(Last Updated On: December 13, 2018)

With the goal of building a travel community that India hasn’t seen before, Thrillophilia today launched GoPro Passport Program, a year-long program that aims to harness the potential of Offbeat Travel in India and building distinctness in this exciting sector.

Thrillophilia’s union with the Passport Program gives GoPro users access to some of the most unique and offbeat experiences on their website, which the travelers can best document on their very own GoPro HERO7. The heart of the program is the motto ‘If Travelling and Documenting your Travel Experience is your Passion then you’ve found The Perfect Passport!’

Powered by Thrillophilia, the GoPro Passport Program entitles the users of HERO7 to sign-up and start the adventure of clicking. When one opens the page on Thrillophilia’s website, the header reads ‘Let The Adventure Begin!’ which appropriately sums up the experience that the users will be signing-in for. HERO7 users can sign-up with their camera’s serial number or GoPro ID, to get a virtual passport, and begin their journey of travel and documenting.

Bringing together the best of the two worlds, that of traveling and of documenting, the benefits of the Passport Program starts when one starts gathering experiences from Thrillophilia. Every activity booked will earn the users rewards. This includes a scoring system (points on a leaderboard), Thrillcash and Thrillcash+ (Thrillophilia Wallet Money used for transactions), profile badges, and GoPro passport stamps. Alongside this, the participants will get exclusive discounts on booking with Thrillophilia. Ascending the leaderboard, the ‘Heroes’ of the program will also get a chance to earn discounts on their next trip along with some customized thrilling offers.


What’s GoPro Passport Program:

1. Any GoPro Hero 7 user can signup on the official website of Thrillophilia and enter their camera serial number.
2. Once the user signs in, he will be taken to a completely different profile section where he can see his GoScore and entire Leaderboard.
3. GoScore is be earned when you buy tours & activities and experience them distinctly.
4. Adding further to it, when you submit picture reviews, social stories, and create videos, you get rewarded with Goscore.
5. GoScore is further gamified where you get Thrillcash ( wallet currency at Thrillophilia) which is profitable to book your next activity.
6. Goscore has various milestones to catch and with every milestone, you get to earn badges, and a total of 10 levels are waiting for you. Each badge gives you a free trip, Thrillcash or may be an exciting Goodie bag.
So, overall the idea is that if you are a GoPro user, you get discounts on activities and exciting offers from Thrillophilia. Whereas you can use your GoScore to unlock badges, earn free trips and rewards.
And at last, taking each trip under the program will get your virtual passport stamped.


What’s in For Thrillophilia?

1. We get access to all GoPro customers in India who are looking for adventure and offbeat destinations, where we are experts in.
2. We bring high-quality UGC content for activities.
3. GoPro will be deployed with many suppliers of Thrillophilia to generate high-quality content.


What’s in For GoPro?

1. A step towards building community.
2. All GoPro users can come under one roof, where they can also observe who is traveling where and the quality content being generated by others.
3. Generated content is also used by official GoPro to market the purchase of the camera.
4. Building loyal advocates for the brand and engage them in gamification on GoScore.


About Thrillophilia:

Thrillophilia is the biggest marketplace and online booking platform for activities and tours in the Indian subcontinent. They have an inventory of 10,000+ activities spanning across more than 25+ countries of the world.

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