(Last Updated On: November 19, 2018)

They say that once you have lived a moment, you cannot relive it. But here comes Gopro Hero 7 to immortalize your fun moments so that you can live them time and again. Trusted by millions of adventure freaks and travel bloggers all across the globe, GoPro has emerged as the most trusted travel companion, and rightly so.

Image Credits : Guru Khalsa

It is time for GoPro Hero 7 to take the legacy further. Its size, its weight, its simple functionality, its
impeccable picture quality, and the convenience to use it – all these factors come together to make
GoPro Hero 7 a far better option than any DSLR camera. It effectively fills in the gaps left behind by
DSLR cameras. Whether you want to capture motion as it is or you want to freeze motion in frames,
GoPro Hero 7 is the way to go.

Image Credits : Neelima Vallangi

Let us walk you through seven major reasons why you can ditch a DSLR and rely on GoPro Hero 7 to
be your third eye on your journeys!

1) Shoot on The Move

Whether you are riding a bike on the high passes of Himalayas or you are diving amidst the vibrant marine life of Andaman, GoPro HERO7 captures your perspective impressively.While recording such action with a DSLR camera is a challenge in itself.

Shot by GoPro 

2) Hypersmooth Stabilisation

GoPro Hero 7 comes with a Hypersmooth electronic image stabilisation which gives smoothness to your action videos shot in jerky conditions like no other camera. Such stabilisation is not possible in most DSLR cameras without using additional tools.

Image Credits : Guru Khalsa 

3) Size Matters

GoPro Hero 7 is tiny and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around, and it will fit just anywhere in your backpack. Whereas for a DSLR kit, you will need to carry a separate bag.

Shot by GoPro 

4) Pocket-Friendly

GoPro Hero 7 costs much lesser than any professional DSLR camera. So,unless the plan is to indulge in professional photography, GoPro Hero 7 offers excellent picture and video quality which makes it an ideal gadget for travel blogging.

Image Credits : Logan Dodds

5) Experiments: It is tiny and light.

You can swing it, you can hang it upside down or you can do as you please to carry out experiments while shooting with a GoPro HERO7. However, such flexibility cannot be enjoyed while shooting with a DSLR camera due to its weight and size.

Video Credits : Kilian Jornet and Seb Montaz

6) Water’s No problem

Since GoPro Hero 7 is waterproof, you can carry it underwater or use it under pouring clouds, and your heart won’t skip a beat. But with a DSLR camera, such carefreeness may cost you a fortune.

Image Credits : Travis Burke

7) Convenient To Use

GoPro Hero 7 comes with simple features so even a person with no prior experience in photography can use it conveniently. DSLR cameras, on the other hand,have some complex functions that may make a newbie sweat a little.

Image Credits : Puneet Singla Photography

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So, store your DSLR in a closet and leave for a journey full of action with GoPro Hero 7!

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