50 World’s Best Beaches

Hectic work schedule and hustle bustle lifestyle make people to escape for some time to some remote, quite and serene atmosphere. And this is the time when tropical getaways come to your rescue. Whether you are seeking for shallow water dive or deep sea dive or pounding surf, the world has from Highlands to Hawaii, Greece to Galapagos; Beaches are one of the best gifts of God, untouched by man-kind beaches are naturally beautiful and even if you travel each day to a beach in the World, your entire life will not be enough to cover all of these. Hence we have made this job easier for you by listing out some of the best beaches of the world where in you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of a beach holiday. Here are some best beaches that are only WOW but will also fall into your budget:

1. Source d’Argent

With pink sands, calm and shallow water, Source d’Argent is one of the World’s Best Beaches.  For travellers looking for a beach getaway, this beach at Seychelles will be a dream destination. This archipelago consisting of more than 115 islands is an untouched natural beauty; the secluded tropical atmosphere, sprawling resorts, bustling hotels and glitzy casinos are some of the things that welcome the tourists from far and wide.

The long sweeping pristine arcs of the beautiful Source d’ Argent that is framed with granite boulders are surely breathtaking. This well ripened place can be explored by the tourists either by ferrying or through a helicopter; Island hopping over here is a great way to discover the distinct personalities of the nearby islands. And the coolest part is that the ocean over here is completely reef sheltered making it a wonderful playground for the kids to hang out independently.

Location – La Digue, Seychelles

2. Fakistra

Backed by the steep cliffs, white sands, pebbles, clear blue waters and dense woods, Fakistra is more of a cove than a beach. Situated on Pelion peninsula below the village of Tsargarda this is the best beach for perfect relaxation. This beach is ideal for both families and couples; the crystal water with picturesque cove gives great view with tall trees and wild rocks.

The idyllic lush greeneries along with bay of rocks give tourists plenty of scope to rejuvenate and relax. Apart from spending some time at the beaches, you can even get down to explore some of the nearby villages like Tsangarda and enjoy shopping at the flea market “Laiki”. And finally when you are descending down watch the waterfalls that spill from the hillside, explore the two little caves before it becomes dusk as shades fall fast here.

Location – Greece, Western Europe

3. Flamenco Beach

Want to enjoy the solitary beauty of Vieques Island, then you have Flamenco beach at Puerto Rico. This is a perfect tropical beach with white sand, palm trees, peaceful lagoon and warm turquoise waters. The U shaped cover is best for an ideal ferrying, as this island is accessible from many major cities, it is a great getaway for week end vacation too.

This can also be a great picnic spot; tourists can enjoy making a tent under the mangroves, stock some water, pina colades and cook some delicious snack or buy the local snacks like Comida Criolla. And when you are done with this, hire a bike to explore, take some beautiful selfies in Flamenco beaches with the Flamingos around you.

Location – Renaissance Islands, Puerto Rico

4. Palolem Beach

A natural bay that is surrounded by the lofty headlands is this beach Palolem beach; this is one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa. The idyllic sea and calm waters welcome tourists from all over the world. The gentle slope of the beach gives more than 100 m for a perfect stroll, without any hawkers and over priced sellers, tourists can enjoy the privacy of the beach to the core.

This small beach however gives immense things to do – party till early morning, take long walks, engage in some outdoor activities like scuba diving, Canyoning, trekking tours, rent a self paddle sea kayak or take a boat ride to see the Dolphins, day trip to Dudhsagar Falls, visit the spice farms and find different yoga classes around the beach or enjoy the noise less party at the beaches.

Location – Canacona, South Goa

5. Playa Del Amor (Hidden Beach)

Playa Del Amor commonly known as the hidden beach is indeed a hidden gem of Mexico. The lovers’ beach well tucked in the island is a safe haven for ultimate romance. This is one of the renowned beaches in the world that provides a perfect setting for water enthusiasts and snorkelers. While walking in this beach, you will feel as if you are walking into one of the fantasy novels, this natural wonder beach has something more than just volcanic activities, tourists can enjoy kayaking, swimming, sunbathing in the pristine waters of this beach.

The way you travel to access this beach through a long water tunnel should give you immense reasons to travel to this beach.

Location – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

6. Greenfield Beach

The Greenfield beach is more of a picnic spot and is a perfect place for barbecue too, once you get into this beautiful land for a picnic or travel, rest for a while and head for some walk or dive into the pristine waters for swimming or snorkeling. This family friendly beach named after Colin Greenfield looks green with layers of green grass on all sides making it as a shelter shed to relax even without a mat. All the more you can cook your favorite barbecue in the open land.

After lunch, bump in to spot some rare migratory birds and walk on the white sands or just head to the beach to take a dip, once inside the water get natural spa done in the salt water and shower yourself on the beach shores.

Location –Near Sydney, Australia

7. Bora Bora

Bora Bora a volcanic island is the perfect place for pampering; with sugar sand, peppermint mouthwash, palms and cool breeze, we can call this is as one of the World’s Best Beaches. This heavenly land on Earth is a great place to disconnect from your mundane tasks and refresh your body. Built upon its own coral isle, this beautiful place gives a beautiful view of rock Peak Otemanu. To bring out the cooler inside you, relax beside the beach, enjoy the sunshine and eat some traditional food that are being served at the beach local stalls.

This will be a perfect place to hang-out with your family or friends mainly if you are a scuba diver; this place is a boon for you.

Location – Tahiti, French Polynesia

8. Ipanema Beach

Rio de Janerio is the home for two beaches and one among it is the Ipanema beach. Walk through the small trails and you will surely not believe what Brazil has to offer to you in this beautiful place. The heavenly view of the Ipanema beach will linger in your memories forever; this is an ideal place for a private swim or snorkeling. No wonder the famous song “The girl from Ipanema” was based upon this beach.

Known for its elegant development and social life, the beach offers a perfect backdrop for playing football, foot volley and volley ball. During winter this beach can be surfed up to nine feet also. Tourists should also know that this is best place for sundowner; the noteworthy part is that you can get drunk and enjoy partying as beers are sold everywhere literally over here.

Location – Rio de Janerio, Brazil

9. Mile Beach

Just check out your calendar and fix out dates to move to this wonderful location in Jamaica for a beach vacation, tiny tots can be better avoided as this beach is ideal for couples. With cumin colored sand and plenty of space to chill out, the beach is one of the most sought after World’s Best Beaches. If you had been dreaming of bathing nude, you can fulfill your dreams here as if no one is watching you, enjoy your night life by partying in the nigh hot spots of the beach and grab few drinks to chill out.

Tourists can buy from crafts to fresh lobster for a very affordable price from the local vendors, and for the outdoor activities at the Mile beach you have the kayaking and sailboats for rowing. For those who are looking forward for some relaxation soak up in the sun, have a sunbath on the shores or have a picnic and met the local people.

Location –Negril, Jamaica

10. Baio Do Sancho

This can be the best ever beach of Brazil, If you are looking forward to escape from this hustle bustle life into some coral reef with turquoise water, then I bet this is the perfect place to chill out. Baio Do Sancho is a small secluded stretch beach located in Brazil, during weekends this beach is full of people, but not to worry there is plenty of space for every person who visits here. It is anyhow a great fun and adventure to reach this place all through the dirty road, tight crevasse, rickety ladders, but still you can make it up.

Sancho is well known for diving spots and the tourists can enjoy the magnificent marine flora and fauna, no wonder this beach is named as one of the World’s Best Beaches.

Location – Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

11. Rabbit Beach

A secluded stunning beach that can be accessed only through a boat is this beach at Italy called Rabbit beach. Even though the beach is named as Rabbit beach, you can’t trace out ironically any rabbits over here. The bonus of visiting this beach is that one can see the dolphins frolicking inside the water and this makes the place even more delightful to stay. The adjacent Volcanic Isle of Linosa will mesmerize you with its incredible black and red beaches in it.

With parasols all over, tourists can sit for some time and stay away from the sun till they dive back into the waters. This beach is an ideal destination for sun worshippers, nature lovers and scuba divers.

Location – Lampedusa, Italy

12. Ko Pha Ngan

Endless sea, spectacular views, fancy stalls, yachts and fine sand Ko Pha Ngan stands gorgeous in the Land of Thailand. For touring on the edge, this place will fit perfectly. Ko Pha Ngan is not only about the infamous full moon party it is also about biking, swimming and partying. The beach is normally visited by the tourists on full moon night, but off late the beach is grabbing attention for its serene and calm water and tranquil surrounding make it ideal for relaxing.

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This island is divided into 30 odd beaches thus making it ideal for beach hopping for tourists With shallow calm waters this beach is great for swimming, snorkeling and also popular for capturing some beautiful pictures during sunsets.

Location – Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

13. Rainbow Beach

World’s Best Beaches were probably framed only after seeing the Rainbow beach of Queensland. A golden getaway into the land of amazing nature, picturesque coastal villages and crystal clear waters can now be in front of your eyes, if you probably visit Rainbow beach. Nestled well in-between Tin Can Bay and Pacific Ocean, tourists can experience the enthralling mosaic of this wonderful place apart from some of your favorite pursuits.

There are many things to do – bushwalk for a change or swim with the dolphins or take a joyful ride on the helicopter, hang-glide; visiting ship wreck or fish till you get wrecked.

Location – Queensland, Australia

14. Kuta Beach

Kuta is a famous tourist resort place in the Bali Island, and the Kuta beach in it is all the more attractive due to its great surfing activity. Kuta stretches all the way from the beach till the airport, making it accessible for the tourists from any part of the world. Kuta beach is famous for Scuba divers and this main area is the preferred spot of many divers, in fact you can even join in some scuba diver course for a couple of days , or take a short boat trip from Kuta to explore the nearby areas. Kuta beach is more of a surfing and party town, though it provides some of the best yoga centers too for the tiring tourists to relieve off their stress.

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If you don’t know surfing, Bali will teach you this part also, beat the heat by relaxing at spa or enjoy the sunset from the beach side, Bali is also a hub for bowling enthusiast, and not to miss out buy some surfing costume that are being sold here.

Location – Bali, Indonesia

15. Aharen Beach

If you are searching for some cheapest beach wherein you can club the fun of snorkeling, then you have to fly immediately to Japan. This beautiful land has hidden in it the paradise of Earth in the form of Aharen Beach. What more can a traveller expect when the beach also is equipped with plenty of bright corals, giant clams, marine species, clownfish, butterflies and rare flora and fauna within it. Not to forget Aharen delivers a great glimpse of the reel life of Okinawa’s.

Explore the beach by swimming at the first place, then catch a glimpse of some preserved reefs, watch the coral that is formed in the bright green colored gardens and catch some of the clownfish or watch the Moorish idols nesting inside the crevices. In the vicinity you can find some villages that cater to the needs of food eaters, taste some sea foods and delicious Japanese cuisine.

Location – Tokashiki Islands, Japan

16. Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo is the home for some of the best beaches of the world as Cuba falls in the south coastline, the beaches over here stretches to more than 20 kms and are extremely beautiful with clear clean water, fine white sand and turquoise waters.  The tourists get to play all the water sporting activities under one roof at Playa Sirena; hence you don’t miss out any water sports at all. Some of the best things you can do here include hiring paddle boats, kayaks, or spend some time relaxing at the beach to enjoy the finest sands of the whole world.

Walk for a while to trace out some of the rare birds like pelicans or turtles or iguanas, all the more the sea over here is rough and proves to be great for adventure lovers’ excursion.

Location – Cayo Largo, Cuba

17. Pantai Tanjung Rhu

Pantai Tanjung Rhu is one of the best beaches of Malaysia, located just beyond Pantai Pasir Hitam, Tanjung Rhu has one of the best shorelines to form a huge beach, and the tourists can get to see some clear water powder fine sand and dense corridor jungle over here. It is a great spot to bike ride and enjoy the coasts over here, hire a bike and enjoy the biking trip or cover the dense forests that are surrounding this place, or sit on the beach side to have a hot spa or massage.

Buy some local stuff at the beach and taste the local mee gulung food of the Malays, the pretty clean road of this city enables you to have a stroll at any time on the tranquil shores of the beach. Enjoy some time in water sports like swimming, diving or snorkeling.

Location – Langkawi, Malaysia

18. Ko Phi Phi Don

The largest of Phi Phi Islands, this place is a secluded non volcanic island made of limestone, the Ko Phi Phi Don beach is accessible easily from Phuket and this beach is quite famous for snorkeling and diving.

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There are some amazing beaches over here and the best one is the Maya Bay, it is not surprising, the plush tropical beach was the iconic part for the cult movie The Beach, the greatest part of this beach is that you have plenty of things to do  here apart from tasting the cheap Thai beer, the water level of this beach is nearly waist high and hence you can spend some time with your kids and teach them to snorkel or swim too, Ko Phi Phi has plenty of restaurants beside where you can go and enjoy having a healthy lunch or dinner.

Location – Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

19. Half Moon Bay

Boasting of a long stretched 4 mile area, this beach is best for campground, fishing and picnicking, this dream destination holds the new concept for present day holidaying, you can enjoy being in the midst of natural beauty away from your hustle bustle life. Tourists can spend some time with their family on this undisturbed beautiful coral reefs, spend some time partying on the beach or enjoy the sun while snorkeling or have great food and drink.

The most inspiring part for the tourists is that they can take up a bamboo rafting tour and enjoy the open sea. The beautiful properties maintained over here makes it ideal for staying for a couple of days, you can find the best snorkeling spot and let your fun vibes run fast at the bars.

Location – Hanover, Jamaica

20. Tulum

Having Mayan ruins as a backdrop, the Tulum beach of Mexico stuns with its white sands, this paradise on Earth is accentuated well with the colorful fishing boats and crystal clear water, over and the entire beach is a total fun to enjoy.

Tourists coming over here dance to the tunes of Salsa long with the locals on the Playa Esperanza which is very close to Tulum, the other bonus that you get from this beach is that you will be able to climb pyramids, swim in the Cenotes, or kite surf or eat the fish tacos and enjoy till you get exhausted. After an action packed evening get down to play some volley balls, or take salsa lessons, and apart from this you have plenty to eat and drink at Tulum. At Tulum you can scuba dive or walk under the water or hop on for a boat ride on the pearl white sand beaches.

Location – River Maya, Mexico

21. Gordon Beach

Israel is known to be the best place for tourists who are searching for great fun from their tour, when you are hitting the Gordon beach for this holidaying some things that are sure to happy in your list are drinking, hip restaurants, dancing like a young hippie at the bars and smoking hookahs at the beach side.

Well the real fun starts when you show how skillful you are at the paddle race, paddle with other tourists in Gordan or watch the numerous heated games or enjoy the national sports Matkot or spend some time with your family having a sunbath at the beach shores. To get the ultimate fun from this beach, it is great to hang-out with your young friends’ gang – having some hookahs, dancing in the pubs and drinking till you get mad are unbeatable at this place.

Location – Tel Aviv, Israel

22. Whitehaven Beach

With white sand, snorkeling, and crystal clear water, Whitehaven is proud to be one of the World’s Best Beaches in Australia. Probably what the tourists will experience here can’t be explained as this slice of paradise has everything for every person visiting, from plenty of water sports to turquoise clear water, Whitehaven is really a heaven on the Earth, and this eco friendly beach is protected by the Whitsunday Islands and gives a magnificent view from the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.

The cleanest ever known beach of Queensland can be toured through a catamaran or you can also take a heli ride to see the complete beach from top, it is a great place to sail and swim too. Give a treat by enjoying snorkeling, scuba diving or swimming at Whitehaven

Location – Queensland, Australia

23. Playa Uvita

Biologically diversified area of the world, Costa Rica is famous for its numerous beaches and mind blowing vistas. In Costa Rica Playa Uvita are the most stunning beach that any tourist would love to go again and again, the weather and the climate makes this beach accessible to the tourists throughout the year. Uvita is stretched to two miles with its white sand all over giving plenty of scope to enjoy playing various games on the seashore, even though this place is prohibited from fishing and hunting, tourists can enjoy swimming and snorkeling.

The beach with its beautiful landscape, mangrove swamps and estuaries is the best for taking selfies, scuba diving, horseback riding, kayaking are some popular sports for the tourists to indulge in.

Location – South Puntarenas, Costa Rica

24. Lanikai Beach

The protected lagoon over here at this place makes it ideal for kids to enjoy without any problem, the Lanikai beach is known for its swimming arena that makes it again and again to top the list of Worlds best beaches. This nice beach is a hidden gem of The Hawaii, known for its aqua marine water, soft sands and gentle shore winds. Even though half of the windward coast is washed away, the rest half is a boon for the tourists to enjoy, the beach looks more like a salt water swimming pool with its azure waters and swaying palms.

If you want some photo shoot session, don’t look back, go and just get it done over here! The place is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, sunbathing and wind surfing. If you are adventurous enough, you can show this side of this by paddling to the offshore islands of Mokulua and watch the seabird sanctuary.

Location – Lanikai, Hawaii

25. Matemwe

Planning a visit to a village or to a beach or to a resort or do you want a combination of all of these? Matemwe at Zanzibar is the idealistic all in one destination. If you had a rough time at the Tanzania wild safari, it is best to chill out here at the Matemwe beach and relax for some time. The beach village is excellent in serving some best Tanzanian cuisines.

If you are trying for some best spa and massage, the village resorts over here provide you that part also- relieve your body of stress by taking a manicure, pedicure or spa at the resorts. Or hit the coffee corner to brew in some quality beverage or enjoy the African music sitting at the cushion lounge.

Location – Matemwe, Zanzibar

26. Manu Bay

Catch some waves or grab the best Espresso at Manu Bay, New Zealand. You can call this place as a surfing town rather than saying this as a beach. This interesting place has creative culture, wonderful cafes and more of scenic beauty. The black sand coastline is a great place to enjoy some surfing activity, don’t mind if you are a hard core surfer or not, this is an ideal place for people to learn surfing. As the safeguards vigil the beach from all sides, you can sure to be protected and let your kids to enjoy surfing on own. And when you are done enough in the beach head out and take a cool walk

And when you are done enough in the beach head out and take a cool walk on the Raglan area or walk to the top of Bridal Veil Falls or if you are looking for more adventure, trek to the Mount Karioi. Over in all tourists will be amidst cafes, bars, shops, galleries on their beach tour to this wonderful place.

Location – Raglan, New Zealand

27. Morro De Sao Paulo

When you are visiting Morro De Sao Paulo, you are blessed to see four beaches, as the beaches over here are named as first, second, third and fourth beaches. This island is an archipelago of 26 islands and no wonder there are so many beaches under one roof. The first beach is great for some water sports like scuba diving, wakeboarding, banana boat, tiroleza and surfing, and if you are looking out for some day and night fun, head to the second beach called Segunda Praira, this beach is mostly populated with people on the beaches 24 hours, the third and fourth beach is mostly isolated and sort of semi deserted.

If you are looking for some relaxation then you can surely row to the third and fourth beach. Hence you can opt to enter into the warm waters of the first and second beach if you are going with your family.

Location – Morro De Sao Paulo, Brazil

28. Navagio Beach

Navagio beach also known as the shipwreck beach or smugglers cove is an exposed cove in the Ionian island of Greece. Greece is in fact a place that is not in short of any gorgeous beaches, the World’s Best Beaches are in plenty but this one at Greece is no more than a paradise, when it comes to family and children beach touring there can be no other place better than Navagio beach.

The warm and shallow waters are best for paddling, swimming and snorkeling and the best part is that this beach will keep the older kids also happy. At Navagio beach, you can sign up for some water skiing, hire a bike and play beach tennis or volley ball. Wakeboarding and swimming also are entertaining here. And when you are tired just spend some time in the beach clubs by hiring sun loungers.

Location –Anafonitria, Greece

29. El Cabo

El Cabo also known as Cape San Juan is one of the beautiful beaches in Colombia, many people head to this place for a week end as it is hardly a thirty minute drive from Santa Marta. This beach is accessible from almost any part of Colombia, hence attracting many tourists every day literally. The sandy beach is shallow with calm waters in it, making it though ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Even in summer the beach is relatively quiet and secluded, when the tide is low the swimmers can enjoy diving and swimming to the extreme depth fighting with the low waves, the beach can be explored on a boat trip, and there are surf, dives, bikes, and Kayaks for hire, Refuel your lost energy by spending some valuable time with your family at EL Cabo

Location– Parque Tayrona, Colombia

30. Omaha Beach

If you heard of the most brutal fight during 1944, then you should know that this took place over here around seven kilometers from Omaha beach, and hence is aptly being called as Bloody Omaha too. But not to worry this beach these days is more calm and peaceful with a stretch of golden sand in the coastlines, take a guided tour to cover the yellow stripe of this beautiful beach or spend some time in the shore enjoying the low tide, or adventure to the beach interior by kayaking or swimming along with other tourists.

There’s a lot to explore on this small beach, hire a car or bike and drive past those chill winds to come in touch with the pristine atmosphere or eat some best local French food at the beach stalls.

Location – Northern France, France

31. South Beach

South Beach is rightly nick named as SoBe, is in the city of Miami, Florida. The Beach will clearly be an adult beach as you can see plenty of ladies, girls looking gorgeous in their bikinis. If you are looking forward to have real fun and hang out with your friends’ gang or all ladies trip then the South beach should be surely in your bucket list. Just wear your bikini and jump into the beach or lie for a sun bath and there won’t be any one to stare at you on this beautiful land of Florida.

As a bonus you get to party on the beach, you may not be able to take alcohol to the beach, though you can have it at the night party. Hang out and chill after indulging in some water sports at the bars and taste some finest drinks at the Mango’s tropical bar.

Location – Miami, Florida

32. White Bay

White bay is the smallest among the four main British Virgin Islands, the beach over here is as white as crystal and so are its sands. The pearl colored sand and the clear water are enough to fall in love with. The turquoise waters of the beach make it perfect to hire a boat or ship to explore the interiors. The beach is all the more famous for its surfing opportunities; even if you don’t surf you can simply sit back on the shores and watch the other surfers play with the waves. The beach can be well accessed and explored on a four wheeler and the serene atmosphere also provided great scope for taking some best photographs. And as an icing to the cake chill out after you get off the shore at the soggy dollar bar that invented the pain killer.

The beach can be well accessed and explored on a four wheeler and the serene atmosphere also provided great scope for taking some best photographs. And as an icing to the cake chill out after you get off the shore at the soggy dollar bar that invented the pain killer.

Location – Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

33. Kite Beach

Whether you enjoy kiting or not, that’s different but you are sure to fall in love with these kites at the Kite beach, on a windy day, head to the kites’ beach at Dominican Republic to catch some memorable moments of the various kinds of kites that fly over this beach. The whole beach looks colorful with the kites above head contrary to the blue waters on the beach.

The beach is known to be best kite surfing spot and this is the reason the beach takes credit to host the giant kite competition every year. And when you have enjoyed every bit of this beach, head to the extreme hotel to make your body fit with a cross fit gym or yoga or to fly a trapeze or circus school.

Location – Cabarete, Dominican Republic

34. Eagle Beach

The Eagle beach is not only the best beach of Aruba, but also a top attraction in the whole world. This beach lies towards the north east of Manchebo. If you are longing for some quiet atmosphere and not interested in the hustle bustle beaches, then you can pick the Eagle beach without a second thought. A lengthy beach stretching to about 1000 meters long is also very wide; the picturesque paradise beach welcomes its tourists to enjoy its powdered clear sand and turquoise waters. Aruba is famous for its fine sand and you will find it in plenty at this beach, in fact you shouldn’t be surprised if your little ones prefer to take back some sand from this place.

Some of the best wedding pictures have this beach as the backdrop, now for the fun part, tourists can enjoy some beach tennis and this is popular here. And not to forget you have to witness the sunset that is amazing from this beach at Aruba.

Location – Oranjestad, Aruba

35. Sabang beach

Sabang, a town in Mindoro Island at Philippines is famous for its three beaches, and out of that the Sabang beach is the most famous one.  There isn’t any difference actually between these three beaches and you can walk to the three beaches as they are beside to one another. So a best way for beach hopping is in your cards now. The liveliest beach Sabang beach has some good news for people who are freaks – lots of bars and prostitution is in full swing here. The beach is otherwise famous for swimming and the clear clean coral reef prohibits boats however. So you have to put your feet into the beach to explore it.

And when you are done with your beach fun head for a lighthouse walk, white beach, La Laguna beach or walk on the narrow path of La Laguna view point. Many tourists will fall in love with scuba diving over here and there are some excellent coaching centers for learning scuba here.

Location – Mindoro Islands, Philippines

36. Castaway Island

This is a secluded Island which can be accessed only through boats, is one of the best Islands on the Fiji Islands. Enjoy the essence of a four star resort on this private island, the location of the island is itself more than enough to go to this majestic place. The whole island looks spectacular with its rich tropical rainforest, white sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs and azure pacific waters. Spread over an area of 174 acres this is a picture perfect resort of Fiji.

Tourists can experience the magic of this castaway by spending couple of days here. Apart from exploring the islands and beaches, the highlighting factor that you get over here is the luxury stay from the bures – The bungalows that are luxuriously constructed with Fiji touch will give you a delightful accommodation, the stylish interiors with thatched style roofs are going to make you stay for some more days here. Whether it is a romantic getaway or a family trip you have to fly to touch the castaway islands

Location – Malalo Barrier Reef, Fiji Islands

37. Ross and Smith Island Beach

As you have read it right, Ross and Smith Island is a combination of two islands – Ross and Smith and hence it is also called as the Twin Islands of Andaman and Nicobar islands. This is one of the World’s Best Beaches and is a must visit place. What makes this place interesting is its natural sand bar and beautiful shores. As you start walking on one of the island you will end up getting into the other island through a sand bar that looks more like a clean road.

To enjoy this beach, take the boat ride at the morning times after sunrise and you get a chance to climb the small tree house, enjoy the serene calm atmosphere and search for some corals under the water. The crystal clear gem green colored water will be an amazing backdrop for all your photographs. The water is ideal for surfing and is challenging for the swimmers.

Location – Ross and Smith Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

38. Sun Island Beach

If you are searching for an Island getaway, then Maldives is it. This tropical nation is fully a store house of some of the best beaches; we can call the Sun Island beach as a beach bungalow. The resort over here gives a laid back atmosphere with good rustic accommodation and warm hospitality, a simple beach holidaying is now possible every now and then as long as you have the Sun Island beach.

All the islands over here at Maldives are close to the sun island beach and hence commutation will never be an issue. Some of the activities that you can engage in include – bodyboarding, surfing, hiking and swimming. If you want to pamper even more take an accommodation at the water bungalows on the sun Island and feel as if you are sleeping on the waters. Diving, water sports and spa shouldn’t be missed out here at any cost.

Location – Nalaguraidhoo Island, Maldives

39. Crane Beach

Crane beach spread over a huge area of 1234 acres is a conservation and property; at the beach you can enjoy the finest beach water recreation activities that are perfectly set to suit the East coast. The inviting waters, shoreline, clean sand, mesmerizing views are some credentials to this beach. Ocean loving tourists normally prefer this beach as they have plenty of things to do like soaking in the sun, playing in the sand, refreshing plunge or unparalleled seaside experiences. This place will give you memorable experiences.

And then there are more than just sand and sun, you can go down to explore the conservation, or play with the coastal dunes or swim  across the storm waves or touch the adventure to the pitch pine forests.

Location – Crane Estate, Barbados

40. Boulders Beach

A sheltered beach that is made of inlets among granite boulders is a shelter for millions of African penguins. You can watch the penguins from so close here even though this place is a residential spot, tourists can enjoy the beach view from any of the resorts beside, and the boulder beach is regarded as the most famous recreational spot, although you may not be able to get into the beaches due to the penguin habitation, you can still enjoy the penguins at the Boulders penguin colony or watch the African sharks at Eco-charters or take a ride to touch the green Simon’s town, or do kayaking at Kayak Cape Town.

You can see the penguins from everywhere and as they are not disturbing you can in fact take plenty of real photographs with them and experience the way they give pose to your camera.

Location – Cape Peninsula, South Africa

41. Luskentyre Beach

Luskentrye is one of the spectacular and largest beaches of Harris, The reason this beach seems to be always on the top of the list is due to its greenish blue water and the stunning white sands. This wonderful beach looks even more attractive with its wonderful sand dunes. Now that you have watched this scenery in Castaway in BBC you can come down to watch this and enjoy realistically. As you walk through this beach you can’t imagine what is awaiting you, the beaches heavenly views looks like a mirage, Picture perfect from all angels, this beach will be your perfect beach destination.

Occasionally you can see people walking down the beach, but for the regular tourists there is always hill walking and cycling and more activities to engage in. To bring out the cooler within you, spend some relaxing on the sea shore watching the Greenish blue waters and the tranquil that is un-spoilt.

Location – Isle of Harris, Scotland

42. Dune Du Pyla

When we are talking about one of the tallest dunes of Europe, then Dune Du Pyla takes the first position, this tallest dune is over 100 meters, it is accessible from Bordeaux within an hour, the drive from there is going to take you to a dazzling beach with long coastline, beautiful crystal water, fine golden sand and to a virgin landscape. The panoramic view of this beach with pine forests at the back will literally make you to shield your eye, on reaching this place you can go about to explore the Bassin d’ Arcachon or ferry from Arcachon to reach Cap Ferret to catch a spectacular view of the dunes, And for your lunch or snacks you can drop in to have some traditional cuisine at Oyster Cabanes – and relish the fresh oysters that are served by the fishermen, sit with your family and taste some prawns, pate and wind up your meals with the tasty rose wines.

Location – Bordeaux, France

43. Grace Beach

The hallmark of Turks and Caicos Islands is the Grace beach; this is one of the best beaches that any person shouldn’t miss seeing. Any visitor tripping to Providenciales must visit this beach. This pristine beach located on the earth coast of providenciales looks excellent with its white sand, no rocks and clean water. The beach is well protected by the barrier reef up to an area of 1.6 miles, there are many resorts for the tiring tourists to take rest, and the beach also is the storehouse of catering to the needs of various water sporting activities like – swimming, boating and more.

Snorkeling can be done at the bight reef which is very close to the Grace beach. Everything over here revolves around the ocean and hence you have plenty of opportunities for doing exciting things at the Providenciales, Try something new like – Barrier reef free diving, swim training in shallow bays, and for those who want something solid for their feet, take up the wilderness adventure.

Location – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

44. Cayo De Agua

With Perfect white sand and perfect clear blue water, what can be more amazing than a trip to Cayo De Agua, the gentle breeze will spell magic into the ears of every visitor. This incredible beach of white soft sand is surrounded by the sparkling Caribbean on both its sides. Tourists can drop in to tour this beach all year through as the weather of Venezuela is feasible for it. As only an isthmus separates the island, there are four beaches under one roof over here.

Tourists can enjoy the beach view and then take up snorkeling, scuba diving, or play with the Dolphins and take a picture along with the whales during whale watching. This magical beach shouldn’t be missed out of your photoshoot session, take plenty of them and upload it to get immense likes.

Location – Los Roques National Park, Venezuela

45. Ngapali Beach

If you want something more than you expect, then the right place would be to head to the Ngapali beach at Ngapali.  This Myanmar tourist spot is an explosion actually with literally no rocks, no sea shells, no vendors, no hassle and no high rise. You and your family can explore this beach, spend some time swimming without the fear of overcrowding and then get back to the isolated shores to take some rest. The great beach is apt for children, as the water is shallow even the non-swimmers can wear in their swim suit and learn to swim.

This three kilometer stretched beach looks isolated with people being seen scarcely.  Tourists can however become busy by indulging in kayaking, swimming, hot air ballooning, bike tours, boat tours and so on. This beach is also a great place for canoeing, scuba and various other outdoor activities

Location – Ngapali, Myanmar

46. Sharm El Luli

Searching for a Pristine, beautiful paradise with tropical aquarium under water – head to Egypt and land at Sharm El Luli. For those who are longing not to waste one day also of their trip, will find that each day is too tight at Sharm El Luli, Just gaze out to see the great Sahara on one side and the sparkling blue waters on the other side, as you drive to this Paradise.

On the first day spend some time swimming with the Dolphins at Satya reef, on your second day take a day tour to visit the ancient city of Luxor, spend your third day in sightseeing and go for a retail therapy, on the fourth day get back to the beach and take some site surfing, Are you interested in deep sea fishing? Yes this is also possible here, and not to wind up without a desert safari, on the fifth day you can trail for a desert or camel safari and finish your tour with a night-out at Port Ghalib – restaurants, bars and bistros are a bonus to you.

Location – Marsa Alam, Egypt

47. Prair da Marinha

With abundant marine life, rocks, arches, caves, classical Algrave beach and more, Prair da Marinha has its all! The crystal clear water gives the tourists an exceptional marine life to watch. This emblematic beautiful beach of Portugal lies in Caramujeira. If you are able to convince your family and bring them to this place, then the kids will have the real fun as this is a wonderful land of crannies, caves and nooks to explore.

Snorkeling is safe and wonderful in this beach and relatively safe too. And while your kids enjoy exploring you can hire a boat and paddle in the beach to take some excellent photos amidst orange limestone clear turquoise waters. Wind up by walking down the stairs, enjoying the sea sound and relaxing at the sea shores.

Location – Carvoeiro, Portugal

48. Horseshoe Bay Beach

Want to feel the gentle waves or want to take some pictures on pinkish sand or want a perfect beach holiday? Horseshoe Bay beach at Bermuda is sure to hit your bucket list. Horseshoe bay beach ranks 8th position in the World’s Best Beaches, and this should give you immense reason to visit this place soon. The beach not only accommodates immense crowd, but is sound enough to provide some best facilities too, this beach is easily commutable from cruise ship terminals at the Dockyards and also from many of the hotels.
Even though the beach is crescent shaped it is named as horseshoe, now when you are at this beach you are actually going to enjoy two beaches under one roof – the main beach and the Baby beach. The baby beach is ideal for kids and if you are looking for some adventure, you can climb and dive into this ocean, or take some panoramic photos. And if you haven’t packed any essentials you get all the things for rent here, so you can stay overnight and explore both the beaches.

Location – Southampton Parish, Bermuda

49. Bangaram Beach

Bangaram is one of the beaches which lies in the island of Lakshadweep. This beach is regarded as one of the top 10 secret beaches where the tourists are sent in helicopters during monsoon season. The activities such as angling, snorkeling, diving and other water sports are must do things here. The traveling enthusiasts would develop goose bumps seeing the popular attractions like swaying coconut palms, coral reefs and turquoise blue lagoons, all in one place.

Location – Lakshadweep, India

50. Playa San Miguel

A broad sandy beach that is well protected by beautiful cliffs is the attribute of Playa San Miguel at Ibiza, Spain. This beach is popular among families and also the most sought after of peace seekers. Once a fishing port, this place is now a tourist spot with excellent sea shores and pine covered cliffs. Nestled in a cove and sheltered from all sides the beach serves to be a best resort place for families. Apart from enjoying the water sports like waterskiing, diving, windsurfing, tourists can enjoy shopping at the souvenir shops and at the super markets.

Nights are great with bar partying, and not to forget try the mouth watering typical Ibicencan fish dish at the best fish restaurant on the island. And when you are done with your lunch head to dripstone caves and your efforts will go rewarded with some fantastic views.

Location– Ibiza, Spain