(Last Updated On: March 2, 2019)

My first visit to South America led me to one conclusion. There’s a lot of beautiful national parks to visit, and so much to see. If you’re ever looking for an incredible and beautiful experience, then there’s truly nothing more appealing than standing atop a hill and gazing out at miles of glorious landscape.

I’ve recently seen some incredible places, and so I’m going to be taking a look at some of the different options that are available, to show you exactly all of what I could see and what’s possible for you to explore.

Torres del Paine National Park, Southern Chile

So, what’s to learn about a place like this? As soon as you get here, you’ll notice that there are some breathtaking views to soak in. From the lowlands right on through to the mountains, every inch of this place is a picture of history – untouched by human hands, and when our input was present, it was for the sake of preservation. I was one of many people who had come from around the world to see this beautiful place, and I’ll say that you should take the time to stop and check out the towering giants that make up the mountain range – they’re what give the park its name.

Lauca National Park, Chile

As I was in Chile, I figured it would make sense to stop off here at the Lauca National Park. This place, what is there to say about it? Well for one, it was beautiful. Like, stunning. It’s nestled in the Andes Mountains, so you’ve got exclusive looks at things like snow-capped peaks and even volcanoes. However, those want to soak up the beauty will find that there’s a whole host of foothills to wander through and immerse yourself in nature; I loved to look at the pure, untamed and unrestrained majesty that is our world displayed for all to see.  

Tayrona National Park, Columbia

My next destination was Columbia, and something more tropical. The beaches there were always somewhere I wanted to go and visit because the golden sands coupled with the gentle whispering of the waves was enough to take my breath away. What I loved about here was that the tourism efforts, if you can even call them that, are all for the sake of preserving the environment and making sure this place stays the tropical haven that many have come to appreciate. For me, the highlight was an evening down on the beach, sat under a palm tree and watching the glorious sunset, all hues of crimson and terracotta. There’s nothing better.

Amboró National Park, Bolivia

See, I’m an animal person. I’m forever going all over the world to find animals that are unique and exotic. This place is known to be at the ‘elbow of the Andes’, and it’s home to many animals. There are at least 900 different species of birds, which is just astounding. 900? There’s not even that in some countries, let alone in just one national park.

Of course, there’s a beauty here too. You look out at the rolling green hills and landscapes, and you can’t help but feel a little bit in awe. There’s no doubt that there’s something incredible at work here, whether it’s the rich ecosystems to the myriad of creatures all living in harmony. It’s just unbelievable.

Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina

The last stop on the trip is in Argentina for me, and I was saving this place for last because I’d heard great things about it. The translation for this national park was ‘land of fire’, and it did spark a new warmth in my heart.

While you’re at this national park, you can explore a whole host of different places. Forests, waterfalls and lakes are all available to adventure around, and you know that there are views to appreciate. I was in love with the scenery and made sure to explore as much of it as I could. Plus, there were a whole host of adorable little animals to interact with, so there was something fresh around every corner.


Overall, these are just some of the top national parks in South America that I found on my travels. There’s no doubt that I came away from this experience with a new appreciation of nature and wildlife, and I would highly recommend that everyone gives this a go. You’ll notice that there’s always something new to explore. I’ve attached a few photos from my wanderings too, to tie this together. I loved all that I saw when I went around South America, and I’ve still got so many places on my list to visit and check out. It’s not difficult to appreciate these beautiful havens; all you have to do is look around. I think that my next stop on the journey will be the Galapagos Islands, check these additional details to see what I’m looking forward to!