Adventure Travel Sees A Jump of 178% in India: Report By Thrillophilia

Travelling preferences of people all around the world are evolving fast. Leisure travel has been, to a large extent, overshadowed by the style of traveling that involves adventure and offbeat experiences. With this huge shift in trend, more and more people are nowadays preferring unconventional traveling. While Europe remains the first choice of adventure travelers, India, too, has witnessed an exponential growth in adventure tourism industry during the recent years.

Thrillophilia conducted an extensive study on 10,000 consumers and 1,800 industry partners in order to get the insights of the sudden boom in experiential and adventure travel segment of tourism. The study has resulted in some pretty interesting findings related to adventure travel.

Quick Learnings From The Study:-

  • Based on the data collected during the study, adventure tourism and activity travel market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 17.4% from 2017 to 2023 in India.
  • In India, demand for activities and local experiences has grown by 178% over the past 3 years.
  • There has been noted a 42%  increase in the popularity of high altitude regions among adventure travellers over the past 3 years.
  • 27% people are interested in traveling to the Himalayas for an offbeat experience.
  • The number of solo travellers has increased by 18%.

The following data has been collected through a survey done by Thrillophilia:-

1. Preferred Travel Partner

Most people prefer their friends to accompany them on an adventure trip. The number of people who want to travel solo has shown an increment.

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2. Adventure Travellers – Age-wise Distribution

There is a rise in the number of people aged above 50 who prefer offbeat travel. Most number of adventure travellers come from the age group of 20-30 years even in 2017.

3. Preferred Travel Segment

Adventure travel is more popular among people aged below 35, while most of the people aged above 35 still prefer conventional travelling.

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4. Activity Preferences

A sharp rise in the demand for soft adventure activities has been noted during the past few years. More and more people are preferring activities like trekking, hiking, biking, etc.

5. Average Amount Spent On A Trip Per Person.

The average amount spent on a trip per person has increased. Most people spend an amount between 10k to 20k on a trip.

6. Favorite Adventure Travel Destination in India

Due to increasing popularity of trekking, Himachal Pradesh has gained popularity among adventure-enthusiasts. Goa, however, remains the most preferred adventure destination.

7. Favourite Adventure Activity

The trend has shown a decline in the popularity of sea water sports. Trekking, on the other hand, has become the most liked adventure activity.

8. Adventure Trips Per Year

The survey has revealed a sharp rise in the number of people who take at least 5 adventure trips every year. People who travel just once a year, though, are losing figures.

The government and government bodies like Ministry of Tourism, Adventure Tour Operators Association of India and Indian Mountaineering Foundation have made some sincere efforts to promote Adventure Tourism in India, which has resulted in a fair growth in this segment of tourism.

  • Ministry of Tourism is working with Indian Mountaineering Federation and Adventure Tour Operators Association of India to develop many regions in India as adventure tourism destinations.
  • The government of India has given security clearance for the opening of 104 additional peaks in Leh area of Jammu & Kashmir to strengthen the position of India as adventure tourism destination.
  • Ministry of Tourism has declared 2018 the year of Adventure Travel. The Ministry in addition to the Adventure Tour Operator Association of India (ATOAI) has decided to promote adventure travel via maneuvering activities to rejoice the year of adventure tourism.
  • The ATOAI also has planned to organize “India Adventure Summit” to bring together field experts and adventure-enthusiasts from all over the world.


The popularisation of Adventure Travel culture in the country can be seen as a great opportunity to boost tourism. Considering India’s potential as a place with great diversity, some sincere efforts can help it get a good rank among adventure tourism countries.

Adventure tourism does not only add a great share to the total revenue from tourism but also creates employment opportunities for local people. Moreover, adventure travelling being one of the most popular social media trends has created revenue generation avenues for youth like blogging, travel photography, travel series, etc.

Different regions of the country are rapidly gaining popularity among Indian adventure-enthusiasts but, India, due to its geographical position, has a great potential to be seen as an excellent adventure-destination on a global level as well. Though the figures show a quick rise in the popularity of adventure travel, the segment is still in its infant stage in India.  In order to fully exploit the potential of the country’s diverse geography, more efforts are required on different levels. Many regions with great potential lack good infrastructure and phone connectivity. There are also cases of non-adherence of guidelines on the part of tour operators which is a compromise with the travelers’ safety. With the help of the joint efforts of the government bodies and tour operators, India can make a really good use of the opportunity.
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