO® City

Experience the excitement of LEGO® City Driving School, where your kids can earn their own driving license. Watch young drivers take the wheel of electric cars, navigating LEGO® city roads with traffic lights, roundabouts, and even a speed camera. At LEGO® City Airport, become a pilot, soaring through the skies in colorful airplanes. hop on the LEGOLAND® Express or DUPLO Express trains, or control battery-powered LEGO® boats after visiting the SHIPYARD. Don’t miss the LEGO®Mural Display and City Stage after you join as a firefighter family to save a burning building.
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3. LEGO® Kingdoms

Go on a royal adventure at the LEGO® Kingdom, where tiny knights can join the Royal Joust riding their LEGO® horses. Brave the rollercoasters alongside your kids as they prepare to face a fearsome dragon, with the majestic Kingdom Castle and King’s Castle in view. Experience enchantment on the mystical carousel, brought to life by a magical wizard or take part in the castle stage’s captivating performances, where regal shows reign supreme. For thrill-seekers, the Forestmen’s Hideout awaits, with treetop climbs, slides, and multi-level challenges through an imaginative forest.
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4. Miniland

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of MINILAND at LEGOLAND® Malaysia. This captivating attraction showcases meticulously crafted, true-to-life miniature versions of Asia’s most iconic landmarks. Built with over 30 million LEGO®® bricks, MINILAND features famous attractions from 17 Asian countries, including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, and Malaysia’s unique landmarks like Putrajaya, Port Tanjung Pelepas and villages like Kampung. The magic comes alive as many of these iconic structures and scenes are animated at the touch of a button, immersing visitors of all ages in the sights, sounds, and splendor of each masterpiece.

5. Imagination

The Imagination Zone at LEGOLAND® Malaysia is a hub of creativity and excitement. Little heroes can explore DUPLO® inspired play zones in DUPLO® Playtown, while big heroes can engage in thrilling activities like building, racing, and sky-rising adventures. Get ready for immersive 4D movies filled with animated drama at LEGO® Studios 4D. Experience the exhilarating climb to the sky and freefall back to the bottom with your kids at the Kids Power Tower. The zone also offers the opportunity to unleash your imagination with LEGO® bricks, whether it’s building race cars or constructing various structures. Don’t miss the Observation Deck, providing a breathtaking 360-degree view of the park and beyond.

6. LEGO® Ninjago World

Step into the immersive LEGO®® NINJAGO™ World, a new indoor themed area where you’ll be transported to a parallel NINJAGO™ universe and become a Master of Spinjitzu. Test your agility and strength at Cole’s Rock Climb before engaging in an epic battle against the Great Devourer on Asia’s most advanced 4D ride. Before facing the Great Devourer, it’s a good idea to sharpen your ninja skills at Nya’s Practice, a digital screen area for training. Finally, master the art of Spinjitsu through balance and vortex spinning at Kai’s Spinner and unleash your creativity by constructing the NINJAGO® monastery at Zane’s Temple Build.

7. Land of Adventure

Embark on an adventure-filled journey at LEGOLAND® Malaysia’s Land of Adventure to the worlds of Pharaohs and dinosaurs. Experience the exhilarating log boat ride at Dio Island as it glides past animated LEGO® dinos and plunges into dangerous waters with a splash. On a desert off-roader in the Lost Kingdom Adventure, discover the secrets of an ancient temple complete with laser-blasting hunts. Lastly, unleash your inner Pharaoh at Pharaoh’s Revenge, shooting foam balls and conquering exciting challenges  or take a thrilling Beetle Bounce, launching you nearly 15 feet into the air.

8. LEGOLAND® Water Park 

At LEGOLAND® WaterPark, ride the LEGO® wave pool, float along the lazy river, and enjoy thrilling tube and body slides. Splash in interactive play areas like Joker Soaker and DUPLO Safari making for a splash-tacular experience. With over 20 slides, rides, shows and water games, join the Build-A-Boat game and race your creation down rapids. Swing, sway, and slide at Brick-Blaster’s water tunnels. Explore rides such as Red Rush, Tidal Tube, Twin Chaser, and Wave Rider. Imagination Station provides educational activities with DUPLO bricks to build and test structures against flowing water.

9. SEALIFE Aquarium

SEALIFE Aquarium is an ideal place for children to engage and learn, love, and care for the ocean through an interactive storytelling journey. As you explore the fascinating Rockpools with your children, interact with incredible coastal creatures and get an insight into the resilience of these creatures living in extreme conditions. Walk through a lush Malaysian rainforests learning about the history of the iconic Johor River or explore the Portugese Wanli shipwreck. For 180-degree views, experience the Ocean Tunnel to witness the vibrant coral reefs teeming with fish of various shapes and colors and get up-close with schools of fishes at the Ocean Cave. Meet seahorses, jellyfish, stingrays, and over 120 different species, with over 13,000 creatures in 11 captivating zones.

Plan Your Visit to LEGOLAND® Malaysia

For optimal weather and fewer crowds, plan your visit to LEGOLAND® Malaysia between late August and late February. During this period, rainfall is minimal, allowing you to fully enjoy the rides and attractions. Weekdays are especially recommended for a quieter experience with fewer visitors.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Timings

LEGOLAND® ThemePark/Water Park/ SEA Aquarium :  10 AM to 6 PM ( Last Entry 5PM)

Note : It is always recommended to check the official website timings before planning your visit to LEGOLAND® Malaysia.

Explore Shopping Options at the Different Theme Zones in LEGOLAND® Malaysia

  1. The Beginning: Find a wide range of LEGO® accessories and merchandise at The Big Shop, Brick Shop, and Mini Market.
  2. LEGO® City: Visit the Driving School Shop for LEGO® City and car-inspired merchandise.
  3. LEGO® Kingdoms: Explore Kings Market for royal outfits and accessories.
  4. Land of Adventure: Check out Adventures Depot for adventure-themed apparel, plush toys, and LEGO® toys.
  5. LEGO® Ninjago World: Get your Ninja Gear at Sensei’s Shop.
  6. LEGO® City: At the Stage Shop, find cuddly soft toys, glam stationary and trendy outfits 
  7. LEGOLAND® Water Park : Surf Shop is your on-stop for all your swimming needs

Indulge in a Variety of Dining Options at LEGOLAND® Malaysia

  1. The Cafe (The Beginning) : Enjoy light meals, sandwiches, and refreshing drinks in a comfortable indoor seating area.
  2. Market Restaurant (LEGO® City): Indulge in a diverse selection of Asian and Western cuisine.
  3. King’s Grill (LEGO® Kingdom): Experience a royal dining experience with delicious offerings.
  4. Pizza Mania (Imagination): Satisfy your pizza cravings with a variety of flavors.
  5. Asian Deli (LEGO® Technic): Delight in Asian-style culinary delights.
  6. Burger Junction (Land of Adventure): Grab a tasty burger or hot dog for a quick bite.
  7. Fire Rescue Bistro (LEGO® City): Fuel up with scrumptious meals in a fire-themed setting.
  8. Snack Corner (LEGO® City): Enjoy snacks, ice creams, and popcorn for a quick treat.
  9. Beach Grill (LEGOLAND® Water Park) : Cool off with Hotdogs, snacks and treats
  10. Brick Cafe ( LEGOLAND® Water Park) : Re-energise with Asian and Western Cuisine

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