12 Ways To Take Amazing Instagram-Worthy Photos On A Trek

Clicking pictures of stunning valleys and the mountains you witness when you trek is no joke. Photography, be it on a camera or on a phone requires a lot of skill and expertise to nail. If you’re looking to click those perfect pictures for your Instagram feed, we’re here to the rescue! These tips will help you click beautiful and appealing pictures of your trek and will take your Instagram feed to the next level!

1. Research In Advance

If you’re going on a trek and are excited to fill your Instagram profile with beautiful pictures of the mountains and valleys the first step should be to research! Look at pictures taken by others in the same trek and you would know all about the landscapes and views you need to focus on. Search for the locations and hashtags on Instagram and save pictures and videos for reference and inspiration!

2. Follow The Rule Of Thirds

Be it pictures for Instagram or anywhere else, applying the rule of thirds while clicking pictures will always give great results. The rule uses a grid on the camera that has 9 equal sections. The trick is to place your subject on the intersection of one of the lines and click pictures. This is known to give out balanced and visually appealing pictures.

3. Smell The Flowers

When on a trek, don’t forget to stop, appreciate the little things and capture them on your camera! Be it vibrant wildflowers, a stunning panoramic views of the lush green valleys or just the clear blue sky- don’t take any of it for granted. Click pictures of everything that surrounds you and don’t be shy to experiment with your shots!

4. Catch The Golden Hour

The sunrises and sunsets in the mountains are truly sights to behold. If you’re on a trek, don’t forget to capture these picture-perfect views to later upload on Instagram. Play around with the saturation, brightness and focus of the camera to get innovative shots of the colorful sky. You can also pair these pictures with elements that reflect the dusk and dawn. For eg., a cup of steaming hot coffee right in front of the sunrise visible from your tent- now that’s a POV bound to be hit on Instagram!

5. Take Lots Of Pictures

Most of the time, when you take pictures when moving, they come out to be out of focus. Chances are, if you take lots of pictures at once, at least some of them would come out to be focussed, appealing and worthy of posting on Instagram and get you thousands of likes! One thing you can do to apply this is by clicking continuous shots on your phone or camera and then delete the ones you don’t like later. It is also important to keep spare memory cards in case your memory runs out because of the hundreds of continuous shots.

6. Capture The Memories

If you’re on a trek with a group, capture the little moments of the group throughout. Be it reaching a new campsite, or completing the trek, gather everyone for group pictures! The best part is, you will later be able to tag them in your pictures and stay in touch with all the new travel buddies you made throughout the trek!

7. Immerse Into The Wild

One of the best ways to click pictures during a trek is to take a wide backdrop. When you’re on a trek, look for cliffs, valleys, edges- anywhere that gives you a stunning backdrop of the mountains. Make the viewers feel the expanse of the mountains with a picture of you standing at the edge, looking at the massive green valley in front of you. Just make sure, to stay safe and out of danger!

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The peak of the mountain calls out your name louder and clearer than the rest of the journey. It draws you in, by no fault of your own for after all, you forget most of the times that you are all but merely humans and nothing but humans. The peak calls out your name and you getting your backpack readied and shoelaces tied, begin the relentless pursuit to the top. The top of the world. You stand on the peak and as you feel the clouds just above your head , the wind close to your reach and the world looking like a Lilliputian's village beneath you, you feel powerful. You feel alive. You stand on the peak and shout out your name, laughing at the secrets of the world. You stand on the peak for hours at end, befriend your solitude and then satisfied with the momentary power you held, you start coming down. On the pursuit to the top, you forget to enjoy the journey. Leaving the people and the memories you could've cherished behind. In solitude, one does discover parts of himself that binds him speechless. Yet, solitude due to the pursuit of worldly riches is just torture and nothing else. Torture and regret. Ps: This picture is a composite of two different shots. #shotononeplus #OnePlus5 . . #_soi #mypixeldiary #lonelyplanetindia #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #yourshotphotographer #storiesofindia #tripotocommunity #dslrofficial #bornoninstagram #earthpix #uttarakhand #chandrashila #landscapephotography #incredibleindia #indiapictures #himalayasin

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8. Avoid Digital Zoom

When you zoom a picture digitally and then take your shot, it greatly reduces its’ pixels and clarity. This may not look very good on Instagram even after you edit the pictures. If you want to zoom in to a picture, either use a DSLR camera with a bigger lens or just walk closer to capture it. You can always crop the picture later to post!

9. Carry Your Gear

If you’re very serious about the stabilization of your pictures, don’t forget to invest in a lightweight tripod before you leave for the trek. Tripods not only help you click focussed and uniform pictures but also help in recording great time-lapses! If you’re shy to ask for people to click your pictures, you must also get a remote to click self-portraits when on the trek. 

 10. Take Horizontal Pictures

To capture most of the view in front of you, rotate your phone or camera and click a horizontal image of it. Horizontal images can later be cropped into Instagram sizes and you can decide what you want to show to the world!

11. Try Your Hand At Astro Photography

Mountains serve the best views of the night sky. The stars look just a jump away in the clear skies of the mountains! Capture this beautiful sight in your camera with a wide aperture, manual exposure and shutter speed and ISO set to the highest number. This setting will give you magical pictures of the night sky to rev-up your Insta profile.

12. Be In The Picture

Studies have shown that photographs with people in it have more chances to be liked and shared on social media than the ones that don’t. This is because it gives a perspective to the audience and makes them imagine themselves standing where you are standing in the picture. So give them something to dream about, and get creative with your presence in your photos!

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