Must Try Delicacies of Thailand, Even Vegans Won’t be Disappointed!

Drop the diet for a while and only give food a look filled with sighs, whilst you wait for the steak to cook! Life is endlessly delicious in Thailand, so get set to burp hysterically and have a foodgasm. For those green souls who eat more plants, there is food in tons of creeds for you as well.
Since there is a vast food palate both for plant and flesh eaters, Thailand can magnificently create your food preference just how you like it and serve you exactly what you want on your plate. Just don’t forget to let the attendant know whether it’s veggies over meat or vice versa.

The blandness with a subtle dash of spice and decent colours is how I describe the A-la-carte of Thailand. I bet, a stranger would only know the curries with just two distinct, red and green! However, the vastness of food here is beyond imagination as the food is a perfect symphony of varied items in the kitchen. The soups, salads, noodles aren’t the regular next door delicacies as veggies, fruits and carbs have been cleverly tricked on plates to serve.
A food land too passionate about its eats to eat, only if we had an Oscar for this category, I’d nominate Thailand! While the broader overview of the menu might be relatable to that of an authentic Tibetan restaurant, the taste and texture are poles apart. Whimper with delight as you sink your teeth deep into the Thailand delicacies.

Drop down list, hold your tongue back in!

A Tofu Delight For Vegans, Tao Hoo Song Kreung

Rich in protein and a good treat for health checkers, this is a delicacy comprised of tofu stir-fried with basil. Usually served with rice, you can also omit the former and taste the crisp tofu pieces all alone. Who says vegetarian and vegan dishes are boring? A mere look shall leave you salivating and craving for the same.
Navigate where to eat? Khao Tom Hua Pla, Talat Phlu, Bangkok

Pump Up With Pumpkin, Pad Phuk Tong

Nope, this isn’t the regular disappointing pumpkin dish! It’s a fried, finely textured delight blended perfectly with spices and left with subtle crunches. The distinctive feature is its crispiness which is usually not present in any other pumpkin delicacy. This dish is also considered as one of the best vegetarian Thai dishes.
Navigate where to eat? At any non-western restaurant

Call For All The Health Conscious Diet Freaks, Som Tum

Everything nice and healthy goes in the preparation of this papaya salad. To mention a few, green peas, herbs, shredded papaya, and obviously, other common and uncommon veggies and meat or shrimp if preferred. It looks full however, it acts as a catalyst and an appetizer. You can also regulate the spice meter according to your spice tolerance.
Navigate where to eat? China Town, Bangkok or Somtum Der

Traditional Veggies In Stir-Fried Style, Pad Phak

There is a big twist in the cooking style in Thailand as they turn the normal into spectacular.
Yea, the same old veggies from your kitchen that you think why would you care to eat? What if I tell you that the stir-fried vegetables here aren’t just regular salted pieces to eat but a blend of salt and sugar swirling around the spices. Go grab a plate for yourself as this is a definite try on. Vegetarians will be content after eating this for certain.
Navigate where to eat? China Town, Bangkok

Stir-Fried Spinach

Popularly known as the morning glory this delicacy comprises of a spinach-like leafy veggie.Fried in soya bean sauce, garlic, chilies and some more sauces this is a sour tasting dish.If out to hunt some healthy vegan food this could be a considerable option. Also, it is very filling and will keep your tummy happy for a long time.
Navigate where to eat? Blue Elephant, Bangkok

The Familiar, Green And Red Curries

As I salivate and elaborate, I’d like to quote that this is my favourite. Meat and red paste is all that you get to see and click, however, your tongue is wise enough to note that it has much more to savour and not merely gulp.
Coconut sauce and all sorts of herbs are sure to tingle your palate as you crave for more. The green curry, aka, Gaeng Keow Wan Kai follows the same red recipe just eliminating the red paste. Thus justifying its green colour, it may be is the coriander paste playing green.
Navigate where to eat? Poi-sien Restaurant, Bangkok

Stir-Fried Noodles, Pad Thai

Keep crunching and munching as these noodles give your teeth a good hard time. The crisp golden fried noodles are the base whilst you can choose the topping to eat it with. Usually, the variants are egg or veggies along with peanuts to prevent sog just in case you let the dish cool down.
A gentle suggestion, eat it right away, the moment it is served. Fried rice (Khao Pad) is another option for you to try on in case you are the one who considers noodle threads as unhealthy, top it up with crabs, prawns or veggies. Before you cringe, Thailand got your back Vegans!
Navigate where to eat? Near saphan phut market, Phra Nakorn District, A stationary street cart stands by.

Hot Pot, Jim Jum

This dish is cooked in a clay pot. What goes inside the broth is a decision held by you. Either opt for the fresh, raw, stir-fried vegetables or some eggs, noodles, and pork. So nothing really is a vegetarian and nonvegetarian in Thailand cuisine. A simple stew can be molded and twisted in alignment with your preference and tolerance.
Navigate where to eat? Larb Yasothorn Restaurant, Phaya Thai

Nutty Chicken, Kai Med Ma Muang

So I get to play with puns here, go nuts! What I can relate this dish with is the common chilly chicken worldwide, of course, if you forget about the cashews in high quantity! The similar sweet tangy taste of soya sauce and honey will once again bring life to your taste buds.
But, before you judge it for being familiar and give up the thought of tasting it go back and order, for this is an authentic Thai food with an exceptional aroma and presentation.
Navigate where to eat? Sukhumvit Soi 38, Bangkok

Thai Biryani, Kao Mok Gai

The familiar yellow tinge in the cooked rice and meat here and there. But this dish has a Thai twist! The sauces and cucumber pickle turn the familiar biryani like structure to an unknown plate. While the herbs and preparations remain more or less the same, the taste changes into an unmatchable experience.
Navigate where to eat? Yaowarat Street, Bangkok

The Healthy Noodle Soup, Guay Teow

This dish is a blessing for the flesh eaters and a considerable option for vegans. An enchanting combination of ingredients and playful texture is worth sipping and munching. So, there are various varieties to choose as an add on, out of which, I pick wontons.
To make it bland or spicy is again an option, avoid the fish sauce if not up for tongue burning. The lime juice, chilly pepper act as appetizers leaving you craving for some more. Oh! You can even decide what noodle type goes into your bowl, egg or rice.
Navigate where to eat? Ran Jay Fai, Bangkok or Sawang Noodle

Thai Replacement Of Coffee And Cold Drinks, Cha Yen

This popular Thai ice tea is nowhere a regular boring ice tea but a condensed milk lather with crunchy ice. A sweet mocktail to lit up your eyes and refresh your gloom. Also, this could be a perfect side add on in case you are having something burning and fiery.
Navigate where to get the best? Rot Dee Tet, Siam Square

Basic Egg Game

What comes to your stomach and mind thought when I say, Omelet? Cheese and chicken ain’t it? Well, Thailand serves you this basic egg delicacy in varied variants. To begin with, imagine a sprout omelet dipped in hot soup and served with shrimp sauce! Next, a crunchy oyster omelet with a peppy pepper smoky taste! Piggy omelet with loads of vegetables is another must delicacy to try and snack on.
Navigate where to get the best? Krua Apsorn, Bangkok

All Sugary-Ripe-Carb-Plight, Kao Niew Ma Muang

Ripe mangoes, coconut cream, and cold rice; sounds like a perfect natural dessert?
Well, it actually is. Imagine how sweet enough this delicacy is, to become the best rated by all tourists. Ask for mangoes with sticky rice and you shall be served with the same.

Navigate To Sweet Eat at Boonsnap Bakery, Bangkok

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