1… 2… 3… Vrooom! India Bike Week is back with a Bang!

Are you ready with your biking boots to gear up to the biggest biking rave in the country? If not, get set to full throttle and hit India Bike Week 2017 where all hell’s gonna break lose! With the best biking brotherhood assembling together, it’s going to be a weekend of pure madness and enjoyment. India Bike Week has become the biggest biker rave in Asia and it’s certainly a reason to get your biking boots and witness this amazing occasion go down with all fun and wildness.

1. Roads Traveled Since 2013: An Exuberant Ride For India Bike Week

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India Bike Week has become a global name among the international biking community today. Since its inception in 2013, it has become bigger and better by adding more miles to its journey of accomplishments.
Here’s a look at the past editions of India Bike Week:

1. When It All Began: India Bike Week 2013

Nobody anticipated in the picturesque towns of Anjuna and Vagator in Goa, that this beginning is going to be a mega biking occasion for the years to come. The maiden year of IBW saw the congregation of more than 6,000 biking enthusiasts all set to thunder on two wheels.

Custom Bike In IBW 2013

Some other highlights of this event were Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary Celebrations where over 500 Harley Davidsons and over 100 superbikes from marques like Ducati, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki gathered all together, Big Trip Cinema, Vintage Bike Concourse, Custom Bikes Display, Biker Build-Off etc.

2. The Thunder Roars Louder: India Bike Week 2014

For fans of the two-wheeler way of living, India Bike Week in 2014 echoed louder and better after breaking all records the previous year in Goa. It kicked off on 17th January 2014 in Vagator, Goa to see the riders gear up to make it a great and unforgettable revelry.

Rider Stunt In IBW 2014

India Bike Week 2014 successfully brought alive various essentials that a biker holds dear -rock concerts, showcase of the most amazing motorcycles from across the world including vintage bikes, custom bike build off, stunt arena, etc.

3. Third Time’s the Charm: India Bike Week 2015

The glitzy biking rave sparked off on 20th and 21st February, 2015 at Vagator in Goa to inspire a new generation of bikers to join the thrill. With Harley Davidson as its principal sponsor, the third edition of IBW saw more than 12,000 motorcycling enthusiasts to get a taste of the ever-evolving biking culture in India.

Harley-Davidson Rally in IBW 2015

Making the festivities unforgettable, India Bike Week 2015 will go down the memory lanes for its events like ‘The Travel Zone’ and ‘Bike Builders Collective’ and ‘IBW Arena’– a sporting stage for vibrant activities such as musical rock band shows, stunts and demos.

4. To A Whole New Level: India Bike Week 2016

IBW 2016 strode to new lengths with bringing some new attractions while staying loyal to its roots to emerge the biggest biking festival. On the 19th and 20th of February, 2016 at Vagator in Goa, over 12,000 hardcore club-members and independent riders rode to this high-octane festival.

A Still from the Event In IBW 2016

India Bike Week 2016 brought an exciting line up of events like Moto Trials Show, IBW Main Street, Moto Art Collective etc. It also brought back some old favourites of the biking gang like Bikini Bike Wash, The Vintage & Classic Bike Concourse etc.

2. Here Comes The Blare And Thunder In India: India Bike Week 2017

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Constantly evolving and making fame for bringing together the best extravaganza for motorcyclists, India Bike Week 2017 has been on a spectacular ride since its first edition in 2013. While keeping true to its foundational goals, India Bike Week 2017 has reached new heights when it comes to offer the biggest biking mayhem in the continent.

1.  A Smashing Journey So Far

In its enthralling fifth year, India Bike Week is riding new lengths to put forward an unforgettable smash for the bikers. Navigating the most spectacular biking hubs in India, IBW 2017 has traversed the Iconic 5 rides- Pondicherry, Chikhaldara, Jodhpur, Cherrapunjee and finally leading to Vagator in Goa.

This grand event started it’s journey on 3rd February 2017 from Pondicherry and finally heading to Vagator, Goa for it’s grand completion on 24th November 2017.

Know More About IBW 2017!

Join the home of world biking in Vagator, Goa on 24th and 25th November at India Bike Week 2017. Promising a serious mayhem of thundering and roaring with more than 20,000 bikers converging together to celebrate the biking camaraderie at the fifth edition of India Bike Week.

From the velvety mist of Maharashtra to the scenic coasts of Pondicherry, from the elegant forts of Jodhpur to the natural beauty of Cherrapunjee, India Bike Week 2017 has made the celebration ecstatic for the biking brotherhood. With its exemplary 5 rides, 5 destinations and 5 times the celebration, IBW 2017 has left no stone unturned to make it the best edition so far.

Since the first biking bonanza that went down in 2013, India Bike 2017 has become the most anticipated biking festival not only for Indians but the international biking community too. The biggest biker rave in Asia is all geared up to be two days of pure biking bliss.
Bringing on one stage some greatest biking names, wackiest competitions, vibrant Biker Mart, bikini bike wash, beer gardens, training academies and so much more, India Bike Week 2017 is going to be one hell of a ride.

With Thrillophilia joining the wild quest of biking as an adventure partner at Vagator, Goa for IBW 2017, there is no reason worthy enough to ditch the exciting festivities. All you need is to dust off your gear and roar down to Goa for revel and party with your biker gang.

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2. Join The Thrilling Competitions In IBW 2017

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  • IBW Film Festival:

IBW Film Festival is the best platform to showcase your exhilarating journeys through mountains and deserts to cherish your love for riding. Bringing together the moto and film enthusiasts, this event is an opportunity to congregate, discuss and celebrate the shared passion.

  • IBW Bike Build Off:

This event strives to bring your finest craftsmanship and put forward some of the best custom-built motorbikes. IBW Bike Build Off celebrates innovation with some of the best machines created with all your ingenuity and enthusiasm.

  • Mod Bike Display:

Witness the biggest gathering of the best bikes in India ready to show off with their roaring blaze at IBW 2017. If you think that your bike is one to become the talk of the town, bring it here and let the wonder unfold at India Bike Week 2017.

  • IBW Moto Art Project:

Unleash your creativity and reveal your engineering skills to present the perfect amalgamation of motorcycle and art at IBW Moto Art Project. This amazing event is going to bring home the most mind-blowing motorcycle inspired art including murals, street art, photos and more.

  • Burnout & Loudest Bike:

Find out how loud your biking roars or test the endurance of your engine at this boisterous competition at IBW 2017. All you need is to get to full throttle and participate with all the revving cheering to have a blast.

  • Innovation Class:

If you have got some mean machine and craving it to show it to the world, Innovation Class at IBW 2017 is just the right place to be. Get your motor head charged up and reveal your inventions to finally accomplish the well-deserved bragging rights at IBW 2017.

3. What Makes IBW 2017 More Riveting?

IBW is going to host a Mega Motovlogger Meet, a classic event that is going to set this edition apart from its previous ones. Here, you can meet the top 20 motovloggers in India brought together at a single junction.
Here’s a rundown on the top names to be featured at IBW 2017 Mega Motovlogger Meet:

  • Zohair Ahmed: One of the first owners of Kawasaki ER6N in India on quest to discover the true Indian Biking culture.

  • Vikas Rachamalla: An IT professional in Hyderabad exploring his passion for bikes through Youtube and helping others.

  • Ridergirl Vishakha: Breaking all stereotypes, she is India’s first motovlogger from Mumbai.

  • Rajeev Acharya: A passionate motorcycling enthusiast who lives by the motto of always being optimistic.

  • Oggy F: He is a popular Motovlogger from Mumbai and takes his traffic rules seriously even when the majority doesn’t.

  • Mohammed Salim Khan: He loves all things adventurous and tries to catch on his camera whenever he can.

  • GoPro Man: An explorer, wanderer and youtuber who loves to chronicle his biking experiences.

  • Big Bang Biker: A simple guy from Bengaluru trying to show India through his eyes and voice on Youtube.

4. How To Join In The Rollicking Biker Gang At India Bike Week 2017?

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Take your biking love to a new level and join the mega buzz at India Bike Week 2017. Celebrate the spirit of biking and take your expedition to witness this wild and entertaining adventure in Vagator Goa.

Book your tickets before the prices hit the ceiling. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, hurry up! Get the link below. 

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Join India Bike Week 2017, Charge up the streets of Goa and let your Adrenaline pump up as the Legends Ride!

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